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    Netduma Admin reacted to Mobel in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Future of DumaOS: Version 3.0   
    Thank you very much @Netduma Alex 
    That is great news, if there is a place for me in beta program for XR700 don't forget me guys I am ready to participate.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Zippy in Tick rates issues and port prioritization   
    This is a great response. I'd really recommend undoing that list and going back to using DumaOS classified games as it will detect all UDP traffic on any consoles connected to the router (or PC's with a console device type e.g. Playstation).
    Thanks for the tick rate issue. A little odd that one, we'll look into it.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from xR1CKJAM3Zx in Party Chat issues when geo filter is enabled   
    That's really strange because none of the connections are being blocked, so it shouldn't really be the Geo-Filter causing problems. Does this happen every time? Could you try again today for example and let us know if the problem happens again.
    Also, could you make sure UPNP is enabled (go to Settings to do this)
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from AzeRuS94 in Best settings for xr500   
    Yes you can enable UPNP too, it shouldn't cause any problems. Try that and see if you have an Open NAT afterwards.
    Also I'm not sure if this has been said by Fraser yet, but have you put your modem into Bridge mode? Or made sure all ports are forwarded to your router?  Follow this guide please:
    If you still don’t have an open NAT even though all the required ports have been forwarded, you may need to use DMZ on your ISP Modem or on your DumaOS powered router.
    First check if the Modem/Router has Modem or Bridge Mode as this is preferable over DMZ mode.
    To put your DumaOS powered router into the DMZ of your ISP Modem, first navigate to System Information. On the Internet Status panel, highlight the number next to ‘WAN IP Address’ and copy it. Next, head to the interface of your ISP Modem and go to the Security / Firewall Settings. You should see a box labelled ‘DMZ IP Address’. Paste the WAN IP Address into this box and make sure DMZ is enabled. You have now successfully put your router into DMZ mode.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Zippy in Tick rates issues and port prioritization   
    Those port arrangements are wrong and incorrect. Most of those ports you added are what the game says to port forward.. Not prioritize.. Also very rarely do you ever prioritize a TCP port. Usually you only prioritize UDP ports because those are the ones that are critical ones for in game use.. If you are going to set manual rules you just want in game UDP ports.. That's it.  I would delete everything you have and start over.. You really only want to see the red light come on while in game play. Not when you turn your xbox on..  Btw your Source Port is very rarely the same as a Destination port.  If you need help setting this up let me know. I have a few things for you to try..
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    Netduma Admin reacted to strivext in Play only with friends   
    And what happens if I connect those two consoles to the same Router with the same configuration? By the way ... I did not know this forum and I regret not having found it before, it seems to me a great source of knowledge and people who understand the subject.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Hydros85 in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    It was an issue with our cloud server which we’ve fixed and put in measures to make sure it won’t happen again. 
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Tripper in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    Simple reboot fix mine
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Netduma Fraser in Fix for "DumaOS not loaded yet!" (XR500 users only)   
    Hi everyone,
    We had a temporary problem tonight which caused XR500 users to see a white screen which says 'DumaOS not loaded yet'. This is now fixed. You just need to reboot your router and the problem should be gone.
    Please post in this thread if this solves your problem as we have developers waiting to make sure this is 100% fixed for all.
    If you followed our workaround earlier and downgraded to firmware version, you can upgrade back to the latest version (.56) and you should be able to access the interface as per usual. The latest firmware is here: https://kb.netgear.com/000061157/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-56
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you can all now get back to tinkering your DumaOS
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from DanyKTM in Please read this everyone now for cod mw2019   
    UPNP should show you this - it will show all ports automatically opened by your router. The Network Monitor is for bandwidth i.e which devices and applications are using it
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    Netduma Admin reacted to Philace866 in Suppress Streaming services like Netflix option   
    Basically an option to restrict the amount of bandwidth specific services can use, I’m sure I’m not the only person who gets huge ping spikes as soon as someone in the house starts watching Netflix 
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Geo-Filter Server Location Improvements   
    We have updated the form in the OP to give more options. As well as servers we have in the wrong location, you can also now report:
    Servers we are showing as peers instead of dedicated servers Servers that we need to permanently whitelist to allow you to play the game (authentication servers) Please let us know if we can make any improvements to the form.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from purpleandgold33 in Quick questions on the pins   
    No worries - well done for figuring it out!
