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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from TheFuzzyOne87 in Where does the Duma Army live?   
    Did you know the Duma Army spans over 100 countries? For a bit of fun, we've created a Member Map. Tag your location in the world here:
    (Obviously don't put your EXACT location, just put home town / state etc).
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    Netduma Admin reacted to el1t3st in 2.4 ghz WIFI not visible   
    WOOHOO! Thank you. Im not sure why / the technical details of this... But I noticed on WIFI explorer my 2.4 was on a heavy congested channel in my area... when I adjusted it to something less polluted, the 2.4ghz receiver picked up the XR500.

    My second theory is that the XR500 somehow only broadcasted the 2.4ghz @ 40mhz due to the pollution in the 20mhz range on the previous channel. (don't know if the router would do that automagically)... But I just did a spot check, and the Astrum receiver cant see other 40Mhz 2.4 networks... but it DOES see 20mhz networks.

    Again, I cant confirm if that was the exact problem... but I'll call it a day & say its good enough for now... at least I can pack the old access point away.

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    Netduma Admin reacted to Killhippie in 2.4 ghz WIFI not visible   
    XR500 supports support 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz. Sounds like you have a dead radio tbh, especially if the guest network isn't working. Best to RMA it via Netgear possibly. Have you tried a factory reset as a last resort and followed admins suggestion to divide the channels to confirm no 2.4Ghz visibility.?
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from ReaperHackz in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: GEO-FENCING   
    When we launched the Geo-Filter back in 2014, it changed the way gamers experienced matchmaking. By giving you control over the servers you play on, you were able to eliminate the biggest cause of lag in gaming; distance.
    However, it's not always just a simple case of playing on the servers closest to your home - not all servers are made equal, and some can be lower quality despite being closer to you. We made Geo-Fencing to give you total control and solve this problem once and for all.

    With Geo-Fencing you can draw multiple Geo-Filters around the servers you like and block the servers you don't, giving you unprecedented control over the matchmaking process. Draw filters around your region or country, or only draw around the best servers in the world - online matchmaking is now in your hands.
    DumaOS 3.0 is the biggest update we have ever built, effectively doubling the feature set. Geo-Fencing is just one of many features coming to your router with DumaOS v3.0, so stay tuned for our next feature announcement.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from raf1212 in Device manager still having too many devices   
    Developing an update this big takes time and testing etc. But we're almost there. We/NETGEAR will begin rolling out beta versions soon. We say 'soon' because if we put an exact date, and then miss it, it's worse in the long run. But it's getting very close now.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from LegendMask in Interface not showing properly   
    The Bandwidth Allocation needs at least three devices to draw the shape you are familiar with. So if you connect a third device it should then appear as you expect.
    Also - the Share Excess option is still there even in your current view. Just click the three horizontal line icon in the top left of the panel to access it.
    Let us know if you need any further help
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from DAKOTADOCKALL in DumaOS Developer Q&A   
    I can confirm we are building 3.0 for the Netduma R1. A lot of effort is going into ensuring it does not consume too much CPU and memory. Thanks for your support
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Zippy in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: CONNECTION BENCHMARK   
    That's right. ☺️
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from JayKay in DUMA0S reset button not responding   
    I will follow this up for you. Apologies for the delay. We will get back to you asap
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Tripper in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: CONNECTION BENCHMARK   
    That's right. ☺️
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Shikwan in DumaOS Setups!   
    How do you use your dumaos router while gaming/streaming!? Show me what cha got!

