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  1. @stephen Is it that easy!? I bloody wiresharked it when I was with Sky to get the details lol
  2. TheFuzzyOne87


  3. Further to my previous reply Looking at how hybrid VPN works, you have to specify which devices you want to use the VPN and I don't see an option for anything from the router routing over the VPN, on that assumption you should be able to enable/use the VPN server feature of the router to administer your router by VPN'ing into it via a dynamic DNS entry (if you have a dynamic ip assigned from your ISP). I download the config file that the router produces and import it into an app called 'OpenVPN' on my phone. Just make sure you tick the button that says 'Home Network only' otherwise all your traffic from your device would route to your house and then out of your home internet. Thanks,
  4. @peewii Is this relating to the hybrid VPN? I haven't used it much as my NAS VPN had better throughput over the VPN vs VPN direct on the router. What I tend to do if my girlfriend says there is problems at home with the internet when I am not around is VPN into my router (on my phone) and then I can http into it and browse it like I am there. Obviously if the internet is down then the VPN won't work which means I know what the problem is 😁 If you send all your traffic from the router over the VPN then your dynamic dns will have the IP of your VPN tunnel rather than your actual home IP which would mean you are depending on the VPN failing completely and all traffic routes straight out the internet connection direct and your dns updates with your actual home internet IP to allow for you to VPN into the router Thanks, PS - I hope the above made sense! PSS - This is more of a possible workaround more than anything else lol
  5. Are you with Sky too? was a bit of pain tbh to get it working with the vigor130 If you have bother I can screenshot what I configured on the Vigor to get mine working at the time, I have since switched ISP (Virgin Media) Cheers,
  6. Surely it won't VPN the whole device, considering I have not selected the services to 'Do not VPN these services' all I did was add it to the list, kind 9f contradicts being able to select the service/application that you don't want the VPN to be applicable to, will try a couple more websites to verify my IP tomorrow though.
  7. Hey Fraser, I have used both modes, last night I tested 'Only VPN these services', created my own custom service to have everything use the VPN for my device and then this morning I used 'Do not VPN these services' and did not select any services so essentially it should not of been used for any traffic (verified not being used by checking what IP was seen on the internet from the device). Yep I am using the closest servers to me! (London) Cheers,
  8. Must admit, performance through the VPN is not great for me either, Download is 20Mbps on a 50+mbps connection currently. Interestingly if I add a device to use the VPN but do not bind any specific applications to it aka so nothing is actually going to use the vpn and run the speed test again I get 20Mbps download again (before anyone asks, yes I still see my ISP's actual IP address still), I can only assume reason being is that the router is now checking every packet from that ip to see if it matches any applications that should use the vpn, aka PBR (policy based routing) kind of thing. Using NordVPN, will try configuring some of the other servers incase there is some problems with the server I am currently using.
  9. Hey Guys, Was thinking with 'hybrid vpn' coming (hopefully!), might be good to get notifications etc that your VPN has disconnected/reconnected. The push notification can be for more than just for the VPN like a notification for when your internet comes back online too etc. Just an idea
  10. Already did say but will say again to make sure it's seen 😬 XR500 NordVPN - used continuously on my NAS
  11. Hey Mai keth, Welcome to the forum! This thread is quite old, the fix was in the latest release which is currently v2.3.2.32 If you are not running this version I would suggest upgrading to this first, it can be downloaded direct from the router or from Netgears website. If you are running the latest version already then I would suggest creating a new forum thread giving information regarding your problem. Cheers!
  12. The router won't care about the file format (I think), was more curious on the protocol you mount the NAS share to the router with, but thinking about it more I imagine it supports at least NFS and AFP at a minimum considering it will be Linux under the hood of the router. Don't worry about logging in to your NAS though! I am hugely jealous of you getting the router as a beta! 😭
  13. Nice! I hate to think how large my library is, I like how you create the network mount/share on the same page as the Plex server, makes life that tiny bit easier rather than hopping between pages. What type of file shares are supported by the router (NFS, AFP, SMB etc)? Or what type have you got enabled on your Synology?
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