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  1. Well i tested with the Destiny profile and i see no positives changes. Any other advices?
  2. Usually im getting 120 - 160 ms. I may changed a few things in my setup, thats why im asking for a decent config.
  3. When D2 was on Blizzard the pvp runs fine to me, now with the migration to Steam every competitive playlist (even Gambit) feel odd and kinda laggy. I always die way before even i see my oponent and theres a terrible hit registration because the damage number appears with a delay wittin each shot i hit. Any other suggestion?
  4. As most of people know, Destiny 2 in now f2p on Steam. Since Steam servers are way more different (i belive) to Blizzard servers, Is there anyone could provide a decent config for D2 pvp? Thanks.
  5. Im gonna contact my ISP and ask information for the setup of the Hub. So, just in case im gonna turn ON my UPnP with the ports i previously added.
  6. is the Hub's default gateway. Is there any other options to try if my ISP couldnt help?
  7. What exactly should i try now? I tried directly to the hub and nope still cant access to the Hub config. Im starting to think that my ISP changed the gateway. Default should be
  8. Yes, the ethernet cable was directly plugged from my Hub/modem to my PC. Still cant access.
  9. Still cant access to the Hub setup page. I put 101 on the DHCP lease option, what about the Static IP i set up before? Should i leave it in automatically now?
  10. I dont know the Hub Setup. I dont have any kind of access to the hub. How can i set the static IP on the router side? What should i put on the "host number" box? Im gonna change the port to 27000-27050 tcp/udp.
  11. Hi. As the title says my NAT is still Moderate after i succesfully open all the ports found on www.portforward.com for Black Ops 3 on PC. I have set my static IP porperly (i guess). Also i have to mention that i had the Strict NAT a couple times before. My UPnP is off, also when i turn ON my UPnP the NAT is still strict. I have the same issue on Infinite Warfare on PS4, still with the ports oppened my NAT still is moderate. Am i doing something wrong or could be my ISP's fault? Also i have the issue when i ty to add the port 27000 - 27031 port and add the rule an error pop up above that says "Rule already exists that cover those ports" ISP Calix hub 813G fiber + R1 1.03.6g Any help whould be very appreciated.
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