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  1. I had a game on it a few minutes ago.
  2. I went back to the old firmware last night. Had a solid 3+ hours of good games. The id of the server off of Africa is ID: 182bbb86c8b7f6fb which I imagine is the same one circled above.
  3. I upgraded the R1 to DumaOS, so I can't grab it right now. Chances are that I will get frustrated again and revert, so be patient, I'll get it eventually. We have a lot of bandwidth heavy devices.
  4. You cannot influence other peoples connections and determine if they do/don't connect to the server you're playing on unless you're the host of the server - if that is what you were asking. I am asking for the capability to permanently ban specific dedicated servers and all of the peer servers associated with the bank. I am fully aware that I can not control who else connects. It is looking like my only option is to camp on another dedicated server in another location. The one you're talking about is an anomaly and won't affect the Geo-Filter performance. Which server/ location does it come from? You could easily do this by setting your internet bandwidth to 10/10 and then lowering the Anti-Bufferbloat sliders to your desired bandwidth. Thank you for this, I have tried it on both devices and it is an effective throttle. I was under the impression that I needed to set the bandwidth to actual numbers.
  5. My connection is rock solid, I ran ping plotter last night for a few hours, and didn't need to make any adjustments.
  6. I would like to know which device and firmware would be better for BO4, I have the R1 and the XR500. I live in northern Florida, and am constantly in lobbies with people connecting with what seems like 56k/ hotspotting from their 3g connection from the islands off the coast whenever I connect to the Miami and Atlanta server. Speaking of the Miami server, there has to be a way to enable those of us who have spent considerable money on a "gaming" router that is supposed to "dominate lag" to be able to block connecting to specific areas. Oh, and your geofilter on the R1 needs quite a bit of work. Unless if there is a server bank off of the coast of Africa with a connection from northern Florida with a 23 ms ping. Another suggestion is to enable us to completely nerf our connections, ping wise as well as down/up. With gibabit up and down it is a joke to try to throttle my connection through the interface, I have to use both routers to even come close. Is it the game that is broken? Perhaps, but I can say that through owning both products for a number of years through multiple game releases the taste in my mouth is that of a gimmick that might work in certain instances, but not all.
  7. Is the update live? I didn't change anything on my setup and games tonight are smooth and feeling good. Edit: It was a fluke. had two good games then the rest were as they were before.
  8. It's been a while since I have got kicked using the Duma. I think it's most beneficial item is confirming when I have crap connection.
  9. Looking forward to the update. I have a suggestion: It would be great if the peer ping colors corresponded on the map..
  10. Looking forward to testing this out tonight when I get home. Thanks for the update and awesome support.
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