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  1. new apex servers I keep getting a crash on the geo filter its taking too long for ip lookup when pinging the server ID c540f2bddd645a5f
  2. Don't worry guys they will leave Netgear just like Bungie did with Microsoft and look how that ended😂
  3. idk if the xr500 has temperature readings but would go nice with the CPU usage. seen that merlin firmware has cool features like this and DD WRT
  4. good for ppl on a VPN data plans Hybrid VPN Set a data cap Show the amount of data used The kill switch turns on when you hit the data cap
  5. yes it still happens and people have complained on the sky forums about it as well.
  6. Done all that doesn't work its been like that for months now after the new sky modem firmware.
  7. after sky updated the firmware for there modem I can't have my own DNS server anymore
  8. My friend sometimes randomly disconnects idk if it has anything to do with this but I hope the next firmware updates fix problems like this.
  9. The slow updates are the only thing that bothers me and I think making DumaOS open source would be a cool idea as well.
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