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  1. If you like camping MW is just for you......this is not cod just bu*****t.Many of these players in other cod was under 1.0KD.
  2. First of all guys offload bypass any SQM/QOS ...so sqm/qos doesnt work if you enable offload.If you have plenty of speed but when you enable sqm the speed is to low..you need a more powerful router which can handle sqm with big speed values. Then you must be sure that you set up sqm right....the easiest method is of course to take your true speeds and adjust them..95%...90% and using cake with piece of cake script puts all traffic in one tin. If you use cake with layer cake it uses a 4 priority queues according to this with diffserv4 . So 4 priority queues....how to put traffic you want in first priority queue....you must use iptables rules to mark packets and fall in different priorities. In web interface of Openwrt you go to firewall-->custom rules. Then i paste these rules... iptables -t mangle -N dscp_mark #Create a new chain named dscp_mark iptables -t mangle -F dscp_mark #Flush the selected chain # iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j dscp_mark #Postrouting=This chain is used for specific types of packet mangling that we wish to take place after all kinds of routing decisions have been done, but still on this machine.Then these packets fall in dscp_mark chain. # # ## COD gets AF41 and fall in video priority with 50% threshold and mark them as AF41. iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p udp -s --sport 3074 --dport 30000:45000 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p udp -d --dport 3074 --sport 30000:45000 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 # ## PSN network? iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p udp -d -m multiport --sport 3658,3074,3478:3480,10070:10080,465,983,5223 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p udp -s -m multiport --dport 3658,3074,3478:3480,10070:10080,465,983,5223 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p tcp -d -m multiport --sport 3658,3074,3478:3480,10070:10080,465,983,5223 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p tcp -s -m multiport --dport 3658,3074,3478:3480,10070:10080,465,983,5223 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 # #Chat psn #iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p udp -m multiport --dport 9305:9309 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 #iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p udp -m multiport --sport 9305:9309 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 #iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p tcp -m multiport --dport 9305:9309 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 #iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -p tcp -m multiport --sport 9305:9309 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 ## PS4 normal # iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -s -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -s -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -s -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 CS1 is bulk priority with 6.25% threshold DSCP Values Rules takes affect as they appear.... So source port 3074 (sport 3074) and destination ports 30000-450000 (dport 30000:45000) takes maximum priority and apply first. Then PSN network ports..... Chat/Voice lowest priority.... Then any other traffic that does not match any rule goes to iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -s -j DSCP --set-dscp-class AF41 Then tablet and TV falls in lowest priority to.... iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -s -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 iptables -t mangle -A dscp_mark -s -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS1 I think t will help someone with this example. When you put # in front of a rule ..this rule does not take affect...# is comment.
  3. Edgerouter X with Openwrt installed ...SQM with Cake...beast!
  4. Really it is difficult to understand why when something "works"... Sells of cod all these years prove that... Why they ruin it with experiments. All cods matchmaking based with ping.. You play with simillar connection etc.. And everyone was happy.. OK some times you Will have one bad lobby.. But this was not the rule... You hear enough footsteps and if can spend some money you Will have an advantage.. Now... You have "dedicated" Servers.. Not for every country... But you sell the game and in countrys with players that you know already these people will have connection problems!!! Because they are far from Servers... And with all these... They put and SBMM... Just perfect.... Mess.
  5. No matter if their ping is 5 or 155!!!!!!You mean that?...I know sniping... Some years ago that was happening....when a new COD released was a complete game...without to many problems...with 1-2 updates...only to fix little problems or some nerfs and buffs and thats all....after that only DLC to download. That is what i mean....reset bug.....This is update?You think that "someone" was working to fix problems??I dont think so....
  6. The idea of an update is to resolve problems...and add stuff that makes the game play better.But No activision is only about money... They said that they hear community...bull*** so many people said about SBMM....etc N3CRO is from Germany...i am from Greece....both of us they connect us etc to German server....N3CRO plays with 15ms ping and i play with 60+ ping in this server. How can play together these 2 guys?With such little TTK i have no chance to kill him in 1v1 gunfight....i shoot but N3CRO kill me....when i watch kill cam...i have never shoot at all...because he see me first and i didn't see him. The idea of dedicated servers of course is good IF YOU HAVE SERVERS IN EVERY COUNTRY you sell your game. If you don't have it is better to match games based on simillar ping to play fair all players. I pay for the game as N3CRO and so many other guys and i don't have fun with it..i "fight" with players...and with the game it self.!!!!! Of course the community is also responsible for this mess....they want new COD every year....DEVS what can do?Fix thinks in this COD or prepare for the next?Thats why so many problems. And we trying to find solutions with Netduma...routers..programs to fix this mess.
  7. You use my post in Gargoyle forum...😃
  8. Just to know guys..😃 Version 1.3.3 Works without problem in R1 via VirtualBox with Windows 7 Ultimate under MXLinux. **Main router is TP_Link with DD-WRT...QOS... Cake+HFSC....Services Priority...ports 30000-60000 at Maximum. **R1 in TP_Link's DMZ....i give static IP to R1 outside TP_Link's DHCP Server range. Big thanks to @RedBull2k
  9. @RedBull2k Is it possible to have a version that runs under linux????Like etc. priority.sh or have the code to run as custom script via dd-wrt?
