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  1. My R2 router keeps spinning and won’t do anything else. Is there a reason for this without having to completely reset all my settings?
  2. I’ve been using this R2 gaming router for a minute and I’ve noticed whenever I get into a lobby or start up cod I don’t see anything on my geofilter. What’s it for besides map placement and set distance?
  3. Wow... this router is the truth. I’ve seen how the ping heat map works it’s phenomenal the features on this router I out cold. I’m gonna check to make sure everything is functioning and I’ll get back to you Fraser. Thanks again.
  4. I feel so slow, I can’t believe what I did yesterday to my credit I was tired but I actually played cod this way but I didn’t connect the internet from the gateway to the blue internet port on the R2. I plugged it into one of the ports where the console normally goes 🤦🏽‍♂️ I’ll let u know what happens
  5. Well to start the cloud aspect won’t update to allow me to even see any servers on the geofilter, I can’t run any Speedtests I can’t do a ping heat check, all of the new features I can’t use. I don’t know if it’s because of this cloud issue or if the router is defective or what.
  6. I got it connected to the internet, but certain aspects of the router don’t function like it don’t recognize it being on the internet or something. I tried flushing the cloud, I reset the router all together mainly because my password didn’t take I played cod on it and I get a nat 2 type on ps4 I don’t get a open nat in game. I’ll try the gateway option TrayDay suggested I really appreciate the feed back because this att stuff been giving me fits since I had it.
  7. I can’t force it nothing happens when I do. I get internet through the router I’m able to play cod but the features don’t work because the cloud won’t update or function.
  8. None of my features work. No ping heat map no speed test nothing. My geo filter don’t work. It mentions something About the cloud data hasn’t been downloaded make sure u have a internet connection and click force update smh do I have to update this router or something?
  9. Ok that’s what I figured. Thanks.
  10. My apologies you’re correct I didn’t pay that any attention. I’ll take it out and see what it does. Thanks
  11. I only have my PS4 in traffic prioritization. Nothing else.
  12. its General fluctuation and most servers give me that type of ping. I went to traffic prioritization and put my PS4 in it. No specific ports or anything. Should I have certain ports prioritized?
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