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  1. still having very poor wifi range performance after the update? could it be that my antenna is not working?
  2. i know it was delayed, but that was quite some time ago
  3. I am not sure if this antenna is working. wifi performance is not very good, but i dont know whether its the antenna or thr software IMG_6953.MOV
  4. Hi Fraser, just tested it with the exact same result
  5. what even is this? ahahha just one shotting me so much later i hit him
  6. i guess that the same case with connection benchmark?
  7. do i get different results doing the test via lan or wifi?
  8. sorry forgot about chrome, but i made the process with chrome with the same outcome R2pppoe.mov
  9. exactly, download would still be at 100 mbps
  10. two other clips in the same round. first clip i hit so much earlier, but he still lasers me (he jumpshoots as i am already dead). second clip same gun, shoot first die first
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