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  1. Is the R2 compatible with any VPN? Any recommendations for gaming?
  2. I have had this problem for a few days now but somehow my speeds have just returned and everything appears normal again Will monitor this and any changes i will let you know
  3. Yes speed.net and DSL reports, Using the C&C bandwidth speeds auto detect
  4. Sky hub> R2> PC>Xbox all hard wired Disabled QoS and speeds still low Rebooted Sky hub and also R2, Tried a factory reset on the R2 too Still getting 60/20 through the Sky hub status page but not with the R2
  5. Just hard wired Fraser I have UPnP enabled and have Traffic Prio enable for Pubg Tried disabling it still the same speeds
  6. I have 60/20 fiber I am only getting around half of that connected to the R2 with my Congestion control set to 100% Downloading games is taking longer them normal
  7. It doesn't open it up with click to fix I have port forward a few ports and it has opened it up though UPnP only seems to open ports to my xbox not PC
  8. Yeah it's strange Do you think it's because i have no port open on the R2 for PC?
  9. I don't have any ports open on my R2 for PC
  10. It's showing my Nat is strict in the Xbox app i use to chat on PC Can also see in Windows game settings
  11. Is there anyway of opening my Nat Type on pc as it's strict It's open on console
  12. Same results with different cables One was the cable from Sky and one cable that came with the R2
  13. I have tried a different cable from my Sky hub to the R2 Still getting high Packet loss through Ping Plotter
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