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  1. The router and all guys in this forum will "advice" you and help HOW to set up the router to have the best possible connection in game..that's it.!!! To be "good" at game you need other "things" ..like... very good reaction times ... precision aiming....understand the "map".... right decisions for different situations. So i guess you have nothing of this...so this game is not for you... play something like LOL and don't ruin the others game.
  2. From Xbox network menu change the port that console will use......etc. 24568....then portforward this port in router for Xbox. This will help i think.
  3. Nat type 2 means that you are "behind" a router is ok that....to have nat type 1 you must connect your ps4 directly to internet without router...in ps4 network menu...choose custom settings....pppoe etc...put your ISP credentials and connect...this is nat type 1.....or if your ISP provides to you above one public ip's for your connection you must set your modem etc with "passthrough" to use one ip for your VOIP and a different ip to connect with XR700 via pppoe to establish connection....with this will have nat type 2 which is normal and will not have double nat because only XR700 will do "NAT"...this is a more complicated set up. To open ports......well..i dont recommend upnp..it isnt the "safest" method to archive what do you want. I recommend port forward.. Soo how to open ports to your ps4 for a specific game? First of all the "trick" is to have static ip for your ps4.....connect ps4 to XR700..then in network settings DHCP server you will see your ps4.....put the ip you want to use for this device etc. click the "tick" in box....click save....thats it now your ps4 will use every time Then in port forward menu.....to understand what we do...we tell to router to open ports in specific ip etc manually...thats why we need static ip for ps4 ..because if we open ports in and you dont have static ip for ps4..when you reboot router or restart ps4..router will give a random different ip in ps4 etc the port forward rules will not "work" because they are for ip!!!! So it is crucial to have static ip for ps4. So to open ports for static ip in ps4....etc you gave to it the Go in port forward menu....put in the ip of your ps4...etc In port source...start and end put etc 3074 (if you want to open 3074 port) In destination..start and end put etc 3074 (if you want to open 3074 port) Choose protocol etc...TCP..UDP...or BOTH of them...click save/apply. Thats it restart router and ps4 to changes take affect. If you want to open range of ports etc PSN network 3478-3480 udp... In "start" put 3478 and in "end" put 3480 and choose "udp". If you put in "start" 1 and in "end" 65535 you just open ALL ports for this device...it is similar to DMZ....if you do this and another device in your network needs to open specific ports to work..it cannot because all ports are open for ps4. ***dont use UPNP and port forward at the same time**** I think these will help you a bit.. What is you topology of your network?..How do you connect to internet?Modem?Modem/router device?
  4. via dsl reports and ping plotter....pc ..wired...with no other usage of network.
  5. For my connection in R1 with Duma QOS at 18Mbps download and about 1Mbps upload...dumaqos doesnt work what ever settings i try..i have always bufferbloat in both directions...i have tried any settings with bars.
  6. SBMM hits everyone in "real time" it is always there...even during a match..thats why when you start a game maybe you have perfect hit detection..but in the middle of tha game "something" changed and your hit detection is crap...your character is "heavy" to run..bullets dont register quickly and so on....server sends to you big streams of tcp traffic to "flood" your line in upload traffic with ACK packets...so your udp traffic "DURING" the match is delayed by "artificial lag". Game what ever bandwidth you have sends in a clock tick rate of 64 packets per second...so if your line has to many tcp packets from "flooded"....in one second etc it sends to server 50 tcp packets that is useless to game and only 14 udp packets....so that is your delay to server!!!!
  7. And for me 3 servers appearing in Europe.
  8. What firmware you are using?
  9. I don't speak generally....i speak for specific situation... I hit you in the back..i get hit marks.....then you turn and kill me. Connection has to do or not?
  10. Sorry but your location is Brazil..i remember in previous COD when i was against Brazilian guys..everyone was laggy..they didnt die... Also in Battlefield...in some dedicated servers people in their rules of servers written that they dont want Brazilians in their lobby because of lag....you are just in the "right" side of lag compensation...3074 port is just for authentication to have "open" nat etc.
  11. If i shoot you a hole magazine in the back and you strafe and kill me with 3 bullets...you are better player ...connection has nothing to do!!!!Maybe you are in the "other" side of lag compensation thats why you say this.
