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  1. I've got a about a 500 mile radius, and ping is set to 45.
  2. Game started off fine once it became available. Now, I'll start a match, play for a few and I'll drop to a 1 bar and lag out of the match. Every time! Any ideas or help? Download/upload CC is 75/70 w around 30-40% going to my Xbox on both w share tick on. In the Misc, all I have ticked is Enable Cookies, UPNP forwarding, and enable link local IPv6. Xbox is in hyper-traffic too Doesn't do this on BO3. Why does it do it on BO2?
  3. Plz go away. All you wanna do is bitch, moan and complain. I can tell you or Pubz don't have, nor were forced to have patience. GG tho
  4. Yes, b/c THATS how technology works. Shit happens, get over it. Bugs happen, glitches happen. If the update was ready we would have it.
  5. Wouldn't the guys replace yours since you're a dedicated beta tester? Being the updates and so forth are the cause that bricks it?
  6. I've asked, waiting to hear back. Now, once it goes live it can take up to 4 hrs for it to reach you and take effect.
  7. Today should be cloud update, tomorrow firmware update.
  8. You beta testers are the true heros, regardless of where you reside.
  9. Your "opinion" stats you whine a lot. End of story. Now, buck up pal. The update will be released when it's ready, not when PUBzZz is ready for it.
  10. You do understand that NETDUMA is done (coding, internal testing, etc.) by a hand full of guys, give or take, right? They don't have the mass amount of employees, researchers, devs, engineers, you get the idea like the other companies. I'm sure if their capital warrants it, they would hire more. The company just went live late last year (2014) and is growing. When they can, they will. They do EVERYTHING hands on, and they don't release nothing until they feel it is where they want it to be. I find posts like these comical. Hilarious if you will. I'm Sorry but these guys don't have to keep updating us with regards to cloud updates, firmware, etc.. They created these forums JUST FOR THAT. For the ability to interact with their customers (or future customers) on a DAILY basis. And quite frankly, they do a damn good job! BO3 caused issues for the R1 so these guys had to work 24/7 to get things right. Still are actually. They know the issues, and when it's right, they will release the update(s). I've had problems with my R1 when BO3 launched like many. I asked questions, looked for answers and these guys got me playing BO3, (with some tinkering of my own) in no time. You say you've been patient. Hardly.
  11. They will announce when it goes live. I suspect it won't be until later in the day. Remember, the U.K. guys are 5 hours ahead of EST.
  12. Crap! At work, and the bleeding edge is not ticked, as its the only way I could get hosts inside my geo filter. Guess I won't be playing on the new cloud update tonight after work as it could take up to 4 hrs to take effect.
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