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  1. So an the dreaded update came on Wednesday and since then Cold War runs like shit again... Fuck this trash game...
  2. Hi all, i can’t seem to figure out why I can’t speak to a friend on group chat. The mic icon flashes for about 30 seconds before greying out and suggesting a nat issue. He lives within the geo filter radius range, I have put him on the allowed list, I have DMZ set to my condone and I have an open NAT. I suspect the issue is on his end and his nat is either moderate or strict but he says it’s open. We are able to join each other’s games without any issues and game chat works just fine it’s just the private group chat that throws fit.
  3. Just like the cods of the past a random patch changed everything for the better! I’ve struggled with this game since release in terms of bad hit detection and lag. However this year I drew it up to sbmm (either the competition was better so I couldn’t go off like before or sbmm would cause an increased lag due to how the matchmaking now works) but everything changed with last weeks mid season patch! Hit detection since the patch feels amazing, I no longer get melted and the guns seem to work as intended matching their damage profiles. KD, SPM and average time alive has sky rocketed compared to games prior to last weeks update as well as my playtime! I am now looking over my shoulder for the next patch which messes everything and I go back to zombies. Anyone else experienced this phenomenon last week or with previous cod titles? I waited a week before posting this because I wanted to make sure it’s not a placebo which it proved out not to be. Even my accuracy went up?! How can my accuracy improve so drastically overnight to cause my average game accuracy to increase by almost 3%? I use the same gun and set up as before. I will add prior to the patch I tried changing things myself (play wireless, play with strict nat, throttle bandwidth, play in a different region ect ect nothing worked in the long term or in some cases my experience felt worse). I’d be happy for 3arc to not release another patch and just get working on their new game at this point as at least now the game feels fair and dare I say “fun”! I will update when the inevitable happens and a random future patch takes me back to square one 😭
  4. Again I disagree, this is no longer a case of a few players moaning. The pros as well as big youtubers are now speaking up this is not something Activision can shrug at. We heard it all before with regards to DLC maps what happened? The community won. We heard it with loot boxes and the community in the end still won. The fact is there is a lot of competition out there and Activision cant ignore to please the noobs who will probably move on after a few days. The noobs who decide to stay themselves aren’t going to be satisfied with sbmm or how these patents work. People like you who aren’t too bothered by it are unlikely to pump money into cod like the wider fanbase. Therefore in the end we will see a resolution and gamers will win in the end. Until then people will continue to abuse sbmm and the noobs will get beat on anyway. Why do you think gameplay channels are thriving and doing so well in the era of sbmm?
  5. I disagree, the current design is severely flawed as you’re not only alienating your fanbase who have supported the franchise for years but also new players who won’t have fun in the long run. Not dying remains fun for a limited time before those new players are the one who want to dominate but find they can’t because as you get better so does your opposition meaning you never feel progression. Not to mention the loopholes in the current system where session joining someone with lower skill level bypasses sbmm anyway. There is no problem with having a protected category for new comers but to assign a skill bracket for your entire player base and then mess around with their aim assist or hit boxes is disgusting. Destiny 2 being the prime example of above as interest in the game was so low that mp was non existent until they removed sbmm unfortunately in their case it was too little too late. so where do we draw the line? Fifa 2022 new players have 99 rating players and their goals are the size of the ball itself? Fighting games where new players have the ability to 1 hit ko their opponents? Racing games where experienced players must use a tricycle to race?
