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  1. The reason it is showing as 88.1 which is your routers ip address is because all your devices are using the dns cloudflare address that you inputted into the router so all your devices that connect to the router will use your cloudflare address which I assume you actually wanted to do. Otherwise, leave it set to automatic which will use google's dns servers and add the cloudflare dns addresses to each device at a time in their respective settings menu.
  2. Sorry, we will not help you to install software that is not Netduma's DumaOS as this is a forum for that software. It is not supported on DD-WRT's website hardware compatability listing. Sorry but you are going to have to seek alternative resources to reach your goal.
  3. BIG__DOG


    we cannot help you, your connection is unique to yourself. Glad you sorted it anyhow!
  4. start game, and before you search for a game add your friend to the lobby, then go to your geo filter and you should see your friends icon. Add him to your allowed list and then you should be able to play together and speak in party chat. Let us know if you have further issues regarding this problem.
  5. In that case it is a game issue. I have the exact same thing on the xbox and it shows in my network settings that I have an open nat, it allows me to do a nat type test and that too comes back as open but the game says it is moderate. This is a game issue as I also know that my ports needed are 100% open, so don't worry!
  6. There isn't 1, you pay $10 a month..... I cannot find a catch so far! You can only backup your content you cannot just upload to the cloud instead of having a drive i don't think. Decided to share for those that maybe interested. The video does guide you through setting it up!
  7. Came across this video for those of you with a Synology NAS and are interested in unlimited cloud storage/backup.
  8. turn console off, disable upnp in xr500 menu and apply then power off XR500 and unplug from power for 2 minutes. Then, plug the power back into XR500 and reboot. Wait 2 minutes and re-enable upnp and apply then reboot console and you should have open nat. Try this step and if this does not work I shall send you a port forwarding guide.
  9. They do not want users to use their own hardware, they specifically mask their usernames and passwords and unless you know how to obtain them via wireshark then you are forced to use their hardware!
  10. cloud based gaming?.....yukerty yuk, all that extra lag! Is this their united response to googles entrance into the cloud gaming marketplace!!
  11. You can buy another router ( a cheap one will do) and set it up with it's own subnet and thus giving you it's own network. You can then set up it's wifi as usual and access it at any time. This is how I have mine configured for my kids, I am able to limit, control, disable and schedule without impacting my main network.
  12. I have an excellent KD record on PS4, especially on BO3. However, the user experience, limitation of customization and the sheer lack of useful apps is the main reason why my ps4 is in the conservatory gathering dust and my xbox is now getting the love!
  13. Netduma have a partnership deal with netgear. They have just released the XR300 and the dumaOS is also available on their own R1 router. Hopefully Netduma will release a newer router of their own 1 day!
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