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  1. That's what I did, but thanks anyway. Atleast it is sorted now.
  2. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Liam R2 is back up and running. I plugged it in and I gained access to the gui, I am worried about doing a pinhole reset and it locks me out again.
  3. @Netduma Fraser tried the reset button again as you suggested and nothing happened. I have unplugged it and will plug it back in over the weekend or on monday.
  4. Hi. It is something more than trying an incognito window as there is no ssid broadcast. I have auto delete cookies and cache when a window closes too. I did a manual config in the adapter settings and manually set ip address and gateway and it would not connect to the internet at all as windows gave me a no dhcp error. When i press the reset button it does nothing, not even the lights change on the router which would show a reset is in progress. I reported to @Netduma Fraser the other day that when I installed this firmware that I could not log out of the GUI. I do not have pppoe so the R2 just acts as a switch and I got my isp assigned ip address.
  5. Just plugged the power back in after leaving it unplugged for 30 mins and held in the pinhole reset. Still nothing The pinhole does not seem to work at all. There is also no default ssid. The "nicknack" ssid is for the family router on another connected line.
  6. I have since tried it on windows and also on my m1 mac mini and it's still the same. I did a factory reset via the GUI but I will have to go into my server cabinet and do a manual pinhole reset and see if that works.
  7. I also tried edge (yuk) as well as chrome and both the same.
  8. I have downloaded this version and installed it today (i have been too busy to be more active on here). I noticed that when you click "log out" it does not actually log you out, even if you close the browser and log into the router it loads you straight back onto the dashboard without password prompt.
  9. can you swap the ehternet cable for your android box with another cable to rule out a cable fault.
  10. have you tried my suggestion about the wifi for android box to see if that fixes your issue, then we can check the ethernet cable.
  11. is your android box wifi capable, if so set it to use wifi, remove the ethernet cable and then do a speedtest on your ps4.
  12. First of all, I wouldnt rely on a speedtest from the ps4, I would do 1 from a pc or laptop wired into the R2 not wifi as this will give you the more accurate result. I would also check your bandwidth allocation to the android box but first of all I would check the cat rating of your cables to make sure they are atleast cat5E but preferably cat6. Sorry but it will be a process of elimination. Glad you found out a solution though to save buying a switch.
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