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  1. Sometimes configuration with no logic at all.....plays better in COD...this is issue of COD.
  2. I never say that configure 3d 3u is a "magical" number to play......from this analysis we are found that to be competitive you need at least these speeds.....if you have higher speeds things will be even easier......game is the real problem and not your connections.
  3. Topic becomes toxic....if you have problems...make another thread.
  4. Think of that it is something that has to do with files in ps4....and the firmware in general.....it runs faster....so maybe you can see some improvement in speeds via console speedtest.....and for online gaming...if you have install the game in SSdD and dont play via cd....maybe some improvement and here...because SSD can processes the data much faster....but i dont think any "big" noticeable change.
  5. With SSD you take faster loading times from games....faster menu.....faster copy update files etc......has nothing to do with online gaming.
  6. Configuration of your line....antibufferbloat etc and COD network are 2 different things. It doesnt matter if your ping is 2ms or 40ms...game "decides"' how you will "play". You need to adjust antibuffer bloat to prevent bufferbloat in your line...to minimize latency in your side...prioritize the game...that's it...anything you can do from your side has be done.
  7. Hi i have seen so many posts about "lag" in COD blaming our ISP or Netduma router or our configuration changing settings again and again playing some matches "good" and then some games terrible. After some packet captures during real gameplay from my PS4 Pro and from other players we have found interesting things. Based on packet captures we know that this game like many others operates on more or less a 64Hz network tick rate, meaning it sends a game packet every 1/64 = 0.0156 seconds or 15.6 ms. Maybe it’s closer to 1/60, but it doesn’t matter because we don’t need super precision to get the idea here. Here is the actual bandwidth usage, in Bytes per second, which shows the client on PS4 sends 18000 bytes/s which is 144kbps… and the server sends about 30000 bytes/s with occasional peaks up to say 40000, or 320kbps. If the sending rate is 64 packets per second, then each packet from the server is about 625 bytes. Now. Let’s imagine you have two things going on at the same time in your network. First, you are playing your game, and you have somehow managed to ensure that your game packets "always have strict priority". So as soon as a game packet is received at your router, it is sent, and other packets will wait in line. But the other thing that’s going on is that someone is uploading their latest pictures to Google Photos or something like that, where the point is to send a bunch of data, but latency is totally unimportant. The process will take a minute or two, so delays of 100ms while totally unacceptable for your game are completely unnoticeable to your photos upload. Let’s look at the worst case: Your router receives a photo upload packet which by the convention for packets on the internet is around 1500 bytes, and at the moment it has no other packets to send and there has been sufficient time since the last packet that the router’s shaper software determines it’s ok to send this packet… so it sends the 1500 byte packet to the DSL modem. Immediately after that a CoD game packet arrives, and because it’s strict priority it gets sent. Now, the DSL modem has two packets in line in a FIFO (first in first out)… the first one is 1500 bytes, and the second one is about 600. The first one has 1500*8 bits to send, and your upload speed is 850 kbps or 850 bits/ms, which means 1500*8/850 = 14.1 ms… Now lets look at the game tick rate: 1/64 of a second = 15.6ms. Which means that *even a single packet ahead of you* in the modem delays your game packet by 14.1/15.6 = 90% of the tick time. In other words, this packet is almost as good as a packet drop. In fact, if there are any packets other than your game going over your DSL upload you will experience jitter exceeding your inter-packet tick rate on a routine basis just because that’s what’s inevitably going to happen. How can you fix this? The first thing is to increase your upload speed. Suppose you want that a single packet upload time takes at most 1/3 of the inter-arrival time between ticks… That means you should be able to send 1500*8 bytes every (1/3 * 1/64 seconds), so your bandwidth should be 2.3 Mbps at the very minimum. Below about 2.3 Mbps even very good packet controls will inevitably result in packet delays that are a significant fraction of the inter-packet arrival time for your game. To get very good response, you want to be well above this 2.3 Mbps rate. So let’s say above 3 Mbps is where you can reliably schedule packets in a queuing system and not have trouble squeaking your game packets in between other packets on the network. Let’s look at the next pain point, the speed below which two packets in a queue will equal to your interarrival time: 2*1500*8/(1/64) = 1.5Mbps. Below 1.5Mbps if you ever get two bulk packets ahead of you, your game packet is as good as dropped even if it gets sent… Finally let’s see where 1 packet ahead of you is as good as a drop… it’s 1500*8/(1/64) = 768kbps. Do NOT try to game competitively on a DSL line with less than 768kbps upload. In fact, don’t try to game on a DSL line with less than 1.5Mbps upload because then only 2 packets ahead of you is as good as a drop and 1 packet ahead of you is a 50% delay in your packet… So you need "big" speeds not for the game it self BUT for your console to upload-download these packets really fast. And bad netcode of COD and SBMM it isn't in your hands and you cant do anything about it. So if you have these minimum acceptable speeds and you have set up correctly your Netduma or what ever firmware you are using with qos...you cant do anything else....accept COD as it is with bad netcode..SBMM or play another game. Many thanks to dlakelan...Exreyfox..Dopam_It and many others...they know how many hours we spend debugging code..testing in game and so on to create the script.😉
  8. If your needs is first of all for gaming and everything else second then try this....it is far better for gamers. Router custom QoS script: SimpleHFSCgamerscript.sh What script can do. Original post when i started it in Openwrt forum. If you have any problems to configure tell me. Script requires minimum knowledge on how to access your router via ssh connection...copying files to router...some cli commands. It has instruction in github and packages required to install in Openwrt. 😉
