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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. What version of firmware was you running when you had to downgrade?
  2. You need to add your VPN's dns addresses to secure your dns from leaking. No leaks for me!
  3. some servers are active at certain times than others depending on varying factors. It is best to run a ping heatmap scan and see which servers are active, especially those in African and Asian countries.
  4. Hi Please don't create multiple threads regarding the same issue/topic. Your identical thread you created I have removed. Not sure why your R1 is capping your speeds so drastically but the R2 can certainly cope with your speeds no problem. Hopefully a Netduma Tech will reply soon as possible.
  5. People keep saying that using a vpn is better and advantageous but that is not the case. A vpn adds extra encryption as packets are encrypted by the vpn service to avoid being detected like other packets sent through a vpn. Therefore adding gaming packets to a vpn with the extra encryption will obviously add delay to your gaming response as they have to then be decrypted. Where this myth that gaming over a vpn is better came from I don't know. Although it maybe ok for RPG games it is certainly not for twitch shooters such as COD as every millisecond counts.
  6. quick question......he is using an ipv6 address, doesn't the R2 not fully support ipv6 yet or am I missing something?
  7. @Cdog77 This is the method that is "supposed" to bypass SBMM but as stated already it is up for debate. It is also said that S.A servers or Indian server. You can find servers for game by using ping heatmap to find servers.
  8. Please be respectful to other members of the forum, theres no need to be rude or disrespectful to others. Also @titofuenla is a forum member and does not represent Netduma in any way and his opinions are his own.
  9. Hi and welcome. Is this happening over wifi or ethernet? I know your phone is wifi but are there any ethernet devices loosing connectivity also?
  10. Hello and welcome. Here is a link for the user manual and guide to familiarise yourself with the R2. There are numerous videos by netduma ad other duma users on yourutbe regarding geo-filtering etc. Netduma Youtube Channel
  11. seriously I would put that down to placebo or SBMM slackening off as TCP packets are not used in real-time gaming such s FPS games. There are also other factors to take into consideration when having a bad gaming session: Time of day such as peak times. Congestion on isp network. Gaming over wifi (which is the worse way to game). Sever capacity or faults. Weather conditions affecting line quality (water for example getting into service ducts under pavement or cabinet.....either rain or condensation). You can control your traffic going out of your network but you cannot control everything else after that point (geo filtering excluded).
  12. I have been reading through the comments on this thread and I have seen a few things that came to my attention. 1 was a suggestion to use ports 1 - 65535, this is the exact same as placing your device into DMZ and getting no protection from firewall and is ill advised. The best way to get open nat is to just use upnp. Activisions algorithm changes the lobbies depending on your score,kd etc etc and this is Skill based Match making and no matter what ports or qos or router you use you cannot combat this at all. They screw you over and frustrate the hell out of the players that play this game and dangle the odd carrot to keep you playing, UDP packets are used for gaming and not TCP so priorising TCP packets would be useless in any case. Netdumas routers and sooftwae can prioritise your network traffic but no rouer on the planet can affect the algorithm that is SBMM.
  13. Did you keep it pressed in for 10 seconds?
  14. Hi and welcome. currently there is no scheduling ability on the router at the moment.
  15. The XR1000 has better hardware but you wont notice a night n day difference in performance.
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