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  1. I’d recommend either you or your friend have a little test. One of you set up your geo filter settings as per usual, the other person (who is not hosting) puts their geo filter settings to “spectate” mode. That essentially keeps your filters are they are but has no effect in game. Then when you’re done playing with your friend you can put it back to filter mode. Hopefully it resolves your issues. Good luck.
  2. It wouldn’t matter as only the hosts filtering would be in effect anyway. If you’re not the host your settings will most likely be overridden or you’ll be disconnected from host if there is a clash. In terms of lag you could play around with your QOS settings to maximise your latency efficiency. I’m no expert though. If what I said is incorrect please feel free to correct guys.
  3. I don’t use the netgear but I’m sure they have DMZ availability. I found that assigning the PS4’s IP as DMZ resolved all party chat/connectivity related issues on the netduma R2 might be worth looking into it assuming geo filter and other settings don’t help.
  4. Hey all, Firstly, thank you for reading this post and I’ll start by saying thank you netduma as I am extremely happy to have set up my R2 and I can’t stress enough how amazing the router is! As a PPPOE user the R2 has revolved all speed and performance issues which I experienced with the R1. With that out of the way I’ll address the title of this post, this is a topic which has been circulating for a while but whenever it was bought up in various Activision sponsored sites it was shut down and denied. (Just like the skill based match making theory and look how that turned out).... I have for years now been to experiencing changes in connection quality following updates to Cod, which started with COD ghosts. Connection is running great, suddenly an updated is introduced and connection goes to hell. Sometimes it would be the other way around where the connection can be horrendous and an update just magically makes everything better (I’ll add however sometimes nothing changed at all). I’ve been told many times “it’s just a placebo” but I’d argue a placebo can only take you so far, this has been happening year after year on every game and sometimes updates have no effect at all surely is expecting a change every time if it was just a placebo. I had the very same experience only recently, I must admit when I bought the R2 I was excited about the prospect of my connection improving as I was coming off a bad patch in modern warfare with the R1. I hooked up the R2 and was actually slightly disheartened as I didn’t notice any real improvement. Don’t get me wrong I was over the moon with the router as my speed went from 40 down to 190 down! However, modern warfare still played bad. That is until the other day when we got that 11gig update... Just as I expected the connection has been amazing and to top it off, it’s consistently great! (See attached images) I am convinced this is not a placebo especially with the thick sbmm In MW no amount of placebo is going to save you from going negative lol... I mean one or two good games fine I’d have doubts but to go through about 30 games with great hit detection following a huge spell of horrible connection cannot be a simple case of my brain playing games with me... The first image was when I initially introduced the R2 and the update hit.
  5. Hey dude, its PPPoE, the set up is the usual Modem > R1 with BT username and password. the best speeds are on the laptop wired. Which is ranges between 40-55 down 8-15 up sometimes I get the odd 17 up. wireless device in the same room as R1 usually gets around 30 down and around 10 up, wireless downstairs around 13 down 5 up. PS4 wired is the worst but that is probably a PS4 thing it can range from 2 down 2 up to 40 down 17up. i don’t mind the PS speed tests being inconsistent as I understand the PS4 isn’t the best device to speed test however when downloading game files it’s such a pain... One thing I will add however speed tests with the asus on PS4 down have it’s inconsistent moments but nowhere near as varied as the Duma results. Duma i rarely run back to back “similar speeds” whilst the asus can perform multiple similar results and a few not too far off ones. what settings would you recommend I use to bring speeds up to at lest around 80% of isp? Also is there a way to have high speeds and use R1 intended features or is that asking for too much? where I’m standing is if I’m going to sacrifice features of the Duma such as geo filter/QOS it’s pointless even hooking it up as asus provides basic QOS anyway. thank you
  6. DumaOS, I ticked the “disable QOS” from the drop down under good “throughout” aside from that I ticked share excess, both sliders were at 100% and they turned white so I was unable to change the value once in that state.
  7. Hi all, As the title suggests the speed I’m getting with the Duma is so bad i had to remove it and go back to the asus. After about an hour trying to download the patch it still 88 minutes remaining (first image). So I stopped the update and and hooked up the asus and began the download from the beginning. 30 minutes later the download is complete and I am installing...(second image). For anyone wondering i had disabled QOS and all solders were at 100%. No other application was using the internet at the time of the download I kicked everyone off. Does anyone have a fix for this? In it’s current state I can’t continue to use the Duma. I pay for 220 down and 30 up yet with the Duma I can’t get more than 50 down and 15 up on my wired laptop on a good day... In contrast with the asus I get 180 down 26 up constantly.
