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  1. Happy New Year everyone. Fingers crossed for a much better one than the last 🙂
  2. Hi @Mossberg 👋 Someone might be very good at a game but because network issues let them down, they might appear as being average or performing badly. There’s many variables to having a good online game but I think there are four main ones: 1. How good you are 2. How good the other player is 3. How good your connection is 4. How well the developers Netcode deals with the inevitable network lag Ideally, we would all play together with a 1ms ping LAN connection and there would be no need for ‘lag compensation’ to be written into the Netcode. It would be a level playing field. But we all live hundreds and thousands of miles apart. We are at the mercy of a multitude of variables playing out in the background as to why we are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. If the Netcode is written well, you could have a 10ms ping to a game server and I could have a 200ms ping to the same server. In theory our gaming experience should be similar. The lag compensation code should introduce a slight delay to your connection to balance things out. I know it’s much more complicated than that but basically it’s how it works. If there was no lag compensation written into the Netcode of games, the person with the lowest latency to the game server would always have the upper hand. Netcode and lag compensation tries to balance this out, but ten players close to a dedicated server and one player out in the sticks will never favor that one player, in my experience. I hear your point but I don’t think poor gameplay is always the fault of the gamer.
  3. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Alex Miss-located server form still broken 😐
  4. I know. I was just continuing the discussion 🙂 As I mentioned, 'I’m not convinced this is a DumaOS cloud issue either, because the Host Type is Peer, the icon is a Player icon but most importantly the Domain's show ISP domain names, not choopa.net or vultr.com etc., like you would expect if the server type was being wrongly identified'. Wrongly classified servers do not have ISP domain names in the Domain Name field.
  5. No worries 😀 In the meantime, here are a few dedi's I've spotted marked as peers. 8090b6812d1fc5ca 7d8c6530291c4d52 b6429c67df55252a b9420ed9df58252a ba42b07bdf59252a
  6. Hello @Netduma Fraser 👋 Just thought I’d chirp up and mention a small visual glitch on the root forum page while using the ‘Netduma Dark’ Theme - I haven’t checked the other forums. Three of them have titles with white backgrounds. I imagine this is because those titles have been copy and pasted from a text editor which supports formatting (like Word or WordPad) and the formatting has been carried over? It should be possible to remove this formatting by copying to a basic text editor which doesn’t use formatting (like Windows Notepad) and then back again. Not a big issue - it just looks a bit odd 🙂
  7. I share your cynicism. I play on more dedicated servers with WWII than I do on Cold War and that game is three years old! You’d think if anything Cold War would have the priority with dedicated servers. Difficult to put a figure on it but I’d guess I play on peer servers with CW 60%-70%’ish of the time. It definately seems to be more often than not. I’m not convinced this is a DumaOS cloud issue either, because the Host Type is Peer, the icon is a Player icon but most importantly the Domain's show ISP domain names, not choopa.net or vultr.com etc., like you would expect if the server type was being wrongly identified. I did wonder if it was because I had the default Crossplay enabled but I’ve now been playing for days with this setting disabled and it’s still the same. Hopefully Activision… Treyarch... whoever, will eventually fix this 🙂
  8. There are a few instances when dedicated servers are being reported as a peer servers. I'm collecting these in notepad and will submit via the form later. But peer servers are being reported as peer servers with a peer icon, so I assume these are peer servers.
  9. Anybody else noticed just how many peer servers there are in this game? Pay £65 for a game (not to mention £50 for a PS+ subscription) and whaddya get? Yup, peer servers 😐 Hopefully this will improve. Moan completed!
  10. Don't forget yourself! And without you and the rest of the team, none of this would have been possible 🍻
  11. Sorry Squizz, I didn't realise you had an XR300 and it doesn't support Hybrid VPN ☹️ Before I got my XR500, I used to use a TP-Link router flashed with a DD-WRT firmware and used the VPN on that. Then I plugged my PlayStation directly into the TP-Link Router. I know that doesn't help much but if you're confident with Windows networking what you could try is downloading the Windows Proton VPN client. Once installed, you should have a new adapter in your Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections called TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter. [edit] Right click Start button, Network Connections, Change Adapter Options. Basically you are looking to share that adapter on the LAN port of your computer so you can plug your xbox into it. Right click the TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter and enable sharing on the sharing tab. You then have your computer connect to your XR300 via wi-fi and connect your xbox to the ethernet on your Windows PC. You might have to bridge both ethernet adapter and TAP-ProtonVPN Windows Adapter by selecting them both then right click and bridge connections. The setup basically looks something like this: Xbox <ethernet> PC connected to VPN <Wi-Fi> XR300 You might have to play around a bit and it can be a lot of work but if you are confident with changing networking on your computer, it does work. Sorry I couldn't be more help but hopefully Hybrid VPN will be available to you in a future firmware update.
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