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  1. Its not your guys fault its the way 343i added the servers to mcc countless clips and screenshots of lag and killed behind walls and bloodshots not even fun I give up playing halo awhile ago can't be competitive or even casual with connection like this...
  2. no they removed p2p from multiplayer I was saying that the game was better before they added the servers
  3. p2p connection was a lot better then the dedicated servers I'm just getting killed behind walls and getting blanks and everyone has top advantage against me.
  4. I don't know if this would be possible because its a netgear feature but something like that would be cool I think I already mention something like asus airproction
  5. Instead of downloading software and have less people complain about bufferbloat problems have something like pingplotter built into dumaOS and have a troubleshooting section for it.
  6. Tripper

    Test Halo MCC

    So there is no way to block the server its just going to connect me using the eu server and also halo is coming to pc as well so idk if they will add new servers or not.
  7. Tripper

    Test Halo MCC

  8. Tripper

    Test Halo MCC

    Made a clip to show you the geo filter thinks its connecting to a eu server but the game shows its connecting to east us server 2019-04-11_21-10-54.flv
  9. Tripper

    Test Halo MCC

    The new update for halo mcc you can see the server you connect to on the loading screen and with the geo filter on it still connects me to the us servers can you guys try and see if its working or not?
  10. Tripper

    sky is throttling my internet?

    But I lose most of my upload speed and can't stream even if its set to 90% I get 6mbps but get like half of that and its unstable
  11. Tripper

    sky is throttling my internet?

    going to have to keep my bufferbloat upload on 100% because its not stable when I turn it down
  12. Tripper

    sky is throttling my internet?

    Anyway to make it more easy in the future like add a streaming mode or something to DumaOS?
  13. Tripper

    sky is throttling my internet?

    yeah its getting better
  14. Tripper

    sky is throttling my internet?

    No I turned it on and off and traffic prioritization has default settings nothing is triggering it I want to use it but I'm getting unstable upload speed
  15. Tripper

    Gaming /Streaming Rig

    Asus by far is the best