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  1. Now i am using DumaOS 3...testing it to find bugs.I like experiment with new things..new methods...new ideas to improve gaming.
  2. As Cussiv said i have done..i think a very good "job" with settings for Gargoyle....also i help to make "AutoSQM" for Openwrt ....i experiment with custom scripts....custom rules....nf tables as firewall and adjust priorities and speeds to my needs....my internet speeds isn't big....only 17Mbps download and only 850Kbps upload... So when i attach traffic rules or scripts these speeds are ever lower to prevent bufferbloat..think of that..... What i want to say is that..... Low speeds has never been a problem for me for online gaming..especially FPS games..i was playing COD multiplayer from it starts... All of these settings i have tried works pretty well for all games i play.....EXCEPT current COD!!!!!!!!! So my conclusion is that your ISP's or routers or NETDUMA it hasn't any fault ...the only fault from your will be if you have bad settings but i think you will figure out so far playing and other games. So we trying to fix something (COD) that is not from our side and we can't do anything about it. They make "dedicated servers" in specific country's that cannot support all players.. These "dedicated servers" has very bad configuration.... The game has SBMM..... They have and lag compensation in all this mix.... So in the same lobby you see the following ..... Etc.... you play from UK in Spanish server with ping 40ms... It connects me to the same server with ping 90ms.... And the madness starts..... You have lower ping but my last 5-6 games was bad....so you have better stats than me..SBMM takes care and add's to you artificial latency...you hit me in the back i just turn to you and kill you with 2 "magic" bullets!!!! I think their approach are totally wrong.... Match making must implement just like this..... You hit "team deathmatch".....game see's your ping...it finds that is 90ms....so it tries to find similar ping from 80-100ms..... From these players who has the same ping as you attach SBMM ..... Allow these players to play in the same lobby.... Enjoy the game.... Everyone has the same ping...the same stats...no one has a benefit.....so the better team wins. It is just so simple!!!!!!! SBMM right now it hasn't the approach to make YOU a better player... it has the approach very bad players MUST win games because if every time they loose or make 40 deaths THEY WILL LEAVE the game. This is my opinion...any discuss is wellcome.....i am tired to make something work that is "broken" from it's beginning.
  3. fq_codel_numericable tc-fq_codel(8) — Linux manual page
  4. Mixamp pro + Hyper X Cloud
  5. Thank you very much i start working on it.
  6. It isn't so difficult as it sounds..
  7. @Netduma Fraser When we will get the Duma OS 3 for R1 i confirm e-mail in first day and i dont receive anything until now.
  8. Because i can use .. 1.SQM with CAKE 2.Replace iptables and use nftables with custom firewall and qos rules. 3.Use custom scripts like AutoSQM 4.Use Unbound for DNSSec 5.Adblock that really works 6.Run VETH interfaces for QOS both for download and upload 7.Completely custom rules for QOS..like conntrack,rate limit,packet length,packet tags like SYN,ACK and so on.... 8. All of above i can start,stop,restart,reload .....during day or hour via crontab automatically. Some reasons i flashed Openwrt in ERX.
  9. One note - the latest Ubiquiti EdgeOs has a new bootloader that makes it a little easier to recover your router if it bricks. It's worth installing the latest EdgeOS first, and the new bootloader, to have it. If you search the Ubiquiti site you'll find instructions for that. I was able to flash the OpenWrt factory binary from this German site using the EdgeOS firmware upgrade option: Factory tar link: https://downloads.opennet-initiative.de/ubnt/edgeos/openwrt-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-initramfs-factory.tar . When I did it, the firmware on this site was an old out of date OpenWrt version, but it passed the EdgeOS firmware signature check and was good enough to let me sysupgrade to the current OpenWrt version. Then install OpenWrt version 18.06 first with sysupgrade from the command prompt. The correct 18.06 version is: https://downloads.openwrt.org/releases/18.06.7/targets/ramips/mt7621/openwrt-18.06.7-ramips-mt7621-ubnt-erx-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar Copy it in /tmp via Winscp .... Next, ssh into your router: ssh [email protected] and go to the /tmp folder on your router cd /tmp once you get the file to the /tmp directory on your router, and your in that directory then use the sysupgrade command from your router: sysupgrade -n -v long_name_of_file-sysupgrade.tar etc sysupgrade -n -v Openwrt-18.06.07-sysupgrade.tar I use "-n" to set up with default config And wait for it to finish (several minutes). After you wait and it reboots, login to your router. Then when you have access via GUI in Openwrt you can flash via gui latest 19.07.3
  10. @Seye My biggest problem isn't campers but connectivity..what i mean...i am from Greece so it connects me in server in Italy which never plays well or etc. Germany.....so my in game ping is always at least 70ms how to compare etc. with you which you leave in Germany and your ping in this server is 8ms etc.???? Put together in this situation and the low time to kill and bad sound in this game (footsteps). Cod was always been "survivor fps" not tactical...what i mean....one or two players if they were good can defeat all enemy and win the game. "SBMM" who's developer was this "great idea"? Netcode .....from time to time 40-50GB "update"...this is not update....this is totally another game...the" community" wants new cod every year ...so they don't have the time to make a "working" game...they make it on the fly..they published with errors and then from month to month trying to fix it....
  11. Just experiment...trial and error....i will switch back to gargoyle...i set up it perfectly as you said.
  12. You cant change my opinion...sorry ...i was playing multiplayer from the first cod....the quality of players changed last years....if someone change corners etc. this is not rush.....and this game has the worst netcode....they changed p2p matchmaking to dedicated servers....this is good IF you have servers in every country......bad servers+sbmm= [email protected]@@shit
  13. I post AutoSQM script in Openwrt forum with another guy...i was a tester for him to find best settings...i use edgerouter X with openwrt . Gargoyle also supports edgerouter x ...but to flash it correctly if you already have openwrt in edgerouter x just downgrade erx in openwrt 18.06.7 version that is .tar and then flash gargoyle.....don't do this if you have openwrt 19.07 because it has .bin file for upgrade.😉
  14. This COD is only for campers...
  15. For my connection DumaOS 2 creates to big bufferbloat..i check every % in sliders....with CAKE i dont have this problem..i also have autoSQM to change values in SQM every hour.So i am waiting DumaOS 3 to see how it works and how it handles packets...an interesting function is line benchmark...but it will be better if the results of this benchmark applied in QOS to have perfect line every time...many ISP's doesn't have stable bandwidth during day ...so to just do a speedtest..put the values in QOS is a permanent solution. And for the link with DSCP marks...if you use openwrt and netduma you dont want all this work.."veth inteface" and so on...just create another SQM interface....first SQM etc in pppoe-wan and put upload bandwidth only......another SQM interface in lan and put download speed in upload box.. You have SQM now both in download and upload direction.
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