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  1. I can. How does it narrow it down? Also how do I download the new 1.20 update it keeps saying download failed
  2. I’m wondering because when I use my netduma it’s was happening 70% qos and everything. When I took my PS4 off the netduma and ran it straight from the gateway on my fiber I saw people a lot sooner and the bullet registration was clean. Idk maybe it’s me or my settings. Can someone help or look at my settings?
  3. Also I have a question, I find myself behind in a lot of fun fights in MW for some reason I see myself in the kill cam walking like I don’t even see the enemy before they see me. Any reason for this?
  4. Question since I use a PS4 and Xbox 1 on the xr700 should I have upload and download even across all the devices? Or more towards PS4 and Xbox?
  5. I was wondering I play cod mostly and was wondering what’s better, running my PS4 off the gateway or through the xr700? I have fiber though. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  6. I don’t know what happened but the busy wheels stopped I didn’t see your reply. I do have a question is it better to run my PS4 straight from the gateway or use the xr700 because I have fiber? Thanks
  7. I was wondering does using the game profiles on the geo filter help in call of duty? Besides the open nat and udp settings?
  8. I reset it to a earlier version of my router settings but it didn’t hold. Neither did me resetting the router. I dont know what else to do all I get is busy wheels
  9. I reset it to a earlier version of my router settings but it didn’t hold. Neither did me resetting the router. I’m gonna have to factory reset this and see what happens.
  10. What don’t make sense is u can’t do it like u suggested so either I lose all my settings and server choices etc or I start from scratch just to make my router function like it’s supposed to. This update is terrible.
  11. But when I factory reset it automatically updates the router. And I think that’s what’s causing it.
  12. Yeah I did that first. It’s still not loading certain app’s on my screen or when I go in qos it doesn’t load.
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