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  1. Never mind I can see the banner. Cheers Alex.
  2. Can you please add me too. Been patiently waiting all along. Regards
  3. So, its not first come first serve? I have signed up within the first couple hours and constantly monitoring the forum, didn't want to be impatient and constantly bugging you guys. So now mine is going to be delayed because some people been constantly asking?
  4. If there is a beta going on, please consider me too
  5. Hi Jack, Makes sense I though it was the other way around. Since I play Destiny for me there are multiple players that are circled but there are gaps in the circle. Hard to explain hahaha. So maybe they are all hosting? Thanks in advance.
  6. Well I do play Destiny so its mostly P2P. COD on another hand could be another story. Cannot comment as I do not play it. Cheers.
  7. Hi, Just a question. I set my ping assist lets say 30ms but when I am connected to people the Duma pings over 100. Is this normal? or am I missing something? thanks.
  8. Correct me if I am wrong but this is regarding the milestone 1.3 which includes ping assist and other ping stats on the router? Cheers.
  9. Yeah this is something similar that happens to me. getting hit first before the guy pops out lol. Just called Plus Net and they do not offer gaming package apparently - saw another broadband provider called Ghosts Broadband for gaming that apparently are good. So they said an engineer will call to answer technical questions. well lets see what they say about UDP packets. IDNET have gaming package but too expensive. FTTP may be the only solution shame its not available readily. I will call TalkTalk to see what they say. Will keep you updated. Cheers.
  10. Yes ping is great on paper but in game it’s a different story. Is there anything outside the router that can be improved on like isp’s etc. I’m with TalkTalk and its a huge improvement on virgin. Maybe a few suggestions other than fttp. cheers
  11. I’m with TT as well but play Destiny. Got all shielded wires etc. DMZ Upnp - whatever you call it and I get crappy hit detection. you mentioned udp traffic is what matters although TT says they don’t do traffic management. I’ve just purchased TT and my GOD how much better it is from virgin but not quite Carling to use the term. Was wondering isn’t contacting the isp sort this issue to get them to prioritise udp traffic? Or should someone go to isp like AAISP that can perform better? Or any suggestions on how to actually improve connectivity as I feel I get hit before I even see an enemy. It’s inconsistent. I know the best solution would be FTTP but availability is the only issue. cheers in advance 😀
  12. Hey Jack, Are you guys looking into for something like Destiny Forsaken? There is a consistent pain when you find people teleporting and the hit detection is just balls lol I am aware it’s peer to peer but is there anything we can improve on? Tired of people within my range kill me with one burst that look like 3 bursts in one frame. Also Duma OS insist on connecting me to the European server rather than Irish, which is closer. 11-12ms ping but there is a consistent delay in hit registration etc. So hoping you’ve got something covered for us destiny gamers as well. cheers.
  13. Cheers for the help mate. you think SFTP would be better than STP? cheers
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