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  1. Hi Netduma Alex, Thanks for your reply. The whitelisted servers now makes sense 😀 Regarding blocked players, I think I understand! So, the blocked player triangles are [obviously] allowed on the dedicated server that I might also be connected to, even though they are outside my radius. But, if by some chance I became a peer host for the game session, those players would not be able to connect to me as a server?
  2. Hello, According to the Geo-Filter Legend on page 7 of the XR500 User Manual, the server in my picture has been 'allowed'. However, I have not allowed it. This server on the east coast of Ireland pops into view at regular intervals (10 - 20 seconds) when I am playing on the PS4, but as you can see, my 'Allow and Deny' list is clear. Nowhere else on the world map do I get any allowed server icons appearing - just this one in Ireland. If I turn off Auto Ping Host and try to manually ping it, I get no response from it 😕 Q1. What is this mysterious server? Q2. While I'm on the subject of allow and deny, I see players outside of my radius showing as Blocked Player triangles. What does this actually do? Surely those players will be able to join a dedicated server which I am connected to even though they are outside of my radius? Is this just for matchmaking purposes and DumaOS will not match me to a server with those players, but they would be able to join the server during a game? How are blocked players outside of my radius handled? Thank you for any help.
  3. Hi Netduma Alex, Thanks for your reply. I will try your suggestions and have a fiddle. It would be quite a complicated test to set up, though. I would need to start a full-throughput torrent upload or something at 15Mbps (my max upload bandwidth) and then start 2 x 4Mbps WAN streams, chuck my PlayStation 4 into the equation and shoot a few folk to ensure buffer bloat is okay and see how DumaOS handles it all. On reflection, it might not really be an issue for me. Plex is not ping-sensitive like gaming is and the 8Mbps I quoted was for worst case scenario of two friends/family watching a 4Mbps stream over the internet at the same time (I only have two people who have access to my content). In my experience Plex tends to manage bandwidth well. In the past, before I purchased my shiny new XR500, I have observed Plex uploading huge chunks of stream data and then waiting five or ten seconds before uploading another chunk, when bandwidth allows. Conversely, when bandwidth is tight, it will stream constantly instead but at a lower throughput, essentially achieving exactly the same bitrate over a congested connection. I may just leave things as they are and see if friends/family moan about buffering! It’s all good stuff to discuss, though. Thanks again 😀
  4. Hello, SHORT VERSION: My Plex media server device is connected to my XR500 router via a 5GHz wireless extender. How do I configure QoS on the XR500 to guarantee an upload bandwidth of 8Mbps for Plex? Do I ‘Set Device Bandwidth’ to 8Mbps for both the Wi-Fi extender and the Plex media server, or just one of the devices? LONG VERSION: I have a Plex media server running on a My Cloud PR2100 in my spare bedroom. It’s connected to my XR500 router via a Netgear EX6150v2 5GHz Wi-Fi extender and all works flawlessly! The exact configuration is: WD My Cloud PR2100 <<->> NETGEAR GS308 Switch <<->> NETGEAR EX6150v2 Wi-Fi extender <<->> NETGEAR XR500 Router The Wi-Fi extender and Switch are connected via 1Gbps ethernet. In the XR500 Device Manager, the Wi-Fi extender shows as being connected to my 5GHz wireless network but the My Cloud PR2100 (and all other devices connected to the switch) show as being offline, even though they are not. Anyway, as with the 'short version' above, do I ‘Set Device Bandwidth’ to 8Mbps for both the Wi-Fi extender and the Plex media server, or just one of the devices? My connection speed is 60Mbps down / 15Mbps up. Any other info or screenshots I will gladly provide if needed. Thank you.
  5. Hi Netduma Alex, That's great! I have managed to recreate my Dashboard from your screenshot. Thank you!
  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum so 'hi' to all 😀 I'm just getting to know my XR500 router and am very happy with its performance and features so far. But, as I click away at different things, I have managed to accidentally remove some panels from the Dashboard. As I understand it, I can click on the 'pin' icons on other pages and those panels will reappear on the Dashboard. This works fine, but is there a way of restoring the default layout, as I can't remember what panels were there? I want to avoid a factory reset if possible, as I have many settings which I don't want to have to re-enter. Thank you.
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