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  1. Ok that’s what I figured. Thanks.
  2. My apologies you’re correct I didn’t pay that any attention. I’ll take it out and see what it does. Thanks
  3. I only have my PS4 in traffic prioritization. Nothing else.
  4. its General fluctuation and most servers give me that type of ping. I went to traffic prioritization and put my PS4 in it. No specific ports or anything. Should I have certain ports prioritized?
  5. I have the PS4 prioritized and yes I get games in this radius I have two or three dedicated servers near me plus lots of peer to peer. My ping is usually 12-40 at the most I pay for fiber 1k up and down.
  6. I have shared ticked I have good put ticked I have my PS4 Traffic prioritized.
  7. Frasier spoke to me on Twitter about optimizing my settings because I’m always behind in cod games. What settings should I change?
  8. Hi I have a question, is it better to be in access point mode or router mode when gaming? It says Wifi is better in ap mode but if I use router mode everything has to be connected to the router directly nothing to my gateway.
  9. I can. How does it narrow it down? Also how do I download the new 1.20 update it keeps saying download failed
  10. I’m wondering because when I use my netduma it’s was happening 70% qos and everything. When I took my PS4 off the netduma and ran it straight from the gateway on my fiber I saw people a lot sooner and the bullet registration was clean. Idk maybe it’s me or my settings. Can someone help or look at my settings?
  11. Also I have a question, I find myself behind in a lot of fun fights in MW for some reason I see myself in the kill cam walking like I don’t even see the enemy before they see me. Any reason for this?
  12. Question since I use a PS4 and Xbox 1 on the xr700 should I have upload and download even across all the devices? Or more towards PS4 and Xbox?
  13. I was wondering I play cod mostly and was wondering what’s better, running my PS4 off the gateway or through the xr700? I have fiber though. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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