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  1. I installed it and works pretty well in BO4....really good connection..with low ping...One question...in Auto ping..client side which is us it must be higher number above host to have good connection?Please make a topic explaning these values to understand it better.
  2. Thank you very much...now we install it...will release another firmware to upgrade again with fixes and so on until final release?
  3. I have already add my rules i am asking for backup configuration like previous firmware.
  4. First thoughts after update... Everything works smooth...i configure it and play some matches....works better than previous firmware and hit detection is amazing!!!! Backup for configuration etc LAN,portforward is missing at all?
  5. Everyone was waiting not just you...patience and you will get it..i was waiting 7 days today i get it.
  6. I just configure the new DumaOS....i suggest WHEN UPDATE and after you see that everything works...etc GUI only after that....reset to default settings and setting it from scratch.
  7. I didn't receive any e-mail with link yet...i have sign up many days ago.
  8. Razer Sila.....hhmmm Their goal is just to take customers that really don't know anything about networking..."what is packets?"..."what means congested network?"....."what is ACK and why must prioritize this small packets?"....and most important "what is bufferbloat?And how it impacts in my network?" Many people thinks that they "lag" in games because their brother etc watch video in youtube!...And this is the only reason for their problem! Any "serious" gamer knows that if it is possible they must avoid wifi for gaming and play wired. "DPI Engine".....so what.....nothing new.I have edgerouter x and it has DPI. Sila maybe "tags" packets by DPI and with iptables rules and a QOS script just puts them in a class with highest priority over others. I will laugh when Razer release more informations and i am waiting to see that their LAN ports are 100Mbit and not Gigabyte....and with not enough powerful CPU to handle DPI+QOS+ very fast speeds from ISP at the same time. Neither one word about "bufferbloat"!!!!!!! Netgear works with Netduma.....Linksys has Killer....ASUS has WTFast....and Razer has Ignition Design Labs. A router for Wifi with bandwidth sharing.... nothing more ...nothing less.
  9. Yes i am referring for this...why it is archived?It is not worth?
  10. My guide "deleted"....users asking the same things again and again.....
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