  6. It seems everyday we get more bad news about call of duty. Just yesterday we were talking about the skill based match making controversy today we’ve already moved onto something much much worse. Just when you think Activision can’t get any worse than they already are they prove themselves to be worse and at this point in time worse than EA (never thought I’d say that, ever....) but here we are! So for those of you who don’t know yet a patent was found yesterday by a youtuber called wyysosirious. The patent talks about AI in the background manipulating various aspects of the game. A players attributes for example, accuracy, hit box, aim assist, player health, damage dealt and even spawns can be altered depending on the players skill level or how they are performing in a given match. This explains why you dominate a game and half way through everything changes and you feel as if bullets don’t connect or aim assist feels off but obviously we’ve always chalked it up to connection because nobody expected this shady shit going on in the background. This is so wrong on so many levels in terms of fair play but also negatively impacts real life as at times when the game is actively fixing situation against you it’s only natural you have arguments with family who you think is causing the sudden change in how the game plays. I’ve had countless arguments with siblings or my Internet provider claiming internet isn’t correct when it’s actually Activision screwing people over with their bs. I cannot wait for battlefield 6 after 11 years I think I’m actually done with Activision and their bullshit.
  7. Sorry late reply been busy with work hadn’t checked. The answer is no, when I put the asus in repeater mode it acts as a Wi-Fi extender. NAT and other such features are disabled and everything is handled by the R2.
  8. No without geo filter I get no issues. The odd part is even when I don’t host the party but I have filtering mode on (covering the whole of U.K. and bit of France) we get the same error. The fix requires me to turn off filtering and we get into a lobby straight away. This was something I hadn’t experienced with the R1 where you get issues even when you’re not hosting the party. I then tried to use the polygon setting to see if that would help but again the same error. I’ve attached an image to show my settings which I thought weren’t too strict but idk.
  9. Hi guys, ive installed the app on iOS but can’t seem to connect to the R2. It worked once but never worked after that. Factory reset and app reinstall hasn’t helped either see imagined below for error.
  10. No I’m with BT and get the same issue so I play without geofilter now
  11. Glad it’s working for you man, I’ll ride the wireless wave as long as I can then I might give trying to connect an U.K. server.
  12. Ah man sorry to hear you’re experiencing the same issues I was as it’s infuriating. Hopefully the German servers work for you! Keep us updated if it works for you alternatively I’d highly recommend trying wireless.
  13. Hi all, I’ve been struggling with this game since release with what I call invisible lag. So it’s not the obvious lag where you’re sticking and teleporting but the sneaky things going on in the background of the game. Call it lag comp, artificial lag or bad netcode the issues are my own and my enemies seem to have no issue with it. I’d shoot first and die, I have the best positioning or the better gun to a given situation and whatever the scenario, yet I get melted whilst I have to shoot enemies for what feels like a clip. Reddit is a cesspool of cod shills or fan boys who want to one up last years game so posting there just results in “git gud” or “buy better net” so I gave up seeking help. What makes it worse is mw2019 ran great even though I didn’t enjoy the game. Just to add background I’m on g-fast I get around 250 down and 29up I ping on ookla at 3ms ping, 0.2jitter and no packet loss. I actually can’t get better Internet and I play hard wired. On a side note the R2 is struggling to push wireless to other rooms in my house so I set up my old router as a repeater and just for laughs thought I’d connect PS4 wirelessly to it. Set up the usual DMZ and packet priority on the R2 and to my amazement had the best 6 hours of gaming since release... I’m not melting but the difference is the enemies aren’t sponging the exchanges feel fair if I die it’s my aim or the enemy played the situation better, I’m not getting killed around corners and my enemies no longer have God like reflexes. Whereas when I used to play hard wired I’d get shot even before I exposed my position yet on the kill cam it looked like I actually left cover for a good two seconds and the enemy got a fair kill yet in real time it all happened in the blink of an eye.... Any suggestions why or how this is possible? Surly hardwired trumps wireless from downstairs yet the latter plays so much better. An example of annoying deaths below (very common) yes I was camping but that’s because I knew he was coming and there were enemies on both sides. IMG_8384.MOV
  14. I’d recommend either you or your friend have a little test. One of you set up your geo filter settings as per usual, the other person (who is not hosting) puts their geo filter settings to “spectate” mode. That essentially keeps your filters are they are but has no effect in game. Then when you’re done playing with your friend you can put it back to filter mode. Hopefully it resolves your issues. Good luck.
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