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  1. hmmmm that modem could have a puma 6 or puma 7 chip witch are both bad and its DOCSIS 3.0 witch in my experience cant get pass a certain speed with the r1 edit: I think the most i got was 300 now that i think about it
  2. SM961 its the hitron modem they arent good with other routers. When i had one with my 1000 plan i couldnt get above 300 with the r1 or my nighthawk ac1900.
  3. got my enternet cords in yesterday and it seems to be better so far wired too since the cords are less than a year old good it bee because they would STP
  4. SM961 and Fraser this seems to be the same case when i went to the 1000 speed plan with my isp. they only have the hittron modem and it is really bad they have a puma 6 chip in them and are only docsis 3 and wouldnt work with the r1 no matter what we tried. i endded up having to go back to my noramal play to use the tp-link modem
  5. To my knowledge that server is the main demonware server. I think there main HQ is there.
  6. im using the tp link 7610 so there is no bridge mode so i think im going to buy a few new ethernet cords and see if that helps. edit can you tell from this logs i added if theres anything you can see thats wrong log-1573570627230.txt
  7. so its at 3 would 5 be a good number for that and any idea why its drops connection and i have to pull the power cord. Is it just getting old? okay i set it to 5 ill see if that helps it
  8. hello I bought it from you guys back in 2017 so i have no idea when it was made but its had use everyday sense i got it hooked up.
  9. okay it is doing it again and now that i think about it I have been just straight out losing internet connection all together for awhile now. Im not sure if its my netduma r1 just getting old or its my isp but the only way to get it to come back on is to pull the power cord rebooting it just doesnt do it. If it needs to be done id like a 1v1 if that could happen to see if you can see if anythings wrong.
  10. Yea it did on the QOS, Network and System Info pretty much the whole thing haha but like i said so far so good.
  11. everything seems to be fine now could of just be a 1 or couple time thing ill monitor it for a few days and report back if it happens again. And when im talking about the flushing cloud error im just referring to what pops up when you do that for what poped up when the r-apps where not loading
  12. Also dont know if this has to do with but the apps are not loading and the error you get for flushing the cloud pops up along waiting for them to load. I also rebooted the r1 to see if that would fix it but it didnt help. Edit I added Logs encase looking at that helps. log-1573245903452.txt
  13. okay here is new pic of the download it was high priority 19872 and background i dont know almost the same as pic before i did the speed test
  14. heres a pic and ill do a speedtest then post a pic of it afterwards
  15. From the pic i added this doesnt seem right does anyone know whats going? I feel like download should have way more wouldnt you think.
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