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  1. Again, I was making the point about checking before you commit, that's the only lesson I was supporting. Nothing to do with this grammar Nazi stuff which was more than likely put there in the last 15yrs as everbody these days have a word or phrase for something that has nothing to do with the initial thing itself. Look, you're just wrong on both counts. Like others have said, just knock it on the head. It's pointless & off topic, rightly so. I support the people being abused & forced to do something by oppressors.
  2. You're calling me a Nazi ???... over pointing out grammar ??? Where's the connection ??? You haven't got a clue, kid. That wasn't the point I was making but your capacity disables you from seeing past that. Don't use English as an excuse when in the said comment you spell it wrong but in the same sentence you write the same word correctly. That's down to proof reading, not a fault of being without a native English tongue. So you see, your comment holds no water whatsoever. I used your comment as an example of what happens when something is rushed & pushed out to the public, it contains errors, the single point everyone at Netduma is trying to avoid. If you were that intelligent you would've realised I was being sarcastic. I was trying to defuse a situation where you lot, with your pitchforks throwing abuse around & mocking devs, go full on about waiting for something that can't be achieved at the click of the fingers. We all want the update asap but what's the point in releasing something just to shut you up then it fails to work properly so you return with the constant moaning ? You're a snowflake, you're in a generation of what Americans call 'Karen', the tiniest little problem & you go out all guns blazing. What you need to do is let the experts get on with their job & stop constantly moaning & complaining, all of you, all those that have liked your reply. When I attended school we were told never to copy any individual just in case said person is in the wrong, sounds like yourself & your merry men. If you want to keep it civil, reply with an argument worth persuing, not your negative, infant brain farts πŸ˜‰
  3. Well, I don't know if it applies to you as you must have the patients of a Saint like myself. We waited 30yrs for a title, what's a couple of days ? πŸ‘ πŸ”₯YN96WAπŸ”₯
  4. That's what I like to hear, a little respect 😎 (some stuff below doesn't apply to you πŸ‘) The way crap is going on right now, business wise, I'm surprised they have time to keep up with everything else ! I know most of the management are doing all the hours God sends. Fraser & others are replying to everybody almost all day & night, give them a break people, please. Just keep an eye on Twitter...
  5. Not true really but it's a bit like your grammar & spelling, they don't want to release it UNTIL it's correct & works flawless as they're good people & then there's just people.... Its just a thought so don't take this the wrong way but is it spelt that way as you accidently pasted something that you usually send the other half... "We'll have to give it a miss again, weak end" ? πŸ˜‚ Seriously though, the tweet above...
  6. Hello all, @NetDuma Jack B DHL knocked my door Thursday at 3pm, he asked for the return R2 but I only got the email at 2:49pm so there was no way I could print the return labels off in time, apologies for that. I showed the driver the email as it states to collect Friday, he said ok & advised he'd pop back the next day. He visited about 1:30pm & took the item so it should have been with you guys either earlier today or maybe Monday at the latest. Just thought I'd let you know & thanks again for all the correspondence πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘Œ
  7. Hello Netduma Jack B, sorry for the late reply. I was checking everyday for email at the time as I thought Fraser or anyone @netduma would've been in touch sooner. I'll get onto this asap buddy, thank you πŸ‘
  8. No mate, I did ask the driver if he was instructed to pick anything up from me but he said "if you haven't received any return labels then I can't take it", which makes sense.
  9. Hello again Fraser, I had the email late last night from yourselves & DHL !!!! 😡 It arrived just after noon & I've hooked it all up & it works absolutely sweet πŸ€©πŸ‘ I just knew as soon as the Internet LED started flashing... πŸ˜‰ I've swapped over the outer colour printed box so when you receive the R2 that needs diagnosing it will be brand new. Also inside is the note you asked me to send πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ A massive THANKS to each & every one of you at Netduma for going the extra mile sorting all this out, you're well above the grade for customer satisfaction & communication πŸ’ͺ
  10. Cheers Fraser, I was thinking it wasn't your department or it's seperate to what you guys do, thanks again 😁
  11. Hey Fraser, hope all is well. I've not received it yet, I was thinking maybe sometime this week ? I don't know how long on average it takes in these situations, stock & Covid being a factor maybe ? 😬 Do you have an idea yourself ? If not I can only say I'll post asap once it's here buddy πŸ‘
  12. Hey Newfie, I got an email on the 18th from Lew @Netduma about sending one out to me but I'm not sure if the ball has started rolling yet. I haven't had any comms from DHL from what I can see if that's who's delivering, I suppose the wheel is in motion but it's ok, the process could be different with returns. I'm not desperate or anything, I still got my R1 so it's all good. I'll definitely post on here as soon as it's arrivedπŸ‘
  13. Sure Fraser, no problem at all. On the note I'll also include the Serial Number & Mac Address as this is slightly worn towards the end of the digits, I know the details as I took a few pics of device before use. I reckon this has worn as of all the handling during swapping between the R2 & R1 πŸ‘ Not to worry, I always do this with everything as in the past I've bought new car parts from eBay & one Seller claimed I was returning a different Turbo Cartridge when in fact it matched the pics on the auction. So, if you close this topic, I'lI send you a PM as soon as I recieve it if thats ok ?
  14. I tried a lot more than asked on the bullet points to be honest Iain as I was as determined to get it to work as much as yourselves. I had about 4 spare hours last night, even resetting back to factory after all options checked/unchecked or enabled/disabled. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the Internet Connection LED to go solid on the R2, I mentioned in an earlier reply that it only stayed solid twice & that was before all the intense help from you guys. I can't thank you enough, when you send the R2 I'll send mine back in the new packaging as the promotion box has a very slight tear courtesy of my youngest son, I left it out for 5mins after boxing/unboxing to try all instructions during the week. Thanks again & proud to be part of the Duma Army πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
  15. It wasn't bad at all πŸ˜†.. No buddy, no IP address's were given from the R2 in both situations. Maybe after your guys have taken a look at it you could let me know, obviously only if it doesn't take up pointless time, from a business perspective. Thanks for all the suggestions anyway Iain, we tried Thanks also for the shipping suggestion, absolutely first class service, I never doubted you in the first place. NΒ°1🏁 May other forum users take this as testament to all Netduma Staff breaking their necks to help each & every one of you, no matter what the problem 😎
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