  12. Many of us has the same thought as me...i am not "pro" player.....i play cod over 10 years..i am not noob..my accuracy is very very good the same the reactions. I know sometimes i will play with players better than me...but every time????? It seams that every time i was playing in a "competition"..others kill me so easy and i have to try hard to kill them...etc. they plays with suppressor in their gun and get kill so easy in a distance. It feels that you play against players and against the game it self. So with other persons from Openwrt we try to do something better....we are not network "gurus"...and find some usefull things to make it plays better....i say better...not perfect. I see players that in every cod they have perfect connection. We dont have the networking knowledge to do better things...someone will say that the problem maybe is my low bandwidth connection..i have 16000Kbps down and only 800kbps for up....but i see that people even with gigabyte connections suffer from the same issues...etc. shoot first die first. So i dont think that speeds matters ....also we find via wireshark that game uses only about 200Kbps for upload and about 400Kbps for download....so everyone has plenty speeds to run the game. I usually play in 80ms ping..many of you play at much lower ping....but again the same thing happens.....even if you play at 80ms ping or 30ms ping......shoot first..die first. Sooo what the hell??? Speeds doesn't matter...ping doesn't matter.... For sure that guy that has perfect connection..and you see him in Youtube in a video like "fix lag in cold war"...will suggest some "fixes" that everyone knows..but the real "trick" of course will handle it for himself sure. It will be something else that "matters"....and this must be investigated by the company who sells "gaming routers"...not me ..the user.
  13. I agree that this dont have place here but as @Locosano said qos is not good..or set up of algorithms is wrong...untill it is fixed i use qos of openwrt ...i dont tell to anyone to dont use Netduma and place it in the corner.....i use another qos and netduma for geofilter until it is fixed. In the same logic they doesnt have place here conversations like....headsets....monitors and so on.!!!!
  14. I agree with N3cro... Cod is alone category by It Self.. Something that has no logic May give you perfect game experience.
  15. I write from my Phone... It is difficult. I Will send you from my pc.
  16. Etc.. You dont need this at all... Qos is implement by custom qos script and not by sqm.!!
  17. I am not responsible if you decide to do what juju suggest. "Original " post and latest update are in Openwrt forum. Complete script Will be available if nothing goes wrong in Sqm. For now everyone cound have access in the code.. And has at least knowledge.. How to create script in his pc.. How to transfer It to openwrt... How to make It executable.. How to trouble shoot basic things.
  18. No i mean that juju1366 copy the script we adjust It for his connection... Then he upload a video like "script for gaming openwrt".. And then someone thinks that Will work for his connection. Latest script.. You Just set upload speed, download speed, ip of console ... Set game up speed and game download speed aloacated... Then you run script and auto recognizes what type of connection you have.. What ever It is... Adsl, docsis, fiber.. Then based of your set up creates classes for console and other devices.. Different thing than Just upload a video.
  19. Juju1366 Just copy It isnt creator. If you look in Openwrt post for script i fix some bugs in code other person create New code to attach... And so on... Some members that involved... Dlakelan.. Moeller...Exreyfox.. In public post we upload latest updated script.. But also we speak via pm for fixes.. Ideas.. Troublshoot etc. A photo of traffic analysis from ps4 cold war
  20. It isnt settings... It is a hole new script that you must load It in Openwrt.
  21. Sorry but you dont prioritize anything. Cake and piece of cake is a "General" solution.. All devices in the same network have low bufferbloat. If you want prioritization you must use layer cake which uses 4 tins of traffic... And Mark priority packets as etc. CS4 to fall in first tin priority which uses 25% of bandwidth. I cant say more for now.. But in Openwrt forum i start a topic and by far now involved many gamers.. devs of Sqm.. We already "catch" the traffic Cold War uses in real time gaming.. Analyze It and find many usefull things.. Etc in ps4 packets has 60Hz rate..and probably server works at 30Hz to have 2 packets to work.. One packet is my bullet to you.. And the other your bullet to me.. And decide what to do.. Also cold war "loves" bandwidth throttling.. Also cold war uses from your machine port 3074 to a random port 30000+... And from 30000+ to 3074 in your console...Already working to can install some other qdiscs like DRR and qfq via gui and dont want to compile your own firmware to enable these. Many users like me already uses the script in Openwrt and Cold War and i can tell for sure that It works very well.. Shoot first.. Die first. Stopped. In gunfights etc if i saw him first.. He dies for sure.. Hit reg increase dramatically... I die "normal".. Like bad aiming.. Wrong decisions... While reloading etc. This the first try in Openwrt to implement something specific for gamers. Which tested by gamers in "real" gaming situations. When i have more news i Will tell more.
  22. Nevermind... Do you have sfq and HTB? More tomorrow... It is SBMM i think throwing you in a "bad" lobby.
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