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  1. Halo Reach I was playing someone from Australia and it showed that location instead
  2. I seen peer hosts from that location on other games before
  3. Google Cloud has ddos protection and you get to use it for free for a year
  4. Is it possible to add pre shared key to the hybrid vpn so you can connect to google cloud server?
  5. What is better? OpenVPN is much older than SoftEther VPN The number of supported VPN protocols is much higher with SoftEther VPN OpenVPN barely reaches 100Mbps, SoftEther can go up to 900Mbps and even higher. There are more platforms which support OpenVPN than SoftEther VPN and this is one important thing where OpenVPN wins.
  6. Can you add something like protocols and ports of what the servers are using through the ping? Example
  7. you don't need Option 61 it works without it
  8. This update ever going to happen?
  9. Okay I just need to know if this is going to be fixed in the next update I don't want to pay for NordVPN if HybridVPN doesn't work and I can't change dns because of sky
  10. Just to prove that Hybrid VPN doesn't work properly and leaks my real IP I got someone to pull my ip and to ddos my IP and it was my home connection just to prove HybridVPN doesn't work. Xbox one Microsoft Edge app proves that I'm connected to NordVPN on xbox one
  11. I got DNS on DumaOS I do a DNS leak test and comes up with sky DNS and the only way to get the DNS is with DNS over TLS I think
  12. my friend with the xr500 connected to nordvpn with openvpn udp and I can see hes real ip on the geo filter when I join hes xbl party and you can see the VPN ip working on hes pc in the browser
  13. I got DDosed and the hybrid vpn interface wouldn't load and also hes a picture of the config file I scroll all the way down but cant save it you have to zoom out in the browser to see it.
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