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Major Router Upgrade Now Available (v 1.03.5)

Netduma Fraser

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Please follow all instructions very carefully


1) Upgrade Instructions​

  • Download the upgrade from here
  • Go to the Upgrade section on the Netduma interface
  • Choose Advanced
  • Ensure preserve settings & check version are ticked.
  • Click browse & navigate to where you downloaded the upgrade file and click open.
  • Click upgrade, it will take around 3 minutes. Please do not unplug the router during this time.
  • If you are wired to your computer or connected via Wifi (and won't automatically connect to another Wifi name) you will be taken to the home interface screen when the upgrade has been completed.
  • If the rare event that you get an error message please contact us and do not turn off the router. Do not worry, it just requires some help from our team.

If you already have the beta version you do not need to upgrade.


2) Geo-filter instructions

  • After upgrading go to the Geo-filtering page. 
  • Hard refresh the page Ctrl + F5 (on Windows), Cmd + R (on Mac).
  • If you have a Playstation you need to reselect the service at the top of the page and choose "Playstation network" - the PA Version has been removed.
  • If you have an Xbox you need to reselect the service at the top of the page and choose "Xbox Live" - the PA Version has been removed.

If you're experiencing issues with the Geo-filter please make sure you are not on the PA service and have reselected the correct one.


3) Device Prioritisation


Device prioritisation now applies to download as well as upload. If you are experiencing slow download speeds you will need to reset device prioritisation. Do this by:

  • Clicking Reset Distribution in "Congestion Control" then
  • Click Apply Distribution 


4) Got speeds higher than 120mbps?

  1. ~120-500mbps

If you have speeds up to ~500mbps you can now utilise them with congestion control working as well by doing the following:

  • Go to congestion control & click set bandwidth - put in your correct speeds and update.
  • Select Reactive algorithm.
  • Go to settings > miscellaneous - disable Deep packet processing.
  • Go to settings > miscellaneous - enable Turbo mode.
  • Ensure your device is wired to the R1 router.

      2. 500mbps+


If you have higher than 500mbps you can now utilise them, however it will disable congestion control. Follow the bullet points above except on the fourth bullet point, go to "Settings > Misc" and tick "Super Turbo mode" instead. 


5) Ping Assist


We have vastly improved ping assist, it should be faster to get games and in some cases can be used exclusively. 


We recommend using both Ping assist & Geo-filter together.


If you want to try using Ping assist exclusively:

  • Go to the Geo-filtering page.
  • Make sure you have followed the instructions from 2).
  • Place your location in the ocean by clicking on the home icon and clicking in the ocean.
  • Drag the radius slider to the smallest allowed.
  • Make sure strict mode is ticked.
  • Set the Ping assist slider to 20-60 depending on your base ping (you can see your base ping by doing a wired speed test).

6) Cloud Update


We released a cloud update last night, you should notice an improvement in the location of servers/hosts as we moved over 200 of them! 


We will of course continue to release cloud updates. 


To get the latest cloud:

  • Go to settings > miscellaneous.
  • Scroll down to Cloud Settings.
  • Ensure auto cloud & bleeding edge cloud are ticked.
  • Click Apply.

7) Future Update


We will be releasing a smaller upgrade in the very near future to address common tech support questions/issues in an effort to streamline/minimise support as well as make the software as smooth as possible. 


That update will also include the ability to temporarily block dedicated servers on the Geo-filter.


8) Lag Comp Video


We will be releasing a video regarding lag compensation. We conducted experiments with some very interesting results. It will show you what matters most to best avoid lag compensation. 



There are lots of other goodies & bug fixes apart from improved ping assist & higher speed support such as:

  • Password protection for the interface.
  • Ping number that can be shown on twitch if you're a streamer
  • Various bug fixes like the host filtering GUI freezing for some people.
  • Fixed rare bug in Geo-Filter allowing some hosts outside radius

Take a look below for the change log below for all updates.



Final Note


It is extremely hard to predict deadlines due to the very nature of the software development. We appreciate your patience. Our next major upgrade will include the new anti-jitter, anti-spike tech as well as the most flexible and powerful bandwidth management for residential routers.  


Change Log

  • Improved sensitivity of ping assist detection.
  • Fixed hosts outside of radius due to drop-tail on backend and frontend.
  • Fixed hosts outside of radius due to simultaneous handshake.
  • Fixed host filtering page freeze bug.
  • Fixed rare cloud update locking Geo-Filter.
  • Moved Geo-classification to own pipe.
  • Only ping assist selected connections.
  • Compressed data files to improve page loading times.
  • Stopped applying traffic shaping to local out traffic.
  • Implemented turbo mode for high bandwidth connections with QoS enabled.
  • Implemented super turbo mode with QoS disabled.
  • Implemented download device prioritisation.
  • Implemented opt-in interface password protection.
  • Bound check bandwidth capacity and allow upto 1000mbit input.
  • Fixed incorrect paths in default theme.
  • Fixed VPN error logging dialog.
  • Implemented code to disable EEE but not applied as did not fix faulty SB6183 modems.
  • Corrected mistake in credits.
  • Implemented ping number & popout for streamers.
  • Started VPN syntax corrector.
  • Fixed factory reset to preserve themes after upgrade.
  • Fixed LoL DPP classification.
  • Warn user about low device prio setting.
  • Warn user about factory reset.
  • Fixed connection flushing output bugs.
  • Corrected log file culling.
  • Handle no connection gracefully for cloud updates.
  • Handle misconfigured LAN network gracefully.
  • Improved error catching.
  • Changed incorrect MAC cloning label.
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Great stuff!  Congrats on the release!


One quick question - does the R1 support downgrading back to an older firmware in case of issues?  So after putting up 1.03.5, will it let me roll back to 1.03.04 if needed?

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I did the upgrade. Now I have basic internet while directly connected to the router and no wifi. Going to the router page does nothing.


says connecting, then times out. I have restarted my computer, but have not disconnected the router for fear of bricking it.

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