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  1. I can only go off whatI have seen in this picture. Maybe someone from Netduma can answer that.
  2. Hi. The physical LAN ports still work and so does the wireless capabilities such as guest and your main wifi.
  3. try clearing the browser cache and doing an ip release/renew in cmd prompt.
  4. You shouldn't have to reset every time you visit. Hopefully Netduma will respond soon to you.
  5. Not heard of this happening, I have the XR500 running .56 and it runs fine. Hopefully as Fraser say's it will be resolved when the next firmware is released.
  6. you are more than likely to experience packet loss if you are gaming over wifi or performing a pingplotter test over wifi. Try using twitter.com as your ping test.
  7. no, just enable filtering mode once the console has booted up, then turn on geo and then start game. That's how I do it on the xbox.
  8. Hi. You do know you should only turn on the geo filter once your console has fully booted up and you are on your home screen? You should always wait 2 minutes before searching for a game also.
  9. possible, or you could be pinging a better server on speedtest.net. I can tell you that if you reboot your router/modem or modem a few times in short intervals you can be placed on what is called interleaving which reduces your speeds as the dslam thinks you have a fault on your line so it sacrifices speed for stability and after a period of stability (usually 9-11 days) it will go back to what is called fastpath which will be your maximum attainable speeds.
  10. i take it that your network knowledge is limited (not meanining to insult you) as tcp and udp are packet types. PPTP is being phased out by most if not all vpn providers at is very insecure compared to penvpn. setting up hma and pure are easy and express vpn i am sure you can get a config file from them. Please check this link out for more information http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
  11. what game are you trying to play?
  12. ok, set your geo filter to spectating mode and start the game ( cod for example) when the game has launched enable the geo by placing it into filtering mode then search for a game lobby. Always go into spectating mode when finished gaming.
  13. because you are using a sky modem/router it is a bit more complicated to setup. You need to disable opnp on the sky modem/router and add the ip address of the XR500 that it has been given in the sky dhcp table and input that ip address into the DMZ section of your sky modem/router.
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