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Bat 'n' Ball in Ambiguous Dedicated & Peer hosts (MW)   
    Thanks for the info OP. We will look to update our list of servers as we realise it can be a bit confusing. But to answer your question - you are correct, Choopa is a dedicated server provider used in CoD.
    As for delayed denying - there's a deliberate 2 minute delay from denying a server to it then being blocked. This is to prevent people from kicking themselves out of a game whilst still playing. So you should find that you have blocked that specific server if you ever come across it again.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from SM961 in XR300 GEO FILTER PROBLEM   
    Just replied in the other thread to say this is a really good idea so we will add this to our list of usability improvements to add to DumaOS
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from SM961 in XR300 GUI full of "nil" values   
    We've designed them to be consistent with the zoom so you don't get them on top of each other. But it's good to know you would like an option to make them larger. I'll add this idea to our list of usability improvements.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to SM961 in XR300 GUI full of "nil" values   
    Yes, same device same settings from my R1, and same game BO3. No, I don't see any thing because it doesn't gets populated inside the circle so I was getting confused thinking that the triangle was the server, is there any way to get bigger icons or bigger legend, they are to small, R1 legends are better, bigger. 
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from SM961 in XR300 GEO FILTER PROBLEM   
    I think your ping assist setting on your XR300 is allowing servers through that you would actually prefer to have blocked. This is easily fixed - set your Ping Assist back to 0ms.
    To learn more about Ping Assist, and how to optimise it, see this thread: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087579--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-ping-assist
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from SM961 in XR300 GUI full of "nil" values   
    Both Geo-Filters are using the same Cloud Database (our database of the world's IP addresses and their locations) - so they should be working very similarly.
    I assume both Geo-Filter screenshots are from the same gaming device and same game? Because the XR300 looks like it's working correctly, i.e. a server outside your range has been blocked. So did you then see it allow a nearby server when you continued search?
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    Netduma Admin reacted to gkontos10 in No Internet after reboot   
    Ok i will do that.. 
    But as i can see its not only me..
    Lot of users are facing the same problem.. 
    After reboot they cant get internet access.. 
    So that suppose to be a software error not a hardware 
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    Netduma Admin reacted to purpleandgold33 in Quick questions on the pins   
    Nevermind I figured it out! Its on the dashboard, duh!
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    Netduma Admin reacted to EnticingToaster in XR300 not showing any upload packets   
    So I tried factory defaults again, and this time it's worked. It must have been that i did a factory reset then applied my old settings, so something in that config file must have been borked
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from onevoice4uall in XR500 blocking IPTV service   
    You're now effectively limiting every device in your home to the bandwidth you allocated on that feature, which could mean your Internet runs much more slowly.
    The fact this has helped suggests you might have a congestion problem. I'd recommend trying this:
    Re-enable Share Excess (check the box and then click 'Update Distribution') Then go to Anti-Bufferbloat and set the sliders to 80% on download and upload. Make sure your total bandwidth speeds are accurate too - you can edit them in Anti-Bufferbloat's advanced options Let us know if that also improves things.
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    Netduma Admin got a reaction from Zennon in COD Blackout - Changing geofilter location   
    V good idea! I've added it to our roadmap. Thanks Z.
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    Netduma Admin reacted to pollutionblues in Netduma doesn't work anymore after patch 1.07   
    That server has been found by ping assist. If you only want servers within your radius set ping assist to 0. What ping are you getting to that server? I expect that the sever is actually in Singapore but is incorrectly located in Netduma’s cloud so I would advise leaving ping assist enabled.
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