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  1. How does it looks? The taskbar has hidden some red triangles that I don't know what they mean, they are at the bottom of the graph.
  2. Where can I find the guide? Edit: I found it. This is a test with a few devices being used and me playing with 50/50% qos.
  3. Ping is stable at 30ms but I have 3% packet loss every game non-stop lagging. What do I have to do with ping plotter?
  4. Hello, I've been having packet loss 1/2% on both upload and download in the in-game graph everyday. I don't think that the servers are like this always because my friends play fine. What can I do? I have anti-bufferbloat on always 50/50% and I can't play due to this frustration.
  5. For example, While playing Fortnite, the net-graph in-game shows 1-3% packet loss with the yellow wifi alert.
  6. Nop, I tried it this morning and everything was smooth.
  7. Hello, It's been nearly a week and I didn't experienced any wifi drop out or anything like before, I'm currently on and whenever I play games like Fortnite, Csgo or MW, I'm experiencing lag and packet loss (especially on fortnite). I have qos 70/70. What can I do?
  8. I installed it but it requires a wifi card and my pc doesn't have it, because is desktop pc.
  9. These are the channels available. Is there a difference between all the 5ghz channels? Should I use a specific number or it doesn't matter? Because they are 5 stars each. Thanks for your help.
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