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  1. That's awesome! Good to see Fathers and sons owning online. My Dad & I used to play Doom on IPX network back in 1995. Normally against each other not coop though
  2. 1. I believe so but it is not top of the list so still a quite a few months away at least. Is there anything specific you desire? The obvious one is running a file server of course 2. We could on some routers but not all and it is not straightforward. Is there a reason you ask? 3. Sure that is a good idea! Thanks for the kind words very much appreciated Sorry I should have been more explicit, I think you emailed someone else and eventually the question reached me. I understand your frustration but we have limited resources (as does every company!) and therefore we must prioritise what we think the customers want. We are developing features that a huge percentage of the #DumaAmry want where as IPv6 (albeit important) is desired by far fewer. It is definitely on the roadmap we just have a few other features we want to get out first. Hope you understand. And it is not a political sidestep at all, I have no interest in doing that. We're very happy with our NG relationship, they make in my opinion the best quality router hardware and have an excellent team. Thanks for the feedback, I think we should be able to find away to ping different servers via a button on the UI. The problem would be determine the server set for different games but it is probably feasible. I hear you on the traceroute, my initial idea for the Geo-Filter actually used filtering by number of hops. This ended up not working, I'm based in the UK and I found that I'd get to NYC in less hops than I would to Scotlan in some instances. That inspired me to develop the Geo-Filter based on IP mapping which required huge compression and was a load of fun to develop, alas I digress.... Sure, I think we will do that soon That's a good idea. We are doing heavy research into improving QoS that people should see the benefits from soon
  3. Thanks for the feedback on your interest in an R2. Thanks for feedback, I thought this had been fixed. Joseph has let us know recently we'll double check and if not push fix in next version. If you need assistance please post in support forum.
  4. No sorry it has not. We will investigate soon. Ok I think I understand what you mean. You'd like to take multiple parameters describing a host and let the user use a heuristic to decide if the host is allowed or not. Then allow different heuristics for different games. You're already kinda of doing this with the combination of ping-assist and Geo-filtering. Problem with other metrics like traceroute (hop-count) is they are very flaky as not all core routers respond to them also it is a very slow operation so if we were to do it it'd need to be running the background all the time. See my prior response to Zennon about player-filtering. In regard to kicking a player out, in a server based game you can't do that you can only kick yourself out by blocking the connection. Hope that helps. See my prior response to Zennon please. We don't need any right now but please submit your interest by emailing [email protected] and the team will get back to you in due course Sorry mate I'm not sure what you mean? Are you asking for DMZ on the router, if so that will be in the next DumaOS release Thanks for the kind words! Netgear is a public company so we can't comment on anything about them as it is literally illegal as it could impact share price. So all my comments in this thread are regarding DumaOS. Thanks for the suggestions on security. We're aware that is a big area for customers and we do want to bring something offerings to you at some point. But we're not currently developing that. On IPv6 you've already contacted us about this via email, we will add this in due course but our current goal is to bring new features. Remember IPv6 routing does work just some of the features don't. But rest assured it is coming soon. The details of QoS is different on different platforms (we use fq-codel, codel and our own algo for bufferbloat). Kudos to David Taht for codel implementation btw. But remember that is only a 1/3 of our current QoS solution Watch this space.... As mentioned earlier themes will be coming soon to DumaOS. They are actually already on milestone 1.3 but are buggy so we pulled the plug on them, they should be available soon. Also one thing to clarify, any LAN traffic should only need wireless QoS as it does not actually reach the routers CPU when using the switch. VLAN should be in next DumaOS release Yes that is being implemented. Right so temporary ban being the key. Gotcha thanks for the feedback. Can't comment on NG. And for the foresseable future we will push updates via firmware as simplify matters. But some day it would be cool to not do that....
  5. Hi everyone, I'm very busy right now so I (or another developer) will respond to the rest of the posts either tomorrow or Friady. Thanks for positing
  6. I think you quoted the wrong post. Are you discussing filtering not only by distance to server but also by ping to player?
  7. Hi sorry for delayed response I'm super busy at the moment. We'll respond to other messages either tomorrow or latest Friday. I think in CoD the only reason you have a connection to other peers is due to the voice channel. I presume all game data is exclusively between your client and the server. So you'd have to use the voice channel to detect peers then you can do some round-trip-time detection that way. Either way it's something I've thought of for a while now and I think the best course of action is to run an experiment before investing too much resources into making a polished verson for everyone (assuming experiment proves it valid). Just to be totally explicit I think that if you don't have voice channels in a star topology game (i.e. one server and each client only connects to the server) then this solution certainly won't work. So this won't work for PubG, Apex legends etc. I'm not certain on battle royale for BOP but I assume with that many players you're gonna have a hard time finding games if you filter by single player with larger latency. So if this works you probably want to have a percentage of lobby > latency as the filtering criteria. Hope that makes sense.
  8. Sorry mate I thought I'd respond to this post already. I understand what you're saying and I've thought of something similar before. The problem is it could be quite flakey when running on a dedicated server. Not all players have mic with open NAT so it will probably have false positives. Furthermore I'm not sure if detecting latency on mic is feasible, we'll definitely research it though and let you test
  9. Please ask tech support to help in another thread and they'll happily help you. And DumaOS is far superior then original R1 firmware, it has a much greater architecture and richer featureset. And is designed to be extended via our R-Apps system so you'll see many more features in the future only on DumaOS Have a great weekend!
  10. The problem is it takes time to port to hardware and by adding a modem you reduce the market size and will have to support multiple WAN technologies. The extra step I understand is a mild irritant for the customer but the amount of development effort is not worth it at this point. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  11. I've thought of doing this before. We'd need to do research to see if it is feasible. And it wouldn't work on dedicated servers (unless there is P2P voice chat). So unfortunately would not work for PubG, Fortnite, Apex, etc
  12. Hey guys, I'll (probably we'll) be back tomorrow to respond to any further questions
  13. Already got advanced network condition emulation R-App on the roadmap. Not implemented yet though!
  14. Unfortunately Jack started this thread 15mins before most developers finished for the day. So they'll probably respond tomorrow morning
  15. Sure, so at the moment we have just minimum. Adding maximum should be trivial!
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