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  1. BIG__DOG

    Bricked Netduma

    unplug the router for 10 mins, then while you are holding in the reset button with a pin plug the power back in, hold for 10 seconds and release. Then try to access the router. If that does not work you will have to wait for a response from Netduma as it is possible you have broken your router.
  2. BIG__DOG

    Bricked Netduma

    connect your pc to your R1 and open command prompt and type ipconfig then hit enter and make sure you can see your gateway address. You should be able to input that into your browser and open the web gui from there. I would also advise you clear your browser cache first before doing this.
  3. BIG__DOG


    Hi and welcome to the forum. What information do you require. You will have to give details of what you want in order for us to help you. Soundcloud is a music streaming service, you can also upload your own songs. https://soundcloud.com
  4. Hi Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC. PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.
  5. BIG__DOG

    Qos / Pingplotter question

    Hi. Depending on what server/ip address you are testing they can change while your in the middle of a test (bbc is well known for this as an example). Please next time you run pingplotter take a screenshot when you see it change so that we can better understand what it is you are experiencing and if it is what I said and suspect it is.
  6. BIG__DOG

    No Open NAT suddenly???

    what is your R1 connected to and how? Example: is it connected to a modem/router combo or a modem or a gateway?
  7. BIG__DOG

    No Open NAT suddenly???

    When you downgraded did you perform a factory reset, if not then you should do! Also never use upnp and port forwarding at the same time, you will have issues if you do, it's either 1 or the other.
  8. BIG__DOG

    Network setup question

    connect the lan cable from lan 1 of your combo into wan of the R1 and everything goes into the r1 from there (including your switch). The ip address of the R1 is but your combo may have issued it it's own ip address, in that case on your pc if it is then connected to the R1 go to command prompt and type ipconfig and hit enter, it should then show you your gateway ip address which will be your R1 as the PC will assume your R1 is the gateway.
  9. In the Hbtid VPN feature on DumaOS on the XR500 there's the option to just put behind a vpn the devices you wish to.
  10. BIG__DOG

    Hybrid VPN Force DNS

    That would be a good feature to add, but as it stands at the moment you have to add the vpn dns addresses into the wan interface. Having said that it is the same on most other routers that I know as I cannot think of any that allow that feature.
  11. BIG__DOG

    Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix

    The newer upnp2 is more secure than the traditional upnp standard which I have seen on the latest asus merlin firmware but I still rather use port forwarding.
  12. BIG__DOG

    Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix

    3074 for 1 and 3075 for the other. OR, port forward 1 device and DMZ the other and disable DMZ when gaming has finished. It is far less of a security risk to DMZ a games console than it is a pc. I would never ever suggest you DMZ anything except a console.
  13. BIG__DOG

    Port Forwarding on XR500/XR700

    For all of you that are new to port forwarding and want to use it as a more reliable way of opening ports that are needed for your gaming needs then look no further than the portforward.com guide to help you with a step by step guide. Please remember to disable upnp as you cannot port forward and use upnp at the same time without port conflicts. https://portforward.com/netgear/nighthawk-xr500/
  14. BIG__DOG

    Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix

    All Firmware releases are down to Netgear and when they roll them out. Using port forwarding is 100% reliable which is more than can be said for upnp on any router as upnp is not 100% guaranteed to open all ports that are needed. If you want to try port forwarding then follow this simple guide but remember to disable upnp as it hinders port forwarding and causes conflicts. https://portforward.com/netgear/nighthawk-xr500/
  15. BIG__DOG

    modem question

    That should be fine, it has a broadcom chipset.