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  1. Bat 'n' Ball

    Bat 'n' Ball

  2. Don't forget yourself! And without you and the rest of the team, none of this would have been possible 🍻
  3. Sorry Squizz, I didn't realise you had an XR300 and it doesn't support Hybrid VPN ☹️ Before I got my XR500, I used to use a TP-Link router flashed with a DD-WRT firmware and used the VPN on that. Then I plugged my PlayStation directly into the TP-Link Router. I know that doesn't help much but if you're confident with Windows networking what you could try is downloading the Windows Proton VPN client. Once installed, you should have a new adapter in your Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections called TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter. [edit] Right click Start button, Network Connections, Change Adapter Options. Basically you are looking to share that adapter on the LAN port of your computer so you can plug your xbox into it. Right click the TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter and enable sharing on the sharing tab. You then have your computer connect to your XR300 via wi-fi and connect your xbox to the ethernet on your Windows PC. You might have to bridge both ethernet adapter and TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter by selecting them both then right click and bridge connections. The setup basically looks something like this: Xbox <ethernet> PC connected to VPN <Wi-Fi> XR300 You might have to play around a bit and it can be a lot of work but if you are confident with changing networking on your computer, it does work. Sorry I couldn't be more help but hopefully Hybrid VPN will be available to you in a future firmware update.
  4. Just a thought Squizz but have you tried using the Hybrid VPN feature of the router? Proton VPN is free if you wanted to sign up and try it out. There's no data limit and you can connect to 3 countries (44 if you pay). Japan, Netherlands and United States. I usually go for United States servers simply because of English being generally spoken. Like you, if I use the Filtering Mode with MW I can be waiting ages for a game but if use the free Proton VPN on a US server, I'm in games pretty much straight away. Pings are a bit high but relatively speaking, my game experience is quite good, considering how bad the game is! Basically, you paste your Username, Password and Configuration into the Advanced tab of the Hybrid VPN Setup. You will need to download the Router', UDP, Server config file for US-FREE#1 (or whatever server you chose). Copy the text in the .ovpn file from the 'client' line, all the way down to '</tls-auth>' and paste it into the Configuration field. Note, your VPN username and password are different to your account username and password. You'll find your VPN username and password in the Account section of the Proton VPN website, under OpenVPN / IKEv2 username. I then delete all the lines containing 'remote us-free-01.protonvpn.com' and replace with 1 single line 'remote' for example. This way you have more control over the server you are connected to, rather than a random one in the US. Look here for Proton VPN US server IP's. You'll need to put your Console or PC into the ADD DEVICE button on the Hybrid VPN page. Once it's connected, I then put Spectating Mode on and the game thinks I'm in the US and puts me on servers over there... but without the waiting times of using Filtering Mode. If you need help, just message me! Good luck 😀
  5. Been playing COS since the first one on PC in the early 00's but if this is the way the franchise is going, I'm through with it. I'm not going to waste hard earned cash on rubbish like this any more 😐
  6. As much as I intensely dislike Modern Warfare (I really do despise it!), to say the game is ‘faulty’, and that is the reason DumaOS does not work with it, I find is a bit of a stretch. I am bordering on hatred for MW (God, bring back those days when online gameplay was actually enjoyable and satisfying), but I strongly believe DumaOS is simply not doing its job with regards to Modern Warfare. The network traffic is there to be combed through and manipulated, regardless of whether the game is supposedly ‘faulty’ or not. If network traffic cannot be manipulated, what is the point in buying a DumaOS router?
  7. A game can be at ‘fault’ as you put it earlier, but its network traffic is still there to be analysed and processed. Enter DumaOS.
  8. At its lowest level, it is the DumaOS’s responsibility to comb through network traffic and to segregate it. MW might be flawed, but it is the network traffic which is not being dealt with properly by the DumaOS.
