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  1. i set the slider to 70 and the the ping in under load jumps to 140 ,as i wrote even with qos turned off completly it still jumps to 140 as if qos did not work/had a impact on this ping and it should
  2. it is also strange that i turned off Qos in congestion control and the results was the same, and the second thing i connected toe computer via a wifi card and as you can see on the screen there are A and B ratings,what is it about ?😅 although today i did some more tests and it's D again so maybe it was a coincidence 😔
  3. yes,all devices are only connected to the xr500, and i set my internet speeds up like you said. Just what about that upload ping under load 😕 why can't decrease this ping in congestion control
  4. yes it it set to always, a modem from my isp that i do not have access to : ZTE ZXA10 F625G next - xr500 - then a cable connected directly to the computer, nothing else is connected to the modem and router. It is also strange that it resets router to factory settings wit the button on the back of the router (reset) and the settings in qos remain before the reset (i reset by turning off the router,hold the reset button,turned on router and hold the reset for 20 seconds)
  5. hello,i will attach to the topic,as you can see in the screenshot,i have a jump in the ping under load,try everything congestion control with the sliders and nothing changes , its the internet provider's fault ?? i have package Download 600 and the upload to 60 mb/s , for example taking a smaller package from provider there is a chance that the jump in the upload will be reduced ?
  6. its's cold war's fault that he's been looking for a match for a long time,propably it's about sbmm We Are Wrong! Call of Duty is The Issue! - YouTube
  7. The Biggest problem With Netduma And XR Routers - YouTube it is possible that cod is blocking something and is looking for matches for so long
  8. i have the same in ps5 upnp does not working with ps5,in the Wan settings the nat filtering option set to open
  9. Is Ping No Longer King in Call of Duty? - YouTube i think this movie will be useful to everyone, and the display of the data center with the geofilter enabled will be fixed
  10. servers are show up in the router in the radius geofilter , but the data center is inside the game, i did it as you wanted it is still like on second screen with the geofilter enabled
  11. strict mode- on auto ping host -on 2000 km radius but in wan configuration i changed the Nat filtering option from secure to open nat is open now in cod,but in upnp it does not show the ports used from ps5, i think there is a problem in upnp with ps5 let some other playstation 5 user speak about it
  12. in cold war they added the ability to see the data center, but when the geofilter is turned on in filtering mode and the ps5 console is added, nat changes from open to strict and does not show the data center and there is problem to finding game,upnp enabled XR500 V2.3.2.114 stable
  13. I think we will wait for the stable version 3.0 until 2021 😐, I have a beta and see how many more bugs still has
  14. I got it 3 days ago, check the offers tab in Gmail, I had an invitation there
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