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  1. Given how trash the netcode is in all CODs, despite my prestine connection (A+ bufferbloat, less than 12ms ping to servers in game, and 1gb up/down bandwith), I am willing to try just about anything at this point.. I have found that things that are counterintuitive have had unexplained consistent benefts in the past (e.g., throttling, etc.). Tried your method by downloading the .40 hotfix, resetting, starting the game (New Modern Warfare) with only 1 5ghz wifi device attached, started a match, ran a youtube video, then disabled the wifi on the device.. but the tickrate never stabilizes above 120hz.. Any thoughts? Have a missed anything? Appreciate any feedback DMC
  2. This is the level of specificity I have been looking to achieve for quite some time. I feel like it is more effective than just putting ALL console/game packets through the hyperlane. I want to identify the specific game traffic ports being used for essential data (player movement, game assets, etc.) as opposed to stat tracking, voip, etc. and prioritize only those. If you could figure out how to set up the manual port rules in the advanced settings for traffic prioritization/hyperlane for Black Ops 4, that would be awesome! The traffic prioritization advanced options in Duma OS are not intuitive at all, so some guidance would be helpful. Certainly worth a try for the little extra boost it might give.
  3. Thank you for the detailed response and insight. I understand the logic behind these design decisions. I'm just curious to tinker a bit and see the results So to clarify, if for example I wanted to just prioritize outgoing (upload) traffic from port 9999 on the Xbox above all else, I would input Source- Start: 9999 End : 9999 Destination- Start: 1 End: 65535 And lastly, does the order of the rules in the prioritization chart reflect the strict priority hierarchy, or are all entries given equal weight?
  4. Love the new DumaOS, router performance, and stability. However, there seems to be a lot that is now automated and streamlined, which is great for the functionality of the average user. However, for those that like to tinker, there are a number of things happening under the hood that are harder to decipher. For example, the traffic prioritization (formerly hyperlane on the R1) has both the "DumaOS classified games" option, as well as a number of additional common profiles (e.g., "skype", "game consoles", some popular games, etc.) already configured. However, when you choose them, you can not see which actual ports are being configured for prioritization. So 1) there is no way to tell if all of the correct ports are present and 2) everything contained int the profile is treated as equal traffic. I would like to be able to perhaps give traffic from a single port higher priority, or just prioritize upload traffic, etc, rather than ALL traffic from my console (Xbox one in my case). Can anyone give a quick tutorial of how to properly configure the manual prioritization settings under Traffic priority > Add device > Select Device > Advanced There's Source (Start-End), and Destination (Start-End) and all fields need to be filled. Does that mean that I can't prioritize just upload traffic? Can someone just give an overview and example here, as there doesn't seem to be any instructions on this available. Much appreciated
  5. Despite good ping to the game server, I still get odd hiccups and rubber banding, regardless of whether I use Duma OS classified games rule or my own custom rule for prioritization.. Interestingly, as I monitor the device traffic when playing The Division, the majority of traffic is under the category "VOIP" and the application breakdown says "Skype". However, I am not in a party and game chat via VOIP is disabled. Is that strange? Why is the traffic showing up as VOIP? This is one of the reasons I was hoping for port and protocol breakdown rather than these category types. Clearly "Skype" must reflect some more general protocol in use because I do not even have that application installed and was not using any VOIP at the time. Any thoughts??
  6. But peer ping and ping assist serve two totally different purposes. Ping assist is a filtering feature to restrict ping to host to a tolerable level. Peer ping is a monitoring feature that shows why the guy next to you is warping all over the damn place with 100ms ping! lol Nothing you can do about that but quit, it's just validation of what you're eyes are telling you about the lag once you are already in a game. Ping assist is what assures YOUR lowest ping to the server or player host. It is critically important, even more so than geo-filtering for "close games" which do not always guarantee low ping as Od1n pointed out.
  7. After updating to the new firmware, the Allow/Deny option is now working. I play the Division on Xbox One. The Port Forwarding guide from Ubisoft suggests, Game ports: TCP 80, 443, 27015, 51000, 55000 to 55999, 56000 to 56999 UDP 33000 to 33499 Xbox Live ports TCP: 53, 80, 3074 UDP: 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500 When monitoring the game on the R1, I saw most of the traffic over port 55000 and 3074 to a lesser extent. But I experience strange lag (warping and rubber banding of other players and bad hit detection) in comparison to friends who have no clue about network settings and have never configured anything on their 20 dollar routers. I also tend to experience it worse when in party chat (particularly with multiple people), despite having 1 gig Fios Fiber internet, so it isn't a bandwith issue, and the geofilter usually shows me with less than 20ms pings to the game servers.. I'd love to tinker with prioritizing only a few specific ports listed above and see if it helps with lag and hit registration (which is generally horrible for me in this game) Thanks!
