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Lag Comp Experiment Volunteers

Netduma Fraser

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PSN: quickfaith

Location: Wrexham, North Wales, UK

K/D: 2.12

Download: 30(ish)Mbps

Upload: 12(ish)Mbps

I should be around for 5pm on 28th February. If you definitely need me, let me know ASAP and I'll make sure I'm 100% free for this.

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I've been wanting to test some things myself but I doubt it's the same as you're intending to do. I'd like to get 12 players together and have each one record video footage as well as graph ping times to the server for the duration of the match. I'd say you could get a lot from that data if it was synced properly. I don't own a capture card so I'm pretty much useless. 


However, if you're not wanting video footage I'm willing to help. I'm in Tennessee and I'm at 25 up 125 down. I own the game on PS4 and Xbox One.

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We intend to do a double blind (meaning we don't know the results ourselves) experiment on Lag Comp to determine once and for all the key factor. 


This will only be of interest to the sweatiest of CoD players! We'll publish the results and create a video out of it as well. 


Date: 28th February 2016

Time: 17:00 GMT


Only relatively high skill level players need apply (no offence!), as they are the only people that notice the nuances of the so called Lag Comp monster. 


Let us know what console(s) you have, your Gamertag and your location in the world. We will let you guys know who we pick. Please make sure your bandwidth is above 10mbps down, 2 mbps up as we don't want that influencing the experiment. 

Not too sure how the test is going to be tested out however, it would be interesting if "artificial lag" is tested for the entirety of the game or only during initial startup/beginning of game.

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PSN: Vigilant_Kiwi

30mb down 8mb up

New Zealand


The only server closest is in Ausrtalia for us. throttling helps alot against lag comp to bring the game to a playable level. I play almost every night and usually a full party. Very interested in the results of this experiment.

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