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    Netduma Admin reacted to Tripper in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: CONNECTION BENCHMARK   
    So we can compare whats the best ISP if so I hope its something like this website where it compares the best ISP by overall score https://lagreport.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/results/eune/4782
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Sal in DumaOS Developer Q&A   
    Will the current R1 be able to handle the update?  I recall some concerns during 1.3 release there were discussions on how the R1 could struggle due to hardware capacity. There are times when the CUP usage hits 80% - 90% on the R1 should we be worried? Could we look into an R2 please?! I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in that. 
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    Netduma Admin reacted to nikkuuu in Netduma Host Filter no longer works for Destiny 2 since they have changed to using Steam Network Sockets (Steamworks)   
    Found this thread after googling about the geofilter not working for me. I recently purchased the Netduma solely to use for Destiny 2 on PC after seeing it listed as "Fully Supported" under the FAQ section of your site (https://netduma.com/support/faqs/which-games-is-the-netduma-compatible-with/)
    I live in Denmark and I am connecting to people mostly from America which gives me a very bad connection, which is the sole reason I purchased this router, to eliminate that possibility as I'd much rather queue for longer than play laggy games every time. I would also much rather not return this router if the geofilter will be working again soon.
    I understand after reading the thread that fixing functionality for this one specific game isn't a priority, but it's been 2 months since thread creation with no new information available about whether it can or will work again. For current and future purchases of the modem I think a definitive answer, even if the answer is "will not work again" would be ideal
    3.0 is obviously the priority and should be, but will we get an answer about this anytime soon realistically? 
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Od1n in NEW FEATURE ANNOUNCEMENT: CONNECTION BENCHMARK   
    We are making a lot of improvements to QoS - we will be revealing more on this soon. This feature won't be out in the 3.0 release, but we expect it to be the next major release. More on this soon.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to slickrick6922 in [XR300] FIFA 20 on PS4 not detected as "High Priority Traffic" during game   
    what that should do is prioritize any UDP  traffic going to your PS4,  if your like me in a big household with other people using the internet and UDP  you dont want to check DumasOS classified games because I think it prioritizes all UDP traffic.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Shmicle0909 in Nat Type Fail issue XR500   
    Ah ok. Well it’s fine to put a router into your modem’s DMZ because that router will do the protection etc. Never knew they email people about it!
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    Netduma Admin reacted to L7NALMARI in Found mislocated servers? Let us know here!   
    I already did it,..
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from DanyKTM in Cod port forwarding help   
    No worries - just let us know if we can help with anything. I would also recommend checking out our optimal settings guides here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/folders/16000090646
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    Netduma Admin reacted to KindaBusted in DSLReports No Longer Free   
    Unfortunately DSLReports is no longer offering free speed/bufferbloat tests.
    DSLReports No Longer Free
    I suggest using Fast.com or PingPlotter.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to netwmnk in Download usage by device   
    Is it possible to view a log of data usage by device over a period of time?    The 'Traffic Meter' is helpful to see overall usage by day, week, month, and previous month.  I am looking for usage by device during a specific time.    I was viewing my usage data on my ISP website and it shows that I have used 3x the amount of data I normally use.    I would really like to see which devices on my network are using the most data.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to n0rtyb0y in Cod port forwarding help   
    Thanks for the quick reply.
    hopefully the router should be here on 18th May so I will look at doing this.
    I might need some help when it comes to it so will give you a shout!
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    Netduma Admin reacted to SneakyFreaky in XR500 ISP IP Address Assignment Issues   
    I normally reboot the router through the 'info' popup in DumaOS. I really appreciate your help, especially since this doesn't seem to be DumaOS related. I'll keep messing around - maybe I can try factory re-setting the modem and starting again. I have a couple older routers lying around I'll test out as well, try to narrow down the issue. Thanks for your help Fraser!
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    Netduma Admin reacted to thetyrannicalone in XR700 Issues with dropped internet & router page not connecting   
    Well it looks to be solid now, haven't had any issues out of it all day or night. Looks like the beta update did the trick, Hopefully we can see this new 3.0 release here soon and get some full roll-out fixes more often that seems to be the most common complaint i have seen on here.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Fuzy in XR500 no hard drive access via W10   
    Thanks for the update Fuzy. Glad you managed to sort it out.
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