  9. Hi Squizz, I have just completed some highly testicle, sorry ‘technical’ and scientific experiments (not), and the highly scientific testicle conclusion I have come to is that the DumaOS/Modern Warfare combination is f’d. Seriously, I have genuine doubts whether the DumaOS is handling Modern Warfare network traffic correctly at all. For example, when I start COD World War II from the PlayStation 4 menu, this is the DumaOS startup flow when it is ‘Connecting to online services’: • The DumaOS Geo-Filter screen lights up with lots of dedicated server icons from round the world • During a live game, DumaOS seems to correctly identify the server icon (dedicated or peer) which is handling the session • There are approximately the right amount of player icons for the game in progress. • Screen video capture here: The above is how you would expect the DumaOS to handle this game. So far, so good... But let’s put COD aside for one moment, here is the DumaOS startup flow when I start GTA V Online from the PlayStation 4 menu: • The DumaOS Geo-Filter screen lights up with player icons from round the world (to my knowledge, GTA V Online does not use dedicated servers, it’s P2P, so DumaOS doing its job correctly) • During a live game, DumaOS seems to correctly identify the peer server icon which is handling the session • There are approximately the right amount of player icons for the game in progress • Screen video capture here: Once again, DumaOS seems to be correctly handling the above game as you would expect. In contrast to the above two games, this is the DumaOS startup flow when I start COD Modern Warfare from the PlayStation 4 menu, and it is ‘Connecting to online services’: • The DumaOS Geo-Filter screen lights up with ambiguous dedicated server and player icons overlaid over one another ** • During a live game, DumaOS sometimes identifies the server icon (dedicated or peer) which is handling the session • Few, but usually no player icons at all, appear on the Geo-Filter screen for the game in progress (despite 12 people being in the session) • Screen video capture here: All the tests above were done in Spectating Mode. But, if you further restrict the already inaccurate detection of MW player/servers with the Geo-Filter, think this is where your problem lies, Squizz. I too have problems with MW in particular when setting my home location somewhere miles away from where I live. This isn't an issue with other games. It's just MW. I love my XR500 (strokes it like Blofeld’s cat) but if you want to do some Geo-Filtering sourcery with it, MW will be more miss than hit. Sorry for the long post 😁 ** P.S. Reporting mislocated servers and server types via the online form is all well and good but months after MW's release, this approach is obviously not working.
  10. If I use Spectating Mode with MW, I get shoved into a game almost straight away, but if I use Filtering Mode I can be waiting minutes. If I play WWII (or GTA V for that matter), I don't have any of the waiting issues I do with MW in Filtering Mode. I'm not convinced it's SBMM.
  11. Hi Squizz, Which COD? I find the Geo-Filter map lights up like a Christmas tree when I play WWII, but if I play MW it takes ages to put me in a game, when I have Filtering Mode enabled. MW seems very particular in matchmaking whereas other games don’t.
  12. Just to clarify, in my other thread I (wrongly) assumed my original slow file transfer speeds to my NAS device were due to Wi-Fi being in the loop. PC <Ethernet> XR500 <5GHz> Bridge Router <Ethernet> NAS So, I took Wi-Fi and the XR500 out of the equation. PC <Ethernet> NAS Because transfer speeds were now fantastic, my new assumption was that nothing was wrong with the PC or NAS. But was that the case? I put the XR500 back in the loop, but without Wi-Fi. PC <Ethernet> XR500 <Ethernet> NAS Slow speeds were back, so forget Wi-Fi being the problem. You might now assume the XR500 is to blame, but could it be a PC driver issue which had previously negotiated full speeds with the NAS, but crucially, not with the XR500? To cut a long story short (yes, I know that’s rich coming from me), if the Speed and Duplex setting of the Ethernet driver being set to Auto Negotiation is the issue, my third assumption would now be that both the PC Ethernet adapter and the XR500 1Gig port were simply not on talking terms! This could be a PC driver issue, but it could also be an XR500 issue, failing to ‘negotiate’ with certain desktop drivers. That’s one for the Netgear folk to nail down. If anyone is interested, this is a great article on Ethernet Auto Negotiation. Glad you got your problem sorted, Kahari 😀
  13. Hi Kahari, Really pleased you got your problem sorted 😀
  14. It didn't. I wrongly assumed Wi-Fi was the speed problem. It wasn't; ethernet was the problem.
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