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  1. I've seen pings as high as 1300ms, In the evenings I see players with 150-200 all of the time.
  2. The game is broken, especially when playing on dedicated servers.
  3. It has something to do with the dedicated servers, p2p the game worked great ever since they flipped the dedi switch the game has been broken.
  4. This game since the dedicated servers went live last week is broken, I've had people from four countries in one game. I had one guy last weekend that was sitting at 1700ms all game. Broken unless they return to p2p which won't happen because the You Tubers have good connections and need people to lag so they can look good lmfao.
  5. ltr7


    I think the matchmaking is way worse when playing on the dedicated severs and it feels a lot more like SBMM for sure, which makes it worse because your lagging and playing better players with better connections then you.
  6. ltr7


    The game itself including the campaign is A+, the servers are a total joke unless you live next door to them. The campaign would be worth it and if you buy it on disc you can sell it later.
  7. It's almost funny to me all of these "pro players" are bitching about SBMM and they don't even realize that it's the dedicated servers they wanted so bad that are the problem SMH.
  8. You should read the post I made earlier, you will never get better ping to the dedis living in the 406. We had a whole crew rolling tonight wrecked a few lobbies even with the horrendous lag I pulled a 37 kill game out with a mid air snipe lol. The best are the private matches we set up, you'll ping at 20-40ms to all of us and you won't believe how good it plays!
  9. We played a few private matches after playing on the dedicated servers tonight and wow what a difference in hit detection, player animations, even in game sounds are more "on point" it's really amazing that this is the best they can and or are willing to do. I would at least like the option not to play on their fancy servers and just run the game p2p, I know my whole crew would like the same.
  10. I'll just leave this here, Online connectivity is the biggest problem with the game for me ever since dedicated servers were implemented. I live in a remote northwest US location and our isp providers do not have good connections to the states where the dedicated servers are located so we get really poor connections. I thought for years it was my isp and I've spent thousands of dollars upgrading our infrastructure only to find out it's not possible to get good connections to your servers. Last weekend we played p2p when the servers were down, It was the best gaming experience I've had in years. I had average pings of 15-50ms to people within 800-900mi of me, made a bunch of new friends and we gamed together all weekend. Now that the dedicated servers are back up I'm connecting to an 80-90ms jittery server with players from thousands of miles away with average pings of 100-400ms, not so fun and all of the new friends I met don't want to play anymore due to the poor connections for all of us. I thought online gaming was supposed to be fun and a good way to meet people, but these changes and dedicated servers isolating players from local good clean connections seems to be doing the opposite. It seems to me that simply giving players the option of playing p2p could solve the whole problem for me and countless other who really want to play this game but can't in it's current state.
  11. What I'm going to try to do is start to compile friends in the western US so we can create a community to play together on p2p connection, even it means having a series of rotating private matches using our own homemade matchmaking or if you already have local friends-clan mates we can arrange matches-scrims on various days-nights or weekends to avoid playing on these toxic servers with horrible matchmaking and lag comp. I believe this could work for others as well who are having the same issues as me and many of my friends that live in rural areas. Just last weekend I met enough people playing locally on the p2p system we made a whole lobby with just people from my state, and we have more cows than people in my state lol. The games we played all weekend were low ping for the most part with few migrations and the odd higher ping player, everyone had really good connection and hit detection. People could even use social media to organize groups like all of the Face Book yard-sale sites lol. Just an idea I was kicking around to try to save what could be a fun game, maybe even agree not to use some of the more troll like weapons. This game can be fun, last weekend proved it to me and reminded me why I fell in love with online gaming back on PS3 when Resistance and MW2 were my go to fun games. Let me know what you guys think or better yet add yourself or start a group yourself. ltr7 PS4 Northwest US Charter-Spectrum ISP Cheers!
  12. Game is basically broken with dedicated severs being forced on everyone. Hopefully they will turn the p2p back on if we bitch loud enough lol
  13. I've been singing the same song since last weekend, mt KD has dropped almost one point in three days. The servers are the problem, people think it's SBMM but I think all of that is in the server. I live in Montana, One of the biggest states in the country yet we have a very low population but when we were on p2p I only played people in my state and the two or three bordering us. A lot of whom I friended and played with all weekend 5-45 ms ping on all players average all of us roll 406 as our clan tag because we have one area code for the whole state. Since dedicated servers came back online I only connect with servers over 1500mi away all players show near the server and have on average 100-400ms ping, one game we had people from Australia Japan Russia and Hawaii in one lobbie WTF!!! I like the game but since the weekend all my new friends quit playing because they get the same f-cked matchmaking as me way to kill a good game Sledgehammer...
  14. The thing that bothers me the most is p2p I play people from around my area, made eight new friends that are local low ping players just last weekend playing ww2. This week all the people in my lobbies are over 1k miles away?!?
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