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  1. swines. You will need a static ip address then if that is what they are telling you which is causing you nat restrictions. That is a bit shadey of them and I certainly wouldn't be with a company which pulls crap like that on it's customers. It looks like you are using a shared ip address.....YUK! CGNAT = Carrier Grade Nat. I have a static ip with my ISP, but It was what I wanted and it comes in handy when accessing my files away from home etc etc CGNAT is used by telcos running short of public IPv4 addresses. By deploying CGNAT, a mobile network or ISP can stick a bunch of customers – typically small businesses and home subscribers – on private IPv4 addresses and route them through a small set of global IPv4 addresses.
  2. movies, music and spending quality time with my wife and grown up kids.
  3. vivo are a good make for monitor stands!
  4. if this happened during a lightening storm you may have had a power surge which my have caused some damage to the circuit board. You may be out of warrantee/guarantee as it is over 12 months old but I am pretty certain it would not cover "acts of god" as cause of damage by lightening strike as this happened to me many years ago and an act of god is what the insurance company called it.
  5. DPP is Deep Packet Processing. It takes more processor power to perform and can slow speeds down on the R1 (this is my view and not that of Netduma).
  6. also on dumaOS DPP is enabled and connot be disabled but on OG FW it is disabled by default.
  7. You should never alter the MTU, leave it turned off as this will use the default MTU value for your connection type.
  8. it won't put a fault on your line unless you wire it incorrectly! You can ask an engineer to come out and do it but they may charge you. There are many videos on how to change a faceplate on youtube.
  9. also, are you using wifi to connect and if so did you alter the username and passwors while you were connected?
  10. hi the NTESC or MK4 socket has no need for a vdls filter as it has it's own port that will allow you to plug a modem directly into.
  11. which dns are you trying to use? Try and run a dns leak test also. I would also clear the cache from your devices. Example for windows.................. open cmd prompt and type without quotes "ipconfig /flushdns" and hit enter. Example for chrome. in the address bar type without quotes "chrome://net-internals/#dns" and hit enter.
  12. A static ip is a public ip address assigned by your isp to yourself. It allows you to communicate to your network when away from home such as ftp, nas access, home security camera management and web hosting. I have 1. A dynamic ip address is what most people have, this will change from time to time depending on certain factors such as powering off your router. This can still enable you to get the same ip address you had before a power down but it is not guaranteed by no means. With a dynamic ip address you would need to use a dynamic dns service in order to perform the tasks i outlined above for remote network management.
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