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  1. Ok so this answers my question. So I guess put the R1 downstream from the 1g router? That would limit some features but it may work.
  2. how do I get more than 100 on the new software/firmware?
  3. I did the DMZ thing and it wasn't working. I then restarted everything a few times and now have open nat. Thank You all for the wonderful advice. Can't wait to get OS!
  4. Thank You You are awesome. Now to figure out how to get an open nat , I am stuck behind the Comcast router/modem and they won't bridge mode. Thank You for the super quick reply! Brian
  5. I have tried several times and must be missing something. In device manager I go to edit and update download and upload to 1000 and 40 which is my internet. Either I say yes or no to automatically update settings, doesn't matter I have tried both. My R1 will go right back to 300 and 30 for upload and download. in misc. coockies is ticked, turbo and supe are ticket, IPV6 ticked, deep whatever is unticked. Lan and WAN ipv6 is unticked if someone could help out that would be great. Cheers
  6. Just looking for setups from anyone with gigabit internet. I am going to set my r1 up again using the optimal settings but I know some of you have other tricks up your sleeves so just curious. Thank You
  7. Yo cuz since I haven't been on here in a while I thought I would ask about the new os if it will work with gigabit speeds well and crumcast. I assume you still live near by and have the same internet?


    1. iAmMoDBoX
    2. secretface


      <a href="http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/38103033">
      <img src="http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest/38103033.png"></a>

  8. Thanks Its just delayed a bit. Takes about 15 min. Its all good thank you for the help
  9. hello, I seem to have trouble blocking devices in device mangaer. I block the kids playstation when he is bad but it still works? I have it set to a static IP so I know it him. I have also tried blocking everything that I didn't know what it is and it still no work. Not complaining just curious of some ideas what I may be doing wrong?
  10. I'm still using this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B007OAHDTU/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=17P6LYM0WLRXC&coliid=I3AWCXSI7IH8SBwith Comcast and having no issues, other than my bill, Cisco DPC3008
  11. Oh and the Roku works great with the duma been using one for quite a while now.
  12. This was supposed to be released in Nov 2016. But yea it can get your bill down some to stop renting boxes for your tv's
  13. Not sure if any of you have a Roku and Xfinity (comcast) cable but they have released the beta xfinity app which means you could get rid of the cable boxes if you have X1 service and a Roku box. Thats all
  14. I am using the Cisco DCP3008 you can get a used or refurbished one for under 30 dollars, I bought two. Its been working great so far.
  15. Yea bud I got a Cisco modem only and got away from their crapola and seemed to clear up alot. Also squirrels will play havoc on your signal, They love comcast cable, the squirrels that is.
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