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  1. I already signed up to the DumaOs Beta. Now what should i do next?
  2. Hi Jack, thanks for replying and the support all this time. Sadly the game devs doesnt care about improving the server infrastructure on South America, thats why im always playing in US servers. Brazil's servers only benefit that country and certain regions of Argentina. I tried to connect to those servers with bad results (250 + ms) In my experience the closest server is on the state of Florida in US with 70 - 80 ms, (the lowest ping ive ever had) thats why i set the "home" icon in Florida with 70 ms in the Ping Assist with Geo Filter enbled (Fig 1). Sometimes the game is kinda decent but i got booted in the middle of the match by error "beaver" Still, i wont stop playing the PvE game because its actually fun but im always struggling on the PvP. Im gonna give a try to the DumaOS, i guess there always be hope.
  3. I have been playing destination 2 since its launch in September 2017. From there, it has been the only game to which I dedicate my time. The PvE is very fun and with the changes that there are with the new DLC of Forsaken the game has improved a lot. Unfortunately, I can not say the same about PvP. I have uploaded several issues in this forum for almost a year now desperately asking for help for a decent configuration for Destiny 2 on PC with the following issues: * I always enter games with a minimum ping of 120 ms approximately. *Horrible hit detection *Most of the time, I lose almost all 1v1 gunfights. * People teleporting * Most, if not all, times I die long before the enemy player even makes the shooting animation. * Basically the PvP is unplayable I bought the Duma router several years ago carrying the illusion that it was going to fix my lag problems, latency and things in general. My experience has been almost regularand several times bad. I tried the Dum on Infinite Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Destiny 2 on PS4 and I saw no improvement. It is practically the same as using a cheap router. I'm from Ecuador, South America, an area that is not surrounded by servers and I understand that this also affects my gaming experience, that's why Duma developers are not to blame and I also know that Bungie is disgusting in terms of gameplay in competitive but my problem is persistent and of concern since I have these problems 90% of the games in Destiny, 1 in 8 or 10 games are good for me. I have a decent Internet, 50 down 50 up, Optic Fyber through a hub brand Calix model 813Gv2 and the configuration of my Duma is the one that I have recommended several times in this forum. I have a decent ping 20 ms on Google and a A+ Bufferbloat. Unfortunately I have not had almost any help in this forum lately, I have tried several configurations for months and months and absolutely nothing seems to help my issue and i even tried Chive's config wich is almost the best config for Destiny, but not sure on PC. It's a real shame because I put all my trust in this Duma and received very little help. That's why and much more than unfortunately I'm giving up to keep trying and trying and trying configurations to make my game more fluid.
  4. Hi. Can you provide me with a decent config for Destiny 2 on PC? Thanks.

  5. Hi. Can you share any decent config for D2? Im playing it on PC, with the new DLC the PvE is great and fun but sadly the PvP is still shit to me. I love the weapons system and the TTK changes but i always have issues with lag and situations like losing every single 1v1 gunfughts or dying behind a wall by a enemy curving bullet. I think nobody play this game on PC in this forum thats why im getting no help. 

  6. Suddenly i can´t access the App Store, Twitter and several other apps on my iphone.Tried in two other iphones and its the same issue. I tried changing the channel and didnt help. The sliders on CC are 100% and 70% when gaming. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Just went back to D2 on PC to try the newest changes to the PVP. Sadly the connection and lobbies still sucks ass. Is there anyone with a decent config por D2 on PC? Im 50 down 50 up fiber. Im from Ecuador.
  8. Currently im on version 1.03.6g Should i stay on this version or upgrade to 1.03.6j ?
  9. Ok im gonna try doing a factory reset. As soon as i done it ill let you know if i manage to access the Hub interface.
  10. Weird thing is when i log into to the cmd and type ipconfig doesnt show a the Default gateway as you can see in the screens. Also it says "the Default gateway is not available" I cant find the Default Gateway anywhere. Also i tried to log with the Ipv4 and nothing. I should try to log in first with the Default Gateway before reseting the hub messing up the config.
  11. The model of the Hub is Calix 813gv2 and the default Gateway is and when i write in on the browser it keeps loading and no log in interface pops up. I guess i dont have access. I tried on Chrome and Edge and nothing. Even i tried a cat5e cable etherner straight to the PC.
  12. Since the lack of assistance and support im posting this again. So, i deciced to change my ISP for a new one that provides fiber. My ISP installed a Calix 813Gv2 fiber Hub next to a Tp-Link Router. Now heres the issue: When i replace the Tp-Link with my Duma i assume that the internet connection would begin just atomatically and smooth, and that doesnt seem the case. Because i dont have any internet at all. I did a factory reset then tried again and nothing. Then i called my ISP for assistance and they told me that i need to log into, whatever the brand of my "new" router is, WAN, PPPoE and log an username and a password, i did it and nothing happened. I called again and another technician told me that is not necesary log that username and password on PPPoE and i just have to set up my Duma into bridge mode. Can someone help me with the right configuration for my Duma since i have this new hub and not acctually using a modem? Thanks. Any help would apreciated since I CANNOT USE MY DUMA and ive been waiting several days for support. I added some pictures in the post of my current config.
  13. So, how you guys recommend me to stetting up the DUMA? Ive been waiting for several days for assistance.
  14. How exactly i do that? I mean bridge my Duma to the Hub? Sadly i dont have the username and password of the other router and i tried "admin" to replicate that config.
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