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  1. When we will have the ping embler back. I used it faithfully in my gameplays and live streams so ppl can see my ping. also the tracer feature and profile saving?. also can we get different qos setup scripts like piece_of_cake,simplest tbf,simplest.qos,layer_cake, etc?.
  2. 9 ping on chicago server 20 on stl. battlefield 18 ping sometime 24. it just feel off in cod, but battlefield everything ok.
  3. it just feel like its hard for me to turn my control and shots not connecting. do you think im better off with the netgear 8 switch ?. also how did you set your up.
  4. I need help getting a true bridge mode.
  5. I recently just left charter spectrum, and now with at&t fiber 300 upload & download. I need a step by step guide on how to bridge mode at&t "bgw210 700" modem/ router combo to my XR500 router. I tried it on my own but it felt like I was running slow and turning slow.
  6. I said it wrong, I still get menu lag and i have the pro
  7. I was getting menu lag, and i got the pro
  8. if you live in Minnesota, you shouldn't be on the stl server. you should be on the chi one.
  9. that's just treyarch, they turned some of the servers off. turn your ping assist off are lower it to like 10.
  10. the Blizzard Ent, Inc server shows to be in california on the geo filter, but when i look up the ip on whatismyipaddress.com. it shows to be in kansas.
  11. its the game, black ops 4 servers are on peer 2 peer, because i brought up b03 and had no probs with finding servers.
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