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  1. I disabled all three options and now is even worse, I have less wifi range and speed via wifi from all devices are lower than before.
  2. already changed on both frequency the channel to the best, and on guest wifi everything works fine.
  3. I'm on the latest firmware and I've also experienced this before installing the latest firmware. I already did a factory reset and it didn't do anything.
  4. It occur every 3 or 4 days, I never used smart connect, 3 devices are connected always on 5ghz, other 7 are via 2,4ghz and 3 devices are always connected through lan cable.
  5. Since a few months my xr500 has been experiencing some issues with the wifi connectivity as random wifi disconnection and also when I download an update or a game from my pc with a lan cable using my full bandwith (300/300Mb) occasionating wifi drops on all the devices that are connected wireless, there are also other times where the wifi stop working without doing any type of task. What can I do? Thanks in advanced.
  6. I still unable to connect to the Madrid server, I'm only being connected to the french, lonodn and italy server.
  7. When I boot up the game, the Madrid server is always there, but then when I search a game I'm always connected to Paris or London server.
  8. I think there is no solution for pc and xbox, the Madrid server is always enabled only on ps4, xbox and pc doesn't have it. I remember 3 years ago when I bought the r1 and played bo3 on xbox one the Madrid server wasn't available, months later I bought the ps4 and I always was connected to the Madrid server.
  9. It allows me to connect to another if I am on spectating mode.
  10. Only when I find a game, delete all my entries but nothing.
  11. No, my ping with the london server is 42ms and Paris 35ms
  12. I've disabled sip alg and now is working, the problem now is while I play cod mw on pc using the geofilter, I'm connected outside of the radius I established. I live in Spain and I'm forcing the server to always be connected to Madrid server which give me 12ms but I'm always connected to the London server or The Paris server, Strict mode is on. What can I do?
  13. Smart connect has always been disabled. Which settings are the best for a good wifi connection??
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