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  1. Can we have a list of what ports are used in "Games Console service"??I set up manually udp ports that found in 2 one line guides like portforword.com but neither one packet was caught!!!So guides are totally wrong and game uses different ports. Also in "Bandwidth Allocation" in category gaming applications it has the World of Tanks so you know what ports are used. **I dont have a managed switch to test it**
  2. ok thank you.....can we have this option in next update etc?To capture packets and have the ability to know which ports are used.
  3. etc ???? routerlogin.net/debug.htm is for Netgear i have the R1.
  4. Cant access must be wired connection?
  5. DumaOs has packet capture?I didnt seen it..where it is in menu. Also thank you very much all.
  6. Ok thank you very much.
  7. Hi i know that DumaOS Classified Games use DPI to "find" game packets. Also ... Which is i think for 3478-3479 ports for PSN...but when i use "Games Console" for world of tanks in PS4 WITHOUT voice chat it has traffic. So if i want to prioritize ONLY game packets while i have voice chat which service to use? Which has the minimum delay in packets? In general i want as i said to prioritize only the game packets even using voice chat. I use these ports for UDP in PS4.....neither one packet in traffic prioritization!!!!! https://openmyip.com/-world-of-tanks So i dont know what ports are used even if i want to add them manually.
  8. Can you "ask" them and post here for everyone to know what to do??I want the R2 but not in double cost.
  9. @Netduma Fraser You must look at this problem asap and have official answer. You must have somehow someone in EU country to send the "packages" to EU buyers etc i pay online the R2 to your site but the package must send from Germany to Greece which both of them are in EU and will not pay any additional taxes ....the reason is simple. I am from Greece...i buy some things from Sportsdirect which is in UK....after the consumables came in Greece i have to pay DOUBLE taxes because as i release now UK is OUT of EU Union and every thing coming from you... you must pay additional taxes...like coming from USA!!!!! This is the only thing that bothers me to buy the R2 router...because i must pay DOUBLE cost.
  10. I have tryed many server locations...all are blocked with VyprVPN...with PureVPN i didnt take clear answer if it works.
  11. Ok i "speak" with support center of PureVPN...the result... In Netduma firmware... in Hybrid VPN..in basic config you "suggest" to users to use Pure VPN somehow...all ok until now. But when i speak with support center of PureVPN and connected me from another person..to another person..and so on.. No one has the knowledge to tell me if the ip's they provide are blocked from PSN like VyprVPN. For sure i can understand from these answers what "quality" provides PureVPN!!!! People there THEY dont know what they are selling and "marketing" this as "gaming VPN". Only for laughs they are.
  12. Ok i will test it know....this case..for block ip is for all VPNs??Some vpn work some no?
  13. Hi i set up VyprVPN..my ip change succefully but in PSN it says failed and cannot sign in. Also in Hybrid VPN set up page i try several times to add/delete my PS4 but as in the photo i cant choose etc "don not VPN this...." and "ADD SERVICE" button is disabled. i reboot router..nothing change.
  14. If your needs is first of all for gaming and everything else second then try this....it is far better for gamers. Router custom QoS script: SimpleHFSCgamerscript.sh What script can do. Original post when i started it in Openwrt forum. If you have any problems to configure tell me. Script requires minimum knowledge on how to access your router via ssh connection...copying files to router...some cli commands. It has instruction in github and packages required to install in Openwrt. 😉
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