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  1. Yeah, I just enabled the scheduling option. Regarding turning the isp wifi off I can't because the isp doesn't want me to access their router interface. However I found online the user and password and everytime I disable the wifi on both the 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz, they restart the router interface settings šŸ„²šŸ¤£. Will this cause any interferance or problem with the xr500?
  2. I always wondered if I should turn off every night my xr500 and isp router as they are in my bedroom and I sleep like 2 meters away from them. Is it safe to have them in my room? Because I can't move them anywhere else.
  3. Sadly, I don't have any router more than the xr500 and the isp one, I have my r1 from 2016 but I don't think it can achieve more than 200mb. Thanks for your patience and I hope there is some sort of solutionšŸ„²
  4. I don't see anything related to the firewall.
  5. I found a page where it says Ont Authentication but it requires a password to enter it.
  6. The echo does not have QoS and I don't know how to check if there is a firewall enabled.
  7. All the test I did are always through a cat8 ethernet connected to my pc.
  8. Internet speed still capped at 625/625mb, it always starts at 950mb more or less and then drops to 625mb
  9. Tried again but the issue still happening, I'm on XR500 V2.3.2.114-DumaOS3.0.203.
  10. I just upgraded and did a factory reset, QoS on or off while I do a speedtest it stills starts with 950mb on download and upload, then suddenly drops to 625/625mb capped.
  11. As soon as I can I will try to upgrade to this firmware with tftp. I never changed nothing on the traffic controller r-app and I don't know if the xr500 has adblocker.
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