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  1. Ok thanks, Is this feature coming in the future?
  2. Could anyone advise on setting up a vpn on the XR1000? Would like to use on my xbox
  3. The option for UPnP is available, Tick the box and press apply and it just reverts back to off Nat filtering is set to secured
  4. Thanks Fraser I have been trying to fix this issue today, I have full factory reset every Sky box so that there is no confusion between the boxes and R2 All boxes have been taken off Eco mode to Standard so it's always active Connection wise it worked perfectly setting it all back up when before it was difficult so full reset did help It's worked well for a good few hours but i have now lost all connection between the boxes again, Picture and internet on all boxes
  5. Messaged logs, If you need any more then let me know Fraser
  6. No they never go to standby mode or i never turn them off to standby It looses connection to the network while in use Sometimes i loose picture and internet connection If i reset the R2 or pull the power then the connection comes back to the Sky boxes
  7. I am still loosing connection to my Sky Q boxes after changing the DHCP range .2 .49 Reserved all the Sky Q boxes IP address Any more suggestions to be able to keep the connection?
  8. Yeah I reserve the IP's Fraser It took a while but everything seems to be working ok now I have to have the Sky Q boxes on all the time instead of on standby for the internet connection to work or they disconnect but i don't mind that
  9. Getting disconnected from Xbox live and Sky Q, Works for a hour or so Tried to reserve the MAC address and change the DHCP range to .50 but still loosing connection I have noticed in the device tree they go from online to offline while they are being used That's just the Sky Q boxes WIFI, But the Xbox is hardwired and still get's cut off Also tried a factory reset and that did not work
  10. WiFi but that doesn't appear to be the problem, It's just the disconnections I will reserve the IP of the boxes and see if that helps thanks
  11. I have all my devices set up to my R2 My Sky Q boxes through out the house are connected Main Box and all Mini Boxes, But they keep getting disconnected randomly For them to get reconnected i have to either power off the R2 or just reboot via the R2 page Which is a pain every time Any fixes?
  12. Is the R2 compatible with any VPN? Any recommendations for gaming?
  13. I have had this problem for a few days now but somehow my speeds have just returned and everything appears normal again Will monitor this and any changes i will let you know
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