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  1. Excellent game play and excellent work making mince meat of these guys. Love the hit detection mate.
  2. LOL yeah what I meant was hoping for the streaks to be fun as they are in BO3 (any 3arc COD really). Advanced Warfare really didn't have any compelling scorestreaks. Ghosts was the same, IW is the same...
  3. I have a question. I have a Netgear CM450-1TLAUS & Netgear CM500-V cable modems. I have neither plugged in right now but was wondering if anyone knows what chipsets are in them?
  4. Had an R1 since December 2014, this is a brand new story to me... My Netduma R1 (in the early days) used to beat me up and take my lunch money...
  5. I've been enjoying insane hit detection with the R1 since I got it in December 2014, glad you're having a great experience with it now.
  6. Well if you ever want any help, hit me up on Twitter, same name or PM me here.
  7. I am the best modem, trust no one else. #TheTruthIsOutThere
  8. I cannot say for sure, but being in Australia I've always been paired up with people from Singapore, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong & South Korea... These players are very far in distance, some players with 360ms of lag, normally ruins the lobbies but the hit detection didn't change until a few weeks ago.
  9. 18+ as there is some foul language used at the end and the tweet uses some foul language also...
  10. There's some work involved, but when you get it right, everything is smooth. If you wanna check it out...
  11. I had the very reverse, very glad I got one. Sorry you couldn't share my experience with it.
  12. A7Legit

    COD WW2

    If the same dedicated servers are used by the game then there should be no issues... 60Hz is something on their end, not ours, it should improve hit registration.
  13. I use ports 3074-3076TCP/UDP and for both source and destination, set and forget. My game plays all are configured that way for COD.
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