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Lag Comp Experiment Volunteers

Netduma Fraser

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One member from each group needs to take a screenshot of the final results. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.


If anyone can record their games and let us use it for a video that would be really helpful.


This form MUST be filled out after every game http://goo.gl/forms/ws4xs3HIhQ this is an experiment not a competitive tournament we need the results.


Important Notes: 

  • Starts at 5pm GMT. 
  • Liaisons (or 1 person of the group if you don't have one) please enter the chat room before 5pm. 
  • 6 games of FFA in your group (after the end of every match each member must fill out this quick form http://goo.gl/forms/ws4xs3HIhQ)
  • Do not start a game until we tell you to in the chat room.
  • The GeoFilter must be disabled and set to the entire world.
  • VPN must be disabled.
  • Upload and download device prioritisation should be reset.
  • The Google form should be submitted by all players at the end of each game.
  • Group liaison should send screen shot of leader board at the end of the game.
  • Finally this is not a tournament. Please don't complain about lag and just try your hardest each game no matter how bad it seems. We may be forcing you to lag remotely so again don't complain it's part of the experiment.
  • The map for all games is Redwood.
  • All players must use the first default load out (the Kuda class).
  • No score streaks.
  • Time limit 10 minutes.
  • Score limit unlimited.
  • Kill cam (disabled) so people are playing for as much of the game as possible.
  • All other settings should be left as default.
  • Please make sure that the game lobby is closed before the game begins to stop random people joining.
  • Do NOT reboot your router or change settings during an experiment or you will be banned from any further community activities.




USA Xbox A - full - NEED LIAISON


* Scrizzy - GT: Scrizapes
* secretface - GT: TheSirLagalot
* Rinky - GT: Rinkyy
* r0n33zy - GT: Micronizes
* Xpinkie_p1ex - GT: xpinkie_p1ex
* xXMegakillXx - GT: xXMegakill973Xx


USA Xbox B - full - NEED LIAISON


* Reconnected - GT: Reconn3cted
* killerkenmccoy - GT: Killerkenmccoy
* e38BimmerFN - PM for GT
* opa - GT: RSXbig0
* Ca11mecowboy - GT: Ca11mecowboy




UK Xbox A - full

* scooby - GT: utvvat
* Born Highlander - GT: Born Highlander
* alex.devine - GT: Swifty 13 Ghosts
* Pro Innocence - GT: Pro Innocence (liaison)
* He4DHuNt3r - GT: XuK He4DHuNt3r




USA PS4 A - full


* Silent - GT: ReallySilent
* TheGreatDansby - GT: TheGreatdansby (liaison) 
* Six7 Tango - GT: Six7_Tango
* reddyonot - GT: REDDYONOT
* a1pha TG - GT: alpha_old
* IjanitorI - GT: IjanitorI


USA PS4 B - full


* Merrith - GT: Alliceffekt
* velloonythedeity - GT: velloonythedeity (liaison)
* Numo36 - PM for GT
* OneNationUnderCOD - GT: MagicDykeLicious
* fuzzy clam - GT: Power--Diesel
* Silencedrage - GT: SiLeNcEdRaGe




* Madman - GT: xX_Madman82_Xx
* chapins26 - GT: T_Chapin26
* Luffayy - GT: Luffayy
* ltr7 - GT: ltr7
* corrosiveguy - GT: Corrosive_one
* DaTz - GT: DaTzBrAnDoN


USA PS4 D - full


* AOrtiz - GT: aoj2101
* shizz812 - GT: Shizz812
* slimshadie_559
* TheButcherShow - GT: thebutchershow (liaison)
* infa-red - GT: InFa-ReD
* kevo - GT: kevo_tha_kid




UK PS4 A - full


* ArdyCoD - GT: ArdFPS
* BIG__DOG - GT: nicknack_UK
* Kaks07 - GT: Kaks07
* TryHardUndies - GT: TryHardUndies
* Ian88 - GT: Caged_animal09
* DanSaturn - GT: little_saturn (liaison)




* willfalc - GT: DeathByApril
* MrRelentlessUK - GT: MrRelentless_UK (liaison)
* blakeyb1 - GT: BlakeyB_Sensei
* - Reserve - 

* - Reserve -

* - Reserve -


Reserve list


Bob Loblaw us ps or xb

ImSalladXbox UK Xbox

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XBox One: "Scrizapes" :  4kd, Fios Fiber 75/75, NewYorkCity / USA


I'm obsessed with tinkering to combat lag comp and a sweaty SOB lol.. (I'm very sensitive to small changes in hit registration, delay, lag advantage/disadvantage, etc.)

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Playstation 4 PSN - Alliceffekt

Los Angeles, CA, USA



New Netduma user here looking for a remedy to the ever intermittent lag comp. Hit detection and on screen enemy appearance are fairly noticeable to me when the comp kicks in!

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PS4 - LiLAsN
Singapore (with closest servers at Japan and Australia which is ridiculously far away) ping above 80+ms on Japan servers and 100+ms on Australian servers
1 Gbps download, 500 Mbps upload

PS. Able to record own gameplay

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