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  1. you still play bfh and finding lobbies? i loved that game
  2. does anyone have a hdmi 2.1 tv with 4k and 120+ hz? what fps do you get when playing on 4k? so shit that the ps5 doesnt support 1440p so you could reach 120 fps on a higher resolution than 1080p.
  3. What do you mean by apply to wan and normal? i dont see this in TP
  4. i am seeing more upload packets beeing prioritized with: UDP - Source Port (1:65535) - Destination Port (3074:56999). any idea why?
  5. Kommt ihr in cod auf den deutschen dedicated server? zu bo3 immer auf dem gespielt, aber jetzt schon seit langem spiel ich nie auf dem
  6. have thr r2 with xr500 in ap mode. is it normal that active devices that are connected with the xr500 are not shown as online in the gui of the r2?
  7. still having very poor wifi range performance after the update? could it be that my antenna is not working?
  8. i know it was delayed, but that was quite some time ago
  9. I am not sure if this antenna is working. wifi performance is not very good, but i dont know whether its the antenna or thr software IMG_6953.MOV
  10. Hi Fraser, just tested it with the exact same result
  11. what even is this? ahahha just one shotting me so much later i hit him
  12. i guess that the same case with connection benchmark?
  13. do i get different results doing the test via lan or wifi?
  14. sorry forgot about chrome, but i made the process with chrome with the same outcome R2pppoe.mov
  15. exactly, download would still be at 100 mbps
  16. two other clips in the same round. first clip i hit so much earlier, but he still lasers me (he jumpshoots as i am already dead). second clip same gun, shoot first die first
  17. I can move the slider around but it hasnt an effect
  18. The problem isnt my hit detection. Its just that they kill me instantly and see me ahead when running around corners. I feel helpless in frontal 1v1 gunfights
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