  8. Just following on from above, as per my current set up I was expecting conflicting nat issues due to having two routers on my line. However, it appears that I’m not experiencing any nat problems as PS4 is connecting without any issues and I have an open nat. The set up is: modem> Net Duma (which the PS4 is connected to and ports are forwarded and PS4 is given priority) > Third part router > all other devices. as per my current set up, I’ve not noticed any issues with nat, only two items are connected to the Duma, the wireless is handled by third party router. Am I being too optimistic? The internet is screaming yes as I should be experiencing double nat and my online experience should suffer but so far that isn’t that case.
  9. Hey all, so recently hooked the Duma R1 back up and it’s been running fine. After any setup I do speed tests to see what things look like and adjust my settings. With dls no longer being a free service I use a great alternative which monitors ping over a period of time based on usage (Thinkbroadband.com). The issue with it is you dont get results straight away you really need to monitor it over at least 1-2 hours to get an idea. I ran my first test on 70/70 which gave great results in the past and I could even go up to 90/90 and see no noticeable change in ping spikes but above that would be terribly. This time however I am not seeing any benefit of reducing speeds or only a minimal improvement. Even putting the sliders from 100/100 to 50/50 barely made any difference where as in the past the difference was night and day. I have a suspicion this is being caused by the wireless, either one device is acting up or the Wi-fi is giving troubles. I say this because I was using another third party router not too long ago and the results were as before minor reduction in speed would yield great improvement. Result at 100/100 I wish I didn’t delete the 70/70 results to show you guys but at the time of testing I wasn’t planning on posting here but I assure you the results are no different than what you are seeing here. plan of action is to reintroduce my third party router and use that as a repeater thus letting it handle the wireless connections to see if that helps. Again I would love to provide you guys what the Duma looks like at 70/70 but that’s going to take at least another day if required I’ll add it to this post over the next couple of days but for the time being any thoughts on my attaching the other router as a repeater and how will that affect Duma qos? my set up will be Modem > Duma (PS4) and Third party router > wireless. Thus the PS4 can still have Geo filter. The other router has a repeater mode so there shouldn’t be any nat issues alternatively I’ll disable the DHCP of the third party router and let Duma handle that aspect of it. sorry it was a bit long and thank you!
  10. Will the current R1 be able to handle the update? I recall some concerns during 1.3 release there were discussions on how the R1 could struggle due to hardware capacity. There are times when the CUP usage hits 80% - 90% on the R1 should we be worried? Could we look into an R2 please?! I’m sure a lot of people would be interested in that.
  11. Yes please make this happen! R1 is definitely old and would rather spend money on an R2 over the netgear products.
  12. Really excited about 3.0 hope everything goes smoothly. I only recently hooked the R1 back up with this announcement so i may be a little behind on things. 1) the last update I had on the R1 was the release of Duma OS about 2 years ago will I be able to upgrade to 3.0 or are there other things I need to do before that all kicks in? 2) I’ve read that there will be an application priority? Are there advantages of this over what we have now where we choose a service to prioritise? 3) I have used two routers (both Asus) which have gone down the route of using application classification to prioritise packets. However, these have been deeply floored as certain packets are not recognised properly. So the PS4 would send both gaming packets and untracked packets at the same time. Untracked by default was set as the lowest priority which is not adjustable and have been causing gamers a lot of headache. How will the Duma overcome such issues? 4) since hooking the Duma backup I’ve noticed a discrepancy between the ping values. Duma pings a server at 20ms ping but ingame ping (warzone) says ping is around 50ms. Which value is correct and do we know why there is always this difference of 30-40ms every game? 5) hope you all are staying safe!
  13. Hey all just a quick question everyone knows about the issue with modern warfare but I wanted ask about a topic which a lot of people aren’t talking about and that’s packet loss and high ping. I am constantly getting those 3 orange boxes and a red timer sign at the left of my screen where the kill feed is. This happens every game regardless of time of day and within a party or solo and even in private matches against bots! The game itself is not choppy but I get the instant deaths where people just appear on screen and almost feels like I’ve missed a few frames. My connection at home is pretty solid I get 150 down 26up and have correct Qos settings ect. I play hard wired and don’t usually experience issues with my connection speed tests usually give a ping reading of 3-4 ms with <1ms jitter. Anyone else having this issue or know a fix to it? Thanks
  14. To my knowledge the net Duma team are a U.K. based company and market all over the world including the EU. Look I’m not suggesting anything however when reading about false advertising the practice we’ve endured as consumers are within the realms of false advertising. Especially with the dead silence recently. For anyone who is interested: In particular this Act protects consumers from misleading advertisements and ensures that trade is fair. Under the Act it is an offence for an advertiser/trader to make false claims about goods, services or prices. ... EU laws also ensure that misleading advertising is forbidden in all Member States... Careful guys people could have claims...
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