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  1. You didn't install the firmware using wifi did you by any chance? Just with you saying you had a "connection interrupted" message, that would imply that's why.
  2. Topic closed due to members query solved.
  3. Hi. Please make sure that you input the vpn service/s dns address into the router also. This will stop any leaks. This should be done on ANY router when using a vpn service.
  4. Hi. The R2 & R1 does not support this, but if my memory serves me correctly the XR500, 700 & 1000 do.
  5. hi. https://portforward.com/ will give you every port for every game. Remember to disable upnp if you are going to port forward though to avoid conflicts. Giving your xbox 100% priority in qos will do exactly that if there is a heavy work load on the network. If you want to give your xbox priority and limit the bandwidth to other devices hen you would have to disable share exxess in the qos options menu.
  6. v1.20 is a beta version which I believe has a few issues. The stable release is v.114 and is recommended to use.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum. First of all I would Suggest disconnecting ALL devices. Then just connect your pc, then do a speed test. If the issue is still there I would then use a new ethernet cable from the isp router to your R2 and test again. If it is still there I would use a new cable between your R2 and your pc. Massive spiking like that is usually a sign of interference which can be caused by a fault cable(s) but not exclusively. This kind of issue is a process of elimination and can be a long tedious process. Hope this helps and can resolve your issue.
  8. Hi, sorry to hear you are having issues. When the power is on and connected press the pinhole reset button with a paperclip and keep it pressed for about 10 secods. This will factory reset the R2. You should be able to get it back up and running.
  9. Any member asking to be messaged privately for help with "the method" will be banned under suspicion of trying to obtain money against our forum terms and conditions. Do not ask to be messaged privately. We do not condone cheating or onbtaining money by circumventing a games features, privacy or security protocols.
  10. Quiery resolved, thread now closed.
  11. We as a Forum and Netduma do not support or condone circumventing game developers matchmaking, filtering procedures or otherwise attempting to play the game a way not intended by the developer. This forum is to support the hardware and firmware of Netduma and it's partner Netgear. Please look in alternative forums or newsgroups if you wish to cheat.
  12. Will consider this thread resolved and closed.
  13. sorry for late reply. if you are leaving your sh in router mode then place the ip assigned to the R2 by the sh into the DMZ of the sh and then make that ip address static. Disable wifi on the sh also. I think you can also disable DHCP on the sh once your R2 has a static ip address.
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