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  1. Oh i see thanks for letting me know that.
  2. Iv always used 1-65535 and have a open nat type does anyone know if me using that port range is bad? But more or less its always open for every CoD i play.
  3. Alright its be about a week or so and everythings things been awesome no connecting going out nothing im thing making the lease a week did the trick thanks Fraser and everyone that helped :D.
  4. Alright thanks ill do that ill be back within a week.
  5. It just came to mind maybe it might be lease time maybe not sure what my ISP has that at but on the R1 its 12 hours
  6. Yea I lose connection on everything PC,Phone,PS4. And I cant get DumaOS interface to load when it happens. The ip on the ps4 is I have that set in the DHCP to portforward.
  7. Its the tp link 7610, iv had the modem for maybe almost two years if that helps any
  8. I just have my modem then the r1 plugged into it then my PC and PS4 Pro plugged into the r1 and iphone connected to wifi.
  9. Okay its me almost a month and the r1 is back to losing connection and no web pages no anything that using internet wired or wifi. It only starts working again when i have to pull the power cord and let it restart. Any Ideas of whats going on I have everything at factory default besides portforwarding and having geo filter the way i like it.
  10. Okay think think i found the problem yesterday we had a huge storm come through with high winds and i went and saw that the cables outside where really messed up so i called and had them fixed and so far everythings be good so far.
  11. I have my sliders at 100% and share access on and they are all default I might do a factory restart and if that fixes anything.
  12. where do i find that out at i dont see that as a option on there anywhere. Do you by any chance mean the always or when high traffic is detected?
  13. Sorry for a late reply Yea it seems to be the same on ethernet and Wifi i changed the DNS to and and it seem the same and and those are the best ones i could find
  14. Okay to start off for about id say maybe 3 weeks to a month now. That sometimes web pages just wont load and say the server cant be found the normal thing it says when you lose connection. So to get to the point im over here wondering if my r1 is starting to get worn out or something iv had it since around mid 2017 i think. The only way to fix the problem im having is to get lucky and load the DUMAOS page and reset the router or I have to pull the plus and plug it back in. Any info is appreciated. Firmware version R1
  15. Man you melted them so fast id love to do that in bo4 edit i thought this was on core but still that was great to watch.
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