  9. They want to hide the crap connection to their servers...very "clever" from their side to hide issues.
  10. I agree with @bbursley when people keep buying COD....they think that people like these "system" of matchmaking...SBMM it doesnt matter what skills you have in aiming ..reactions and so on...algorithm decide if you will "win"...how can realize that..it is pretty easy..in one match with one magazine you kill 3-4 enemies with 2-3 bullets....and the next games you hit a hole magazine in one enemy and he is keep running!!!! The problem isn't Netduma or your connection ..it is the game....that's why in previous COD's the configuration was needed was simple and 100% working....find your speeds..adjust bars to eliminate bufferbloat....adjust geofilter...and thats it...you will play sollid games 90-95% of the time. In the topic there are so many configurations but i think no one can say that is working all the time....it is just "lucky" to have good games....algorithm SBMM decide it for you.And for sure it doesnt matter for this game what is your ping...even players with really low ping has problems and crap games!!!...."Ping is king" is for old COD's not for this.
  11. The router and all guys in this forum will "advice" you and help HOW to set up the router to have the best possible connection in game..that's it.!!! To be "good" at game you need other "things" ..like... very good reaction times ... precision aiming....understand the "map".... right decisions for different situations. So i guess you have nothing of this...so this game is not for you... play something like LOL and don't ruin the others game.
  12. From Xbox network menu change the port that console will use......etc. 24568....then portforward this port in router for Xbox. This will help i think.
  13. Nat type 2 means that you are "behind" a router is ok that....to have nat type 1 you must connect your ps4 directly to internet without router...in ps4 network menu...choose custom settings....pppoe etc...put your ISP credentials and connect...this is nat type 1.....or if your ISP provides to you above one public ip's for your connection you must set your modem etc with "passthrough" to use one ip for your VOIP and a different ip to connect with XR700 via pppoe to establish connection....with this will have nat type 2 which is normal and will not have double nat because only XR700 will do "NAT"...this is a more complicated set up. To open ports......well..i dont recommend upnp..it isnt the "safest" method to archive what do you want. I recommend port forward.. Soo how to open ports to your ps4 for a specific game? First of all the "trick" is to have static ip for your ps4.....connect ps4 to XR700..then in network settings DHCP server you will see your ps4.....put the ip you want to use for this device etc. click the "tick" in box....click save....thats it now your ps4 will use every time Then in port forward menu.....to understand what we do...we tell to router to open ports in specific ip etc manually...thats why we need static ip for ps4 ..because if we open ports in and you dont have static ip for ps4..when you reboot router or restart ps4..router will give a random different ip in ps4 etc the port forward rules will not "work" because they are for ip!!!! So it is crucial to have static ip for ps4. So to open ports for static ip in ps4....etc you gave to it the Go in port forward menu....put in the ip of your ps4...etc In port source...start and end put etc 3074 (if you want to open 3074 port) In destination..start and end put etc 3074 (if you want to open 3074 port) Choose protocol etc...TCP..UDP...or BOTH of them...click save/apply. Thats it restart router and ps4 to changes take affect. If you want to open range of ports etc PSN network 3478-3480 udp... In "start" put 3478 and in "end" put 3480 and choose "udp". If you put in "start" 1 and in "end" 65535 you just open ALL ports for this device...it is similar to DMZ....if you do this and another device in your network needs to open specific ports to work..it cannot because all ports are open for ps4. ***dont use UPNP and port forward at the same time**** I think these will help you a bit.. What is you topology of your network?..How do you connect to internet?Modem?Modem/router device?
  14. via dsl reports and ping plotter....pc ..wired...with no other usage of network.
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