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  1. ID c8a1ba853e67979c Domain Name 85.67.9ca1.ip4.static.sl-reverse.com Dedi showing as peer in America believe it should be euro dedi Unable to use Geo as way outside my Geo rage Using XR700 c
  2. Host type : Peer ID 2d5f521dfcccaeb3 Domain: 95-179-204-29.choopa.net 10ms Location on map: Greece, Athens UK, Midlands This is showing as peer but is a dedi server at 10ms
  3. Server location on the map UK Host Type Peer ID 315cbd88f9d0050a Domain host-92-10-208-136.as43234.net Ping 17ms Your location UK This is the UK Dedi showing as Peer
  4. Iv'e done all the above and still can't get a open nat
  5. I have a Moderate NAT in game, UPnP does show 3074, 3075 UDP I have tried rebooting, Opening the game without the geo enabled, Port forwarding, Hard reset of the Xbox
  6. I was super hyped for WW2 but was very disappointed, Such a let down the most bland cod to date imo, First cod iv'e not continue to play till the next one is out. Although BO4 might get me back into cod as i really enjoyed the beta, Plus Black out and league play is what i'm most hyped for.
  7. Yes! Only played one game though PS4 main but also PC
  8. It's a better time now to purchase it then when it first released It was the worst launch in cod history not able to get in to games etc and was unplayable at times But they are slowly updating and i have started to enjoy it a little more, Still in my IMO you will get burnt out quick with the maps there simply isn't enough but there's the season pass for more maps. They are adding more guns and modes that's always a positive If you like campaign's then it's worth it for sure
  9. Fixed disconnect issue...nice! That was starting to get annoying
  10. I will be there when it's decided on what to do for sure I do know that that A7 loved BO3 and was always posting his clips on the forum/twitter but WW2 would also work FFA is a good idea, Whatever we do will be a fitting tribute to our Aussie friend
  11. Very sad indeed to hear this Rest in peace A7Legit #DumaArmy
  12. If Playstation is a go then I'm game
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