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  1. Does the older routers have a bandwidth limitation? I am still at v1.03.4 and cannot get the modem to go above 80mb down. I have a 200mb connection. I have tried all the recommended tricks such as Reactive, untick IPv6, etc and nothing changes. If I remove the Netduma I get 200+ download. In the new DumaOS are there additional options to help DL speed? Edit: Enabling Bleeding Edge Cloud after upgrading to 1.03.6j brought me to 200mb Down. No other settings made a dent. But after a minute or so it goes into latency seizure Pinging www.google.com with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=2519ms TTL=53 Reply from bytes=32 time=1478ms TTL=53 Reply from bytes=32 time=687ms TTL=53 Reply from bytes=32 time=1199ms TTL=53
  2. NAT is open & DMZ IP is public via DHCP from AT&T router. IP has not changed. I see no circles. Sometimes I see yellow triangles all over the country and an inactive host or two but never a small or large circle like used to seeing in CoDAW MP. I will disable auto ping but will that really be a benefit?
  3. This does not work for Destiny PvP. I tried everyhting mentioned in the forums. I was even to the point of even trying rebooting after every match. Still, nothing. The peer ping worked once in PvP and it only showed three bars (6 man team). Two times out of trying 20 matches did I ever see icons on the map for hosts. Never once was I ever shown ping to host. I rebooted using the menu. Still, lag and bad games. Without R1 I average 1.9 - 2.1 KD. WIth R1 it's 0.1 - 0.5. I am using the .3 patch. THe R1 is in a DMZ. Strict On, PA to 0, 10, 35, 50, etc nothing seemed to change. I tried starting Host Filtering after I turned on XB1, before, after turning on Destiny, Before, etc. Destiny is worse using the R1 in my instance.
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