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  1. That feature is currently not available, Netduma have stated previously that they plan to implement this feature in a future firmware release. Hopefully it is added sooner rather than later as it is a common feature on most other routers.
  2. I am impressed, better than my proxy solution ( on top of a lamp shade). 😁👍
  3. I dont think it was a mini outage as the router rebooted rather than just a connection drop. There was also no power fluctuations either at that time. as I was in bed at the time and noticed alexa would not turn off the lights and had the red ring). I wasn't going back down and waited til I had to get up and then saw that it had rebooted at the same time as I got into bed.
  4. Still suffering from the same old issue of random reboot. Went for a full week without issues. Just got into bed and the wifi had gone off. Got up in the middle of the night and it was back on so popped down and logged into the router to see it had rebooted itself . Here is the log file and screenshot of up time. Was hoping this ancient issue would have been resolved after all this time but it is still prevalent. There are also a large cluster of daemon errors at the bottom. log-1605149086752.txt
  5. this .179 update is for the R2. ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)
  6. Ok, got up this morning and dashboard fails to load. I have not cleared any chache or rebooted yet as wanted to capture console reports which are attached to this post. There are no kernel errors in the log file either. R-Apps failing to load, same old issue keeps reoccurring.
  7. I am finding this the most stable FW so far. Had no issues to speak of and I usually speak of them quite soon after an install. I will be keeping this as the main router for now unless I get my usual unwanted reboots, but so far it is purring like a kitten.
  8. Those errors are in relation to a device Is this a main rrouter connected to the R2? There is no actual error regarding the R2 as I can see but I am not a dev but it does not look like an R2 error per se. You are using safari also. @Netduma Fraser or @Netduma Jack B is Safari browser supported?
  9. Did you do what @Netduma Fraser said to do and factory reset the R2 after upgrading to .179?
  10. Installed and running well (so far). Noticeable improvement on wifi.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum. Gaming over wifi is not advisable as it can cause a poor gaming experience such as lag. It is always best to game over ethernet whenever possible.If you are using 2 consoles I suggest you go into your xbox network settings and change the port from 3074 to 3075 or alternatively put 1 of the consoles into DMZ.
  12. Nothing better than a good binge of S-G 1.......................... apart from BSG which is the best sci-fi series ever created.
  13. hmmmm. All i can suggest is you either go to netgears support pages, wait and see if netduma reply or downgrade the firmware to previous version and see if the plex server updates. The last option is the 1 I personally would try just to omit any bug that maybe in the latest version.
  14. Are you using the beta version of dumaOS for the XR700? That is if they have released one yet. If there is one out and you are running it then that will be the answer. If you are not then I don't know but hopefully netduma can answer this or go to netgears support pages as it is them who release the plex updates.
  15. yeah, as we all know updates from netgear are sparse to say the least, but plex pushes updates on a regular basis to the XR700 and all compatible devices running plex.
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