  10. I am running Gargoyle in TP-LINK right now because i can set to prioritize these ports.. To specific ip..Gargoyle supports DMZ...i will give IP for R1 out of DHCP range of Gargoyle to prevent double nat. Cake in Openwrt it is really does very good job with bufferbloat but you can't prioritize these ports unless you make specific ip tables rules to change DSCP marks for these packets and fall in "layer cake" script to prioritize them i try it with not good results as i expected...the same for edgerouter ...you can't just prioritize these ports unless you create rules...much complicated for me..it uses Vyatta. So the best choice for now is Gargoyle....to prioritize these ports for R1...but if i disable QOS will these packets prioritized in R1?I think yes..only PS4 will be connected to R1. In bandwidth i must put speed's when qos is off?In bandwidth allocation?
  11. Hi first of all English it is not my familiar language but i think you will understand me. I have my ISP modem/router in bridge mode and my R1 makes the PPPOE connection...First question...is it better R1 makes the connection via PPPOE or it is better ISP modem/router take care of connection and put in DMZ the R1 and works as DHCP?My speeds isn't big...10000kbps (10Mbps) for download and 1024kbps (1Mbps) for upload...truly i take about 9000kbps (9Mbps) for download and 840kbps (0,8Mbps) for upload. I run DumaOS in R1 and i put my truly speeds taken from speedtest.net with server from my country (Greece CosmoteSA)....So i put 9Mbps for download and 0,8Mbps for upload and i check "Goodput"...In "anti-bufferbloat" i check "Always" ....i start to "play" download and upload bars to find the sweet spot for bufferbloat....i start with 70/70% as suggested...triple "D"...i increase it but whatever % i try,the best i get in bufferbloat test via dslreports was "B"....!!!!!!Another problem is that when i put download bar etc. 70%...80% i still getting full speed in download (9Mbps) doesn't work at all..broken. I don't know what algorithm you use for QOS..i understand that it is "in-house" algorithm made by you and you can't tell more informations...but i have a TP-Link WR1043nd V3 running Gargoyle firmware...i make to it 3 classes and rules for my PS4 to take care packets smaller than 128bytes in first class..in second class bytes smaller than 512bytes....the rest in "Bulk" class....easy triple "A" in dsl reports. The same results when i run in same router Openwrt with cake algorithm and piece of cake script...again easy triple "A'. I have also Ubiquity Edgerouter X with "Smart Queue" it uses FQ-codel with settings to configure better etc. queue length....again easy triple "A". So i think it is not my connection that has the "problem" but maybe the algorithm you use doesn't do the "things" well in slow connections or keep the packets to many time and create bufferbloat. I forget to mention that already factory reset 3 times the router to be sure with the settings. Another problem is that i enable UPNP..i launch modern warfare....nat type "Moderate" not Open....and in UPNP tab in interface none port ar opened..it shows nothing!!!! In GEO FILTER... When i launch modern warfare this is the servers that appears... The big red cycle of course is my location. I start with ping assist at 50ms it connects me in dedicated servers but it doesn't show in which one i am connected...i see only my location cycle...when game starts auto ping shows that the server i am connected is etc 65ms but i set ping assist at 50ms....i think ping assist will prevent connecting me in that server...right?Why this is happening..i try it again and again. Then i move my location in servers i mention in photo with red cycle...first Spanish server..strict mode on...good games with good TTK better than ping assist games. Then i move my location in Italian server..the other red cycle..strict mode on...good games with better TTK than spanish server..much better than ping assist games. Then i put my location in server with green cycle..strict mode on....bad....very bad..it is likely i am behind others 5 seconds minimum...a hole magazine in the back of enemy and still running!!!! Then my location in servers with blue cycle..strict mode on...smoth player movement but not very good TTK as Italian or Spanish. The other 2 servers in yellow i didn't have time to test them yesterday but i think they will not play well because of distance from my true location. Sooo what settings i must use to have very goods games...i am thinking for low TTK i see killcams and many players they are not accurate..just shoot and they have great hit registration...from 20 bullets fired..2-3 bullets hit enemy and just die...or with one magazine they can kill 3-4 enemys because they don't spend bullets to kill someone...great hit registration....i believe you understan what i say. In QOS i use these.. They are make difference...and use settings by "East" post...now....bars at 100%..."never" anti-bufferbloat...share excess unticked both download and upload...and give PS4 70% of connection... *I can't use ping plotter..my pc's running MX Linux. Thank you and i hope to give me some solutions to use anti-bufferbloat without problems and find the "sweet spot" with settings etc Geo Filter to have parfect games or close to perfect like previous cod's.
  12. I installed it and works pretty well in BO4....really good connection..with low ping...One question...in Auto ping..client side which is us it must be higher number above host to have good connection?Please make a topic explaning these values to understand it better.
  13. Thank you very much...now we install it...will release another firmware to upgrade again with fixes and so on until final release?
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