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  1. That is normal its been happening for awhile jjust wait about 2 mins and press okay it still worked im sure once 3.0 is further along it will be fixed
  2. oh wow thanks dont know have i glanced over that you can close this and ill start using that one over there
  3. So i tried those out and they dont work besides the last one and is wen up alot in a few hours
  4. @Netduma Fraser I took a look at upnp and this ports came up do you think this is what i should use. im unsure because it says deleted device but its my PS5 besides the 218 one
  5. The same thing above happen o me too the tcp ports would do nothing at all and he udp would go up ytslowing and nott much at all and the reed circle would blink on and off every few secs
  6. Alright im back i test the ports i got from wireshark yesterday for about 6 hours. And i just got done testing the ones from the other post and the wireshark on was way better feeling hit reg days and nights better ill just have to find the right ports out of the large number of the wireshark ports.
  7. No updates that i know of and didnt do any tests. im thinking ill go try that other posts settings tomorrow and keep seeing how it feels on other fps games and come back.
  8. @Netduma Fraser Here is a pic of my settings after a few hours doesnt look right to me its gone up so much in so little time.
  9. Alright thank you i will check this out.
  10. I used wireshark on my PS5 to find out what i need to use for my traffic prioritization. Im wondering if i set this up right if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. Also this are from cold war. Edit the second one is going up on download and upload without the red circle being on
  11. This too has been happening alot for me too for a month or more i have my lease at 168 and devices with dhcp.
  12. Looks pretty good looks pretty stable. Wish mine was like that.
  13. Alright iv give it a try thanks for the help.
  14. It seems for a good while now my connection completely drops at like 2 or 3 am my time. And i have to pull the power cord for for the connection to come back im not sure if its my isp or my R1 is just getting old iv had the R1 since before CoD WW2 came out. If anyone has a fix for this ad appreciate it im changed my lease time but that doesnt work anymore.
  15. Yea id love for that to happen it would so good to have I help my friends with the R1s and XR series routers all the time since they like the setings. It will be a really great feature especially for the R-Apps coming in the future in the store.
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