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  1. This can't be right.. The updated has made the ping heat and geo filter alot worst.
  2. Why is Auto-setup so aggressive for the percentage? I'm seeing other people on here with above 1%?
  3. Trying to figure out to how use my R2 as the main source. Any help is appeciated
  4. The update through ping heat map is just circling circling.
  5. I called DHL this morning, spoke to an agent and they looked over the notes from the research team and said they were in touch with the driver to see if they could retrieve the package from the wrong house/address. I'm still expecting a call/update from them this afternoon. Hopefully, I hear something. I'm definitely disappointed and very upset about this.
  6. I just hope whoever they shipped too would be able to give it to me. But that's doubtful, they'll probably try and sell it to make a few bucks. It's the world we live in.
  7. Yes, I have. I'm expecting a call tomorrow at 11:00 AM EST. I don't have the patience for this.
  8. This is ridiculous.Was so excited for my R2 and this happens. DHL provided a picture too! I'm beyond disappointed.
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