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  1. We are releasing a feature that will be in beta around 3 months from now that will give you much greater control, including limiting a single device. If you'd like to test get Fraser to put you in the early access group. But this is at least 3 months away!
  2. I guess people don't want it that much?! Maybe we'll need to deprioritise the task. Thanks @Fuzy! -------------------- Je suppose que les gens n'en veulent pas tellement?! Nous devrons peut-être réduire la priorité de la tâche. Merci @Fuzy!
  3. Hi @johnnytran, sorry about your initial experience. We spoke on TV. Sorry I wasn't aware of these other issues you're having. Firstly, your log file is extremely strange so we're very eager to figure out what exactly has caused this. Can you enable RL ( @Netduma Fraser will help you with this). Lets try address the issues one by one: Wireless we're working on a hotpatch for you, we'll get that soon. In the mean time can you connect the access point to the R2 LAN and connect wireless devices through that. You'll probably want to disable the R2 wireless while using the AP (as it can interfere with it). Are you still getting "Uncaught ReferenceError: sampler_circular_array_create is not defined"? If so can you consistently get it? If so can we remote access your machine to debug it and fix it? Because we've never seen that error from anyone Are you QoS settings still resetting? If so can you reproduce it consistently? Again can we get remote access to a machine if you can reproduce it.
  4. Hi R2 owners, thanks for purchasing and supporting Netduma! So we're planning our short term roadmap for upcoming months. People who want to use the R2 USB, what features do you want? Thanks
  5. Thank-you very much, that is very kind of you to say. Hopefully replacement unit arrives quick and works first time. If not let us know and we'll definitely figure it out! Before you replace the unit I had one last thought. When you connected the r2 through the r1 had you reset your WAN settings to use DHCP?
  6. haha @Yam Yam sounds like you had a good time!! Just to confirm, you couldn't get Internet by going through the R1, something like: modem <-> r1 <-> r2 <-> Your PC If that didn't work we may just have to replace your unit and try debug it our end. Sorry for the inconvenience and really appreciate your patience. We'll refund your shipping.
  7. Thanks @Stephen A Vaught, great job getting the log and thank-you for your patience. I've performed a 1 on 1 with a customer suffering from Wi-Fi, and it was definitely lower than expected. I believe it is due to his environment which had many APs nearby (far more than normal). We're looking into a fix but won't be able to get one until early next week. Please try the new firmware with new channels and take a screenshot of the Wi-Fi tool. Hopefully it helps but if not there will be more help available early next week. Finally if you do have a more power router like XR500 I'd recommend putting it in AP mode behind the R2 in the meantime. Finally @Stephen A Vaught if your Wi-Fi client has logging information, or you can enable it. Please try grab us a the client log and the router log the next time it happens please.
  8. Hi @Yam Yam, thank-you you have the patience of a saint. I've got a few more suggestions for you and if they don't work we'll have to get you a replacement and debug your unit. Could you try the following in order and if any work just report back please: Can you connect your r1 to the sky modem then put your r2 behind your r1. Then finally connect your client devices to the r2. Do you get Internet through the r2 now? Could you make sure r2 is connected to sky box via WAN port (blue port). After doing that go to WAN settings and click the network tab. Select the static radio then and give yourself the IP, subnet mask, Gateway: Select DNS override and enter for primary DNS and for secondary DNS. Then save settings do you have Internet now? @Netduma Fraser could you take a screenshot of the setup for bullet point 2 to help Yam Yam please.
  9. Hi CoolerEra, thanks for purchasing the r2. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will implement VLAN feature next week. Can you put the r2 behind a router with VLAN in the meantime ?
  10. Hi @Yam Yam, sorry about this issue you're having. Firstly, looking at your R2 log file I noticed the following: This means it is not getting a response from DHCP server upstream. Can you try the following suggestions please: Please make sure you've connected the WAN port of the R2 to the sky box. That is the blue port on your R2 to the skybox. And make sure it is firmly connected to the R2 port. Then make sure your WAN settings are the same as the R1 and reboot. Does that help? If that doesn't help can you try a different Ethernet cable for the WAN port, does that help? Even if it is the same as the R1, please just try a different one. I've seen weird issues like this in the past. Finally, try disable IPv6 on LAN & WAN on the R2 then reboot and see if that helps you connect.
  11. Ok thanks for the information. Could you please enable remote tech support so we can remotely debug your unit please? @Netduma Fraser, If Mossberg needs any help allowing WAN access to the unit could you help. For example putting the R2 in the modem of the upstream modem.
  12. Thanks for the info @Mossberg. Can I just clarify the following. Wireless devices can connect but wired devices cannot connect? For example can you confirm that your xbox connects to the Internet with wireless but is unable to do so wired?
  13. Glad it is working One quick question please. When you use a browser other than chrome did the setup tour work correctly?
  14. We'll try reproduce logging in using different browsers. It would be uprising if that did not work as I'm sure that has been tested many times before. As others mentioned the browser says it is not secure because it is not using https. But you are only communicating locally and it shouldn't have any sensitive data being transmitted. That being said we'll add https to the roadmap. I think the problems we had in the past is that it is very slow. But if people want it we can definitely bring it back.
  15. Hi @Mossberg, the error is happening because the two devices are not acquiring a LAN IP address. So could you answer the questions above. Hopefully we can rule out the possibility of the unit having faulty ports by getting another wired device to get Internet connectivity via that port. If that is the case can you plug in the ethernet for one of the two devices that can't connect to the Internet and after doing so copy the log file from sysinfo and paste it here. We can then further toubleshoot the issue.
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