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  1. The same issue I use safari it just shows spinning wheels on all the rapps
  2. Does the update work properly yet? I’m still on 52 because it wasn’t acting right with my router.
  3. Hi I’ve been having issues with my safari not loading the xr1000 gaming router page. Is there any reason why?
  4. I did. This is what I got. Or a spinning wheel on all the applications
  5. I did now the rapps won’t completely load smh
  6. I downloaded the newest firmware for the xr1000 and it tells me it’s gonna redirect me but it doesn’t. What should I do?
  7. I have them at 70% without the auto set up but I have fiber does that make a difference?
  8. Also when I use the auto set up it always says that my best settings are 100% for both.
  9. Every time I use a function on my xr1000 it takes a long time to process if it does at all then says rapp took longer than expected. Why is this and how can I fix it. Thanks.
  10. So I can have multiple circles around different servers?
  11. Hi I was wondering, if I use the heat map and select my server’s with low ping I picked and made a list for them how do I only connect to those servers thanks.
  12. Quick question: since the R2 update can I use the auto setup for the congestion control now? Will it function properly? It keeps saying 100% download 2% upload when I use it.
  13. My R2 router keeps spinning and won’t do anything else. Is there a reason for this without having to completely reset all my settings?
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