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  1. a few days in now and i havent spotted any big problem yet, its really looking good so far!
  2. would like to know this too! on top of that i spotted that the R1 will activate traffic prioriazation even when offline playstation games are played that dont have any multiplayer (all devices ticked option is used)
  3. posted in the wrong topic, here is my feedback so far with Frasers comments on it
  4. also the server cloud seems to be outdated or the geofilter isnt working as intended geo filter set to europe, tried to join a fortnite server located on the US east coast but with ping 31, so its location is wrong will keep the geo filter on spectate mode only for now specific server info: Listed as US east coast but is an EU server Host Type Peer ID 4403a570a0e37378 Domain Name ec2-3-120-227-112.eu-central-1.compute.amazonaws.com
  5. The installation worked out very well and i cannot spot any problems (yet, will give more feedback later) One thing i noticed, is there a manual for the new DumaOS features? Some of those are new to R1 users such as under QoS Bufferbloat "goodput" box, what does it do? also things like bleeding edge cloud, deep packet processing is no longer available, is it no longer necessary to adjust those? here some quick pros and cons that i noticed: + so far im quite happy with the new interface, looks much better although i miss an early adoper logo haha + the new device manager is much better than the previous one, especially the LAN/WLAN separation was a great choice + very nice to have a QoS high traffic detection system, thats pretty neat + the detection is actually pretty spot on, it only activates when im in a fortnite game but stops when im back in the lobby my concern here is that some games measure your ping to find the best server, if the detection kicks in too late you might end up on a bad server due to a high ping + so awesome to have more infos regarding the server in the geo filter, great way to tell if your fav game uses the amazon aws servers or differnet ones - the option to change your internet speed is hidden a bit too much, same for the share excess option - some of my devices are still labeled as unamed devices, might have to manually figure out which those are and rename them - the bandwidth network graph is not really ideal, the bottom one should scale with your total bandwidth but the upper one makes more sense to be permanently scaled to your maximum possible bandwidth. That way you gain a lot more information, right now the two are too similar - you have to constantly move the mouse within the upper network graph to see its bandwith useage, sure you could look at the bottom graph too but if you offer an option to hover over the different graph bars then the numbers shouldnt vanish after 1 second if you dont move the mouse - QoS tab: do i have to manually add devices for traffic priorization? or is it better to only keep the "all devices" option active
  6. Od1n

    VPN Users Required

    not sure if a repost is needed since the new topic in the open beta is pretty new r1 dumaos is installed
  7. The goal to release before CoD has been met, looking forward to it!
  8. Same here, constant pingspikes of +/- 200 miliseconds when theres moderate bandwidth useage despite the congestion control being on 70/70 or even stricter. This update better comes soon :(
  9. Od1n

    VPN Users Required

    I use NordVPN, if theres still demand for testing pre or post DumaOS release let me know
  10. Iain in the past you mentioned that once the R1 DumaOS is out, the R1 will again be the leading development platform instead of the Nighthawk. I assume that plan hasnt been scrapped since it obviously makes the most sense right? If so hook me up on that anti-spike and anti-jitter development project, my R1 is ready!
  11. Will the R1 Upgrade have an Early Adopter Skin? Obviously there was no need for that in regards to the Netgear DumaOS, but lots of early bird R1 models out there would like to keep their spring dresses
  12. Od1n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    rare picture taken in Netdumas fav pub
  13. Od1n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    thanks for the insider infos, the person whos in charge for the public communication at netduma should be send back to school, ive rarely seen such an incompetente company communication making an announcement to go full software side would harm exactly no one and would hardly affect the sales too i mean removing the R1 statement from the homepage with no additional info on that? no clue how such a person could get into a leadership role at netduma or how the people above could think thats a good strategy lol either way, ill visit this forum in a few weeks or month again and expect exactly 0 progress until then, pretty sure netduma can at least meet my expectations in that regard
  14. Od1n

    R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed

    well said think Netduma is, or at least was, in financial problems as otherwise you would never ever agree to a partnership with netgear but release your own new router it just doesnt make sense, if you have patents and groundbreaking technology then you try to market those by your own and if it was meant to be a pr stunt then i have to tell you that there are better ways to achieve more, pretty sure that 9 out of 10 netgear XR500 users are not aware that DumaOS is done by a company that also sells routers, not a single review or article i read mentioned this, "Netgear with their new DumaOS" was usually their wording instead Netgear has now the last word on which features are Netgear-approved and which arent, i mean honestly, what is happening here? yeah this is a common clause in partnerships but dont you realise you re now a contractor rather than a self controlled router company? and that you will be dropped as soon as Netgears R&D managed to come up with something equal or potentially better? anti-spike and anti-jitter are the only reasons im looking forward to the DumaOS, i could care less about the reskin and rearrangement of buttons the DumaOS still hasnt hit the coal mine and we literally had no status update within weeks... honestly Netduma staff, there are free courses on business development, ecommerce, marketing and anything else you need to know to change the course of your ship, the direction you are heading towards right now is absolutly the wrong one
  15. Od1n

    Geo-Filter | Nighthawk Pro Gaming

    thanks, as a non-native speaker i really appreciate that