  8. Thanks Iain for the quick response and feedback. I was an early R1 adopter and Netduma has had hands down the best customer support I have ever seen or experienced. Companies 10 times as large could learn a thing or two from your efforts and hands on approach to engaging your community here on the forums. I look forward to seeing the return of Ping Assist. Still having trouble Allowing and Denying in the geofilter. I see the buttons, but they are not highlighted with an option to select them. "Autoping host" does not seem to activate automatically for some reason either. I have to manually pick the host to initiate the ping display. I will continue monitoring and report back. I don't know if others are having the same issues. As someone who enjoys tinkering with every nuance to find those sweet spots for my particular setup, as well as just understanding and monitoring the finer points of what is going on with my network and gaming, I do enjoy having the option to dive deeper into the settings and features. I must say, the automatic settings (for noobs or not) gave me a great experience, which is rare for me with any autoconfiguration options. So great job with whatever new voodoo is happening behind the scenes there! However, I would like the option of seeing the ports being used in the network monitoring for example, since I know that the ability already existed. This can help with knowing what specific ports might warrant forwarding or what to target for manual hyper-traffic prioritization for a particular game. I play the Division a lot and it is notorious for having some odd netcode/traffic and port usage [e.g., TCP rather than UDP for significant multiplayer game traffic according to Battle(Non)sense], so the standard COD approach to the Duma setup does not seem to apply. I found it required some different settings to get the best connection. I do not know what ports the Duma OS Classified traffic prioritization includes. How would I know if the necessary ports for The Division are included for example? It seems like most traffic from my console is getting the High Priority treatment from what I can see. But does that mean giving party chat the same priority as game traffic? Or Background server updates (stat tracking, etc.)? My experience with the R1 was that my hit registration and lag in some games was best when I could isolate only particular ports for the Hyperlane. So, 1) Seeing the relative port traffic for each game on Network monitoring might give a better sense of what is being used from game to game, and 2) a tutorial on proper configuration of the Advanced settings in Traffic Prioritization would clarify exactly how to set it up for the particular preferences of advanced users who wish to experiment. I see that it has changed from the "Hypertraffic" settings layout on the R1 and I'd like to make sure that I am doing it correctly for my needs. Again, thanks a lot. Awesome work!
  9. Love the power of the new router coupled with the Duma OS interface. I had the "R-App not loading" issue at startup, but the initial reset fixed it. No issue since. I am however noticing some changes to the software functionality, in addition to some nice new features and much improved design (e.g., customizable dashboard is a godsend). - Am I correct that the ping assist seems to have been removed from the Geo-filter? I found ping assist even more valuable than the distance restriction in that I could filter by my own ping to the host regardless of where it is. "Close" games do not always equate to low ping or stable ping games for a variety of reasons. Strange to remove this feature that exists and functions quite well on the existing Duma R1 - I also have not been able to use the Deny/Allow feature. I can select an icon on the map and see the associated statistics. However, even in the case of a player (rather than a dedicated server), the button to allow/prefer is not highlighted. Am I missing something? - There is a rule listed in the Traffic Prioritization section called Duma OS Classified Games set for "All Devices". I did not add this entry. Can someone explain what this rule entails? Is it just a general rule for all game related traffic on ANY device? If this is "enabled", will my xbox traffic not be guaranteed priority above other gaming devices/apps? - Lastly, the new traffic monitoring layout is great. However, on the R1, you are able to get a closer look at the specific ports that traffic is passing over on a device rather than just the traffic type (VOIP, web, etc.). I found that very useful analysis for understanding what ports the present game utilized most. Was there a particular reason for removing this feature? I appreciate any insight on these issues. Congrats again on the partnership!
  10. Nope, sorry, I'm in NYC with Verizon FIOS 1gig Up / 1gig Down (Not that bandwith itself matters), and my hit detection is still trash even with exceptional across the board on diagnostics and Triple A bufferbloat ratings. Connection quality in this game is random from one person, location, ISP, etc. to another.
  11. This really isn't true. They all have horrific hit detection. Treyarch games just have a longer time to kill (more base health = more bullets), which is actually preferable for creating a skill gap in gunfights. And I personally much prefer their games. But longer time to kill exposes the bad hit detection inherent to all COD games. When you kill someone in 3 bullets in a IW game, you are less likely to notice how completely off the hitboxes and hitreg are... It also isn't just about picking hosts, because even on the dedicated servers, the hit detection issues are significant.
  12. I'll take some of that..lol. Please share (privately by all means)
  13. Just tried the workaround and it worked, but its been inconsistent. I have to do it again anytime I switch games too. Do we know whats causing this issue?
  14. Yeah, I can't find games. It just hangs. I've reset my router and console about 10 times and still nothing. All ports forwarded appropriately, Geo filter is disabled.. Blops 3 (XB1) logs in, I go to find match and nothing. It says analyzing matches but never connects. Never had issues before. No idea whats going on.
  15. XBox One: "Scrizapes" : 4kd, Fios Fiber 75/75, NewYorkCity / USA I'm obsessed with tinkering to combat lag comp and a sweaty SOB lol.. (I'm very sensitive to small changes in hit registration, delay, lag advantage/disadvantage, etc.)
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