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  1. Nice bro! I got a old 54gl maybe laying around, can you explain how to set it up , limit to 1 connection/ second would love to learn more, I also have an xr700.
  2. Hey Fraser, can you give me access to 3.0 for R1 firmware? link?
  3. Was it available? I seen people on youtube with xr700 with the 3.0?
  4. Hey man, old macabi here, how you been? I have been with you guys since original R1 early adopter days I signed up up for the 3.0 beta on my xr700 at net gear right away when you posted the links, but I have not got an email yet, can you put me up in line or send me a link to download, hope you remember me. my netgear user name i s - mike835 and email registered is [email protected] Been months, and no email, can you please help me?
  5. I updated to , but my duma os is still 1.3.29 , is this up to date? It's also weird , I have no settings for wifi, or cant find a section for this, seems like things are missing?
  6. Hey Fraser, long time, I checked but it's not around, please resend thanks.
  7. sorry that is my current duma os firmware is 1.2.10, , and normal firmware is
  8. Whats going on netduma family, long time I do not have a chance to game, I currently picked back a R1, it's currently on 1.2.10, how can I upgrade to the latest safely , hope everyone is still around and fine.
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