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  1. I'm seeing the same inconsistencies when loading a profile - the hyper traffic service is a bit hit and miss. I have set my own gaming profile with xbox in the hyper traffic slot when I load up the profile all the settings are OK except the hyper traffic slot is sometimes empty. If I try to reload the profile it will eventually fill that slot. Also and probably related if you have a service filled into the hyper traffic slot and you try to load a different profile with the same service in the hyper traffic slot you get error "Unable to apply settings because: 'Unable to update hyper services.: Duplicate service.'. Please contact http://forum.netduma.comwith this message"
  2. Good idea IMO. Keep it civil gents
  3. Nice guide guys, I'm sure it will help a lot of people
  4. Congrats Zennon, and good choice Netduma crew. Don't let the powah go to your head
  5. Good job Crossy. Hopefully Iain can get the captcha system working before they build up again or you'll be playing whack-a-mole for a bit
  6. I can see modify but when I click it the only option is "leave as new" can't see any way to actually modify the contents
  7. I don't see a way to modify a ticket once created (not showing up in my tickets). I created one but accidentally left the priority as major when it's just a minor thing, anyone know how to modify that?
  8. Lukasz, click on view tickets and you can see all the issues/enhancements in the works
  9. This is great guys. Nice to be able to see progress and intended new features instead of bugging you with "is it ready yet" posts. EDIT: Wow Crossy you've been busy, it's like ticket-mania in there
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