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  1. Glad you got it sorted, I will close this thread.
  2. you may also have the add the text from the ca file also or if you have copied and pasted a "." as an example it will fail to connect.
  3. open this file and you will see what we mean, open it with a text editor. south_africa.ovpn
  4. copy & paste the entire text from the openvpn file so that we can see what you did as it has to be precise to work. or easier still attach the openvpn file to this thread.
  5. also, games consoles and most pc's nic cards and laptops all have 1gb ports. Above 1gb is not widespread and thus will take a long time before it becomes mainstream. Your options are very limited indeed.
  6. Agh, ok, I didnt do a deep dive to find out I just saw what was posted on their main page. My point still stands though regarding psn and xbox even with the openvpn config file. Good find though. Just some of the wording suggest you "download and install openvpn" and "add the configuration to openvpn"
  7. NoLag vpn is for pc gamers only. It runs through their proprietary windows based app. There is no config file to be downloaded for a router. It cannot be used for playstation or xbox either and you cannot use a pc running the app to piggyback your console onto it. All this infor is on their website.
  8. google drive is better. The files are stored off site and can be assigned a private download or share link. Alternatively if you want to be "more professional" as you put it then buy a good quality NAS such as as QNAP or Synology.
  9. There is only 1 router on the market that I can think of that allows you to upload an image and use it as a background, or maybe as the loging screen (I cannot remember which) and that is a Synology router. And as for the router being more "blingy" its a gaming router, meant for gaming. 😀
  10. As above, chrome is an excellent choice on mac. Safari does not play nice with dumaOS as I can recreate on my pc the possible error you are getting. I also ran into an issue where I couldnt even get the page to load at all unless i used http as it defaults to https which is a secure connection.
  11. Have you tried clearing the browser cache then trying to log in again?
  12. Hi, are you running a vpn? I have just checked mine and it is fine and my vpn is turned off.
  13. As above. You really need a NUC or a NAS in order to get the best experience with Plex. Plex works absolutely fine on every device I can stream to including both mu 55" LG 4K tv\s which have built in plex client apps available. An a side note, I still have a Nvidia Shield TV which is fantastic as a plex server but you would need the more expensive model rather than the budget version.
  14. you will need your pppoe username and password in order to use a draytek vigor modem you will have to use wireshark to get them as sky will not give them to you as they only want you to use their equipment. There are videos on youtube on how to do this.
  15. I have the Linksys Velop mesh wifi system. It is in bridge mode connected to my R2 and works fine.
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