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  1. today i restarted router through router page and its stuck on same thing again it might be some serious bug going on my R1 i waited for while and not able to connect , its work whole day till i restart the router, So i decided to downgrade to previous DumaOS version , After downgrade i wait while and its connected to Internet Somehow its never take that much time to connect Before DumaOS because on Original R1 firmware i try restart factory etc. and its connected instantly like other routers but After DumaOS whole thing is change for me its like i need to setup my router whole day plus i already harassed my internet service provider which in this case there is no fault from their side .. i attached again log file which of both Firmware Version , and ill see how many days its able to connected to Internet.. before downgrade log-1548187376644.txt after downgrade and currently on log-1548187881408.txt , log-1548188068867.txt
  2. Yeah I straight connected to through ISP cable no modem ..
  3. Rampage


  4. So, Here it is today i did downgrade to previous DumaOS as u said , but i forgot to take logs file and setup details for pppoe, So i upgrade back to again and after upgrade i found the page is lil slow and unresponsive so i turned off R1 and remove power cable also from electrical socket and turned ON R1 after 10 minutes its Finally Connected To Internet (ISP), So what i found there might b a bug not sure which not providing PPPoE user detail from R1 to ISP end thats why Its not connecting , If it is possible for NETDUMA TEAM , try to add more initial setup which almost every ISP required example SERVICE NAME which R1 dont have , and etc. its my advise to development team to improve DumaOS and here is another issue after update am not able to see WAN IP in DUMAOS and i play Fortnite to test every thing is fine i saw am getting 5-10-20% plus packet loss in game ping HUD and game is unplayable i don't setup geo filter , not using any pre installed profile by DumaOS, etc. i attched logfile and some snap that might b help, to understand from where its issue ISP or R1. Yours Thankfully log-1547985362059.txt
  5. Ok Ill downgrade to old firmware and check & let you know thanks for the support
  6. This is the fiber optic media converter from ISP and straight connected to R1
  7. What does" means? Are you guys playing with me ? I said multiple times that pppoe is not working ... In whole post are you reading anything what I said in post I don't think so ..
  8. Yes ... And in log it says user login incorrect.
  9. So leave everything because you on some different track just tell me how to connect through pppoe .. is this simple question to answer? What am saying am not able to connect through PPPoE anymore after this update and I already given log details...
  10. I think you get it wrong what I mean is I have wan rj45 from my isp > wan r1 Then I put pppoe user details before dumaos but after recent update am not able to connect through pppoe.. That's why am using my asus router at the moment ..
  11. For PPPoE set-up it's WAN Rj45 from isp to > R1 WAN port but right now am using my ASUS router as a main router and R1 is hooked up with it : ISP WAN >ASUS ROUTER WAN>ASUS ROUTER LAN>R1 WAN DHCP
  12. Hello, NetDuma Team I recently updated to and am not able to to connect through PPPoE I have two other routers ASUS RTN66U.& TPLINK I try on tht it's connect instantly. I have mac open from my isp end so I can change to any routers without mac reset I check logs it say authentication failed log in incorrect how it could be possible I think R1 providing wrong details bcuz as I said I tested on two other router with same PPPoE log in it's connect within 5 seconds and there is no option to set service name which almost every other single router have bcuz it's initial from ISP server to communicate router or customer end as fast as possible I think I already said about service name option may b 2 years ago or when I purchased R1 bcuz I didn't find that option on previous R1 firmware version and in this new DumaOS I can't see what am typing in PPPoE password section I also did factory reset but issue didn't solve right now am using my ASUS router and R1 connected through DHCP I attached log files snapshots just in case if you needed Yours Thankfully
  13. I don't know why am suddenly getting packet loss in fortnite on PS4 I thought DumaOS upgrade will fix issue but after upgrading to dumaOS am still getting packet loss any suggestions to fix or avoid packet loss in Fortnite Here is some steps I already try to fix packet loss : 1) reinstalled the game with rebuild database on PS4 2) I call my isp he changed fiber wires to new and fiber optic media converters 3) Seprated gaming internet one for house uses one for gaming only Thanks in advancedπŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
  14. Hey guys you need to be patient I know it's hard but as DumaOS team said they working hard all this am saying bcoz I got and email with DumaOS link and definitely do some test and upload results here to improve DumaOS am getting 30% packet loss in Fortnite PS4 on current R1 firmware I'll upgrade to DumaOS and test it .. I wish you all get DumaOS ASAPπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
  15. Is it takes Few weeks or few months?
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