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  1. There is what is known as "hand shaking" this means that a router has to communicate and varify itself to the ISP that it belongs to the owner who is subscribed to them which is you. This takes a longer than usual time if you have a PPPoE connection. Aggressive mode sends a connection request about every 20 seconds or so, this may cause an isp to think it is under an attack. It is not recommended to reboot your router or turn it off regularly as leaving it on is what it is designed to do. Hope this helps to explain the reasons why it takes so long to obtain a public IP address and connect to the internet.
  2. Hi. on the XR series of routers there is also netgears firmware that runs under dumaOS. So it is a bit more complicated implementing fixes as both Netduma and then Netgear do testing and then Netgear decide when updates are made available. I did mention above that there is work being done on a new firmware that Netduma are working on for the Xr500 range which @Killhippie and @Zippy is unaware of and not the firmware he thinks I meant in his above comment. I hope this is soon for everyone but we are aware of everyone's concern as we too including myself have the XR routers too. Have a lovely weekend everyone and happy gaming!
  3. I am not sure as I not familiar with FIOS as I live in the UK. But, if you know the ip address of yor XR700 that your isp router gave it in your isp routers dhcp list then add that ip address to your DMZ and you will be ok. If there is a member on here that has fios they can show you where your static ip address reservation is located. You could also ring fios if they have a customer services number and get tech support to show you how to do it on your fios router.
  4. Hi. disable upnp and all wifi on your isp supplied device. give your XR700 a static ip address on your isp device and then add that device to your isp's DMZ. That should resolve your issue but make sure your console is powered off when you do these steps and when you have done reboot your console and check your nat and let us know if your issue was resolved.
  5. I understand a firmware update is currently being worked on but it's release date is unclear yet. Hopefully a patch for this issue is included in said update. Please note that although Netduma work on thier software ultimately it is down to Netgear when firmware is released as the hardware is their product.
  6. @Kostas83 hope your quiery was answered to your satisfaction, I will now close this thread.
  7. Glad to hear your issue has been resolved. I will close this thread.
  8. if you want to stop people from connecting to a pblic match on a games server then yo cannot stop them from joining as you cannot control who connects to a games server yo are on. Only in a private lobby can you do that, otherwise that would be cheating. Depending on the game, you can choose the location of a games server you want to play on.
  9. BIG__DOG


    A VPN can help secure your connection by encrypting incoming and outgoing data your mobile device receives. It cannot protect yo from malware but can protect yo from snooping data theives nearby on the same public wifi. Having said that, I advise NEVER to access your emails, bank acconts or any other financial service you have when connected to a pblic wifi network. Infact I wold advise never to connect to a public wifi (that is the best form of protection).
  10. untick fast search. Fast search bypasses your geo filtering settings to find you a game.
  11. go into your fritzbox config page and disable it's upnp and then add the ip address that fritzbox gives your R1 in DHCP into the DMZ section of your fritzbox. Also make sure you assign that ip address as static also so it does not change. Your fritzbox should be the unit that handles pppoe and not the R1. The R1 will gain a WAN ip address from your fritzbox and connect through that.
  12. Here is a link on how to use a vpn that is not supported other than HMA or purevpn which is. You will need the cert file and also the config file. Hope this is helpful
  13. Hi. It is not as simple as adding the openvpn config file. I shall see if there is a file in the archive and post if if I find it. There are some users in here that do have P.I.A so hopefully they can post the details you need.
  14. you are having double nat? Are you connecting your XR500 to another router such as provided by your isp (with a built-in modem)? As you are pppoe I will assume you are connecting via adsl/vdsl? Sorry for such a delayed reply since I was tagged in your post, been a hectic weekend.
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