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  1. I hosted my group and I could honestly say I did not experience any advantage. People were actually laughing and telling me that they shot me around walls. But you have all my footage as well. Lol
  2. Do we need to run any specific settings with sliders and such?
  3. Are there any particular settings you want us to run while doing this?
  4. I already had a few of these guys on my friends list. I added the others and I'm waiting for them to accept the request.
  5. Do you have a liaison for ps4 usa group A? If you don't I'll do it.
  6. Haven't put the xbox one on in over a month... time to dust that baby off!! Lmao
  7. Some of the marksman variants are beasts but most aren't so good. I'm sure everyone has the asm1 magnitude though... only need 300 kills with the asm1 to get it.
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