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  1. Notification for those also reading this topic: DCHP reduced my R1 CPU load from PPPoE @ 70-90% on bandwidth load to DHCP @ 30-50% on bandwidth load Connection is currently 50 down 10 up so not even that fast. Overall a huge difference, when i switch to 100 down 40 up in the next month or two im quite confident that the R1 will deliver those speeds without any problems :).
  2. Well i just ticked the DHCP box in the R1 Network Settings and it worked without any additional adjustments required. Only thing, should i set in the fritzbox that the IPs given out by DHCP are static? Does it matter for the R1 if it gets a different IP once every now and then?
  3. The R1 doesnt show me an IP under that setting, it just looks like the following. Any other way to optain the IP or the R1?
  4. Also if that turns out to work and reduces my CPU load, could that mean i can use the hybrid VPN feature to achieve faster download speeds than 3mbit? It seems like the encryption and PPPoE eats so much CPU that the R1 just cannot offer faster speeds, maybe with PPPoE being out of the way this could result in faster speeds.
  5. Hey Netduma Team! is there a guide on how to use the DHCP feature of the R1 to connect it to a mandatory ISP router? Im currently using PPPoE but that spikes the R1 CPU to 80% when i start to download something. Since i soon want to upgrade to an even faster connection (100/40) i would like to use DHCP instead to not fry my R1 :(. So far i figured out: R1: Pick DHCP in the R1 Network Settings - WAN - Network. But do i have to specify the MTU and Mac cloning and DNS? My ISP Router (Fritzbox): Turn off WLan and connect it via ethernet to the R1. DCHP Server is automatically activated on my ISP router, so i guess i dont need to do anything in that regard. I can pick "assign always the same IP address to devices", i assume thats better right?. But how can i connect the two then or will it work automatically? Is there any interface for that in the R1? My R1 version: Firmware Version DumaOS Version 1.3.29
  6. Nice to see that its going forward, are anti jitter and anti spike still a thing? Also is my DumaOS version still up to date? The other topic got locked and i didnt get an update email, firmware says " R1" :).
  7. all right thanks, and the port forwarding and everything else that the r1 offers will still work then, right? I wasnt sure if that will also work via dhcp but from what i know dhcp messages also share other network details so it might as well work.
  8. How would i do that? Do i pick dhcp instead of pppoe in the netduma settings then? Also not sure how to configure the dhcp service of the fritzbox, what do you need to consider there? Ive ordered an IPv4 for 5€ a month from the ISP now and it works now with the, however id prefer your setup if that doesnt require me to use the IPv4 option.
  9. Hey guys, today my connection got upgraded to vdsl and therefore i received a new router from the ISP. Its a Fritzbox 7430. Now of course i want to use the R1 and the Fritzbox has the option "PPPoE Passthrough" for that which allows devices that are connected to the Fritzbox to also login via PPPoE. (I have to do this since the R1 doesnt have VoIP for DECT phones or an inbuilt vdsl modem but the Fritzbox has that) Before i get to the problem, here is the setup: Phone Socket ---> Fritzbox 7430 LAN1 ---> R1 ---> PC/Console and any other network device connected to the R1 All that the Fritzbox does is: - handle the DECT phones - Fritzbox wlan turned off - act as a modem and passes everything to the R1 - the fritzbox uses DS-lite Tunnel for IPv4 which could play a big role in the problem! Does the R1 support IPv4-ro-IPv6 translations such as DS-lite Tunnel? I only have an IPv6 Prefix listed under IPv6, for IPv4 it says DS-lite Tunnel. Now the problem is that when i use the Fritzbox PPPoE Passthrough and set my correct PPPoE login data into the R1 PPPoE field, i only get IPv6 internet connectivity but no IPv4. (open wlan connections in windows, then rightclick on netduma r1 and then status). In the Network settings of the R1 below PPPoE i havent ticked any other box (MTU, MAC cloning, DNS Override). Also the IPv6 connectivity indication in the status options will sometimes vanish too yet some internet sites still work. Example: - youtube works with the R1 - twitch doesnt work with the R1 - netduma forum works with the R1 - web.de (my email hoster) doesnt work with the R1 - any website works with the Fritzbox (when using the Fritzbox instead of the R1) Here is the R1 log if that helps, note that my R1 internal clock is screwed up and shows a wrong time: https://mega.nz/#!UUYzSAzQ!nOwxdYTQQKs6SVOnn-4LfomNwA7OURajo7pdVAv-qao
  10. Thanks Fraser, then i still seem to be on the latest version. As i mentioned earlier this has been the most stable firmware i have had so far (early bird r1 user), you can tell Iain that he did a great job!
  11. Are there any patchnotes that you can read what the latest DumaOS fixed over the last one? Not refering to the 1.3 version but the very latest one that i think is discussed here in the more recent comments. Still using the second firmware release version i believe and im really happy with it, no crashes or anything. So far the most stable netduma firmware that i had. Though its of course interesting to see what has been added since then ;).
  12. Use the VPN feature of your netduma router, that way the ddos will go towards the VPN. Though the R1 doesnt do that well with high encryption VPNs so maybe use one with a less demanding encryption (or else you will have fairly slow speeds).
  13. Hey guys, long time no see! Edit: Sorry im using the DumaOS Beta firmware, wrong forum section. Maybe a moderator can move this to the correct sub forum :(. sadly im really busy lately so less forum attendance than id like, therefore im not able to answer this question on my own. Either way back in the days i remember Iain said that while you can use the R1 behind a router that the ISP forces you to use, this setup will be less effective than using a modem + R1 the regular way. Now my ISP starts to force me using their router for ISDN or IP telephoning, however it has the option to turn it into bridge mode which - deactivates the wlan - only sources traffic coming from the router into the internet - no other network device will be connected to the ISP router, only the phones. So basically everything is handled by the R1 now my question is how effective will this setup be with the new DumaOS? Did anything change since Iain did that statement? Can i still expect my ping to be rock solid with QoS 70% on the R1 while streaming or downloading? Im also curious in regards to the new QoS features that Iain teased, will those suffer from my setup? i have my R1 since the early bird release and do not want to stop using it now, if you guys tell me that my experience will suffer then id rather look into buying an expensive modem that supports telephoning than using the ISP router...
  14. a few days in now and i havent spotted any big problem yet, its really looking good so far!
  15. would like to know this too! on top of that i spotted that the R1 will activate traffic prioriazation even when offline playstation games are played that dont have any multiplayer (all devices ticked option is used)
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