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  1. Yea id love for that to happen it would so good to have I help my friends with the R1s and XR series routers all the time since they like the setings. It will be a really great feature especially for the R-Apps coming in the future in the store.
  2. I was wondering if in the future you go add a way so users could some how share a file of there traffic priorittization so others could try it instead of having to type it out everytime. I think it would benefit alot of people that like trying peoples settings.
  3. Excited cant wait to test the new R-Apps.
  4. Alright thanks again haha thought i was going to have to buy a new r1 thank fully it was just CoD being CoD.
  5. Okay sorry for late reply it did it in that order and nothing worked. But i can know just use the R1 and connect so i think it was just the servers on the games with is annoying since i wasted both of you guys time furthermore thank you guys both for the help .
  6. Okay i tried that and couldnt get a internet connection at all i more likely didnt set it up right this is how i had it setup Modem pluged into the nighthawk yellow main port then had the r1 plugged into port 1 not sure if thats how its surpose to be done. Unless i need to do something on the software in the nighthawk
  7. Okay i looked on reddit and twitter and saw other people are having this problem too on MW. BO4 but doesnt make sense how it let me on nighthawk and not r1 but alright let me try and hook it up like that and ill be back once i can test it out.
  8. Ill give that a try and come back if i can get it setup. okay just to clarify modem then nighthawk then r1 or modem the r1 then nighthawk
  9. its a tp link 7610 been using it for years its a modem only. Its that with the coax screwed in then pluged into the r1 then the ps4 pro plugged into that and pc too. it might be called tc-7610 everything was working fine a day ago or so
  10. No i didnt add it too see if thst would change it. Its coax then tp link modem then the netduma r1. Btw I connected my old nighthawk and it worked but have no idea why r1 wont work like i can watch youtube and other services just cant connect to mw,bo4 nothing. i looked at the logs and it showing differnt thing then normal but thats probably nothing to worry about.
  11. still seems to happen could netduma be ip banned or somthing probably not that but no game is working.
  12. I just moved today and have to same isp as the old house and same speeds and when i try to connect to any game MW for instance it just goes straight to connection failed. I test connecting without the netduma and it connects right away. Any help would be gladly appreciated.
  13. I think I like it how you have it. It makes sure it prioritizes every match you get into instead of you having to make multiple of them.
  14. I just got done testing this for about an hour or two and it felt great. But when I went to look at my traffic prioritization all the ones I made are gone and the one it made for the lobby was there, then once I got off the game it was all blank is it suppose to do that?
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