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  1. So with the settings I got from blackfirehawk, I didn't have much success with MW, I may have done something wrong too. I am still very thankful for your help! So last night I got frustrated AND went black to blops4 and went 22-5 then 30 -2. Now I am not that good but it felt good to not be lagging. But I think this is more proof something is just flat out wrong withMW to date.
  2. angry much? If its skill based then I should be playing with a bunch of people around my skill level? So they should all be as bad as me right? So if they gear it to help the sub par players like me then I should have no lag if you are correct. I am thinking its something else but all would be guesses if you don't have the code sooo.
  3. AW plays great for me now that its off the servers then again me and the other 15 people are all they have to match against each other. LOL
  4. so you are saying sbmm is putting lag in the game? How do we know this?
  5. So while I agree to an extent. When I said I had 7 good games I did not mean I am some cod god or even that good because I am not. I had 7 or so games with out laggy BS. After that had laggy, not on my screen BS. Hitmarkers galore. I have no issue with playing with people the same or better than me, I am not that good as it is. I just should not have this lag with an 8ms ping or even 23 ms ping. If you are saying SBMM is putting artificial lag well that would seem true then. I think we are all grasping at straws and the game just plays like poo.
  6. that worked for 7 matches and then back to being 10 min behind.
  7. Thanks Bro. I appreciate the help. Not sure if it works haven't tried yet. Still appreciate the help though! Having fun so far for the first time.
  8. Cuz I am in same state with same internet it sounds like and I have the same issues. I am going to try some of the settings other users suggested here.
  9. Should I add the priority settings you have in the other topic? Its depressing playing the way this game plays right now. Thank you for the help. This is the best forum that the duma boys have for us. B
  10. I am really hating this game. No reason for lag
  11. So playing last night I had an 8ms ping ingame and it still played like trash. I think there is something wrong with the game right now. I am not sure if a cloud update would help it or not.
  12. you are awesome and I am a Moron. LOL. how do you deal with us. Now does anyone have any good settings for MW so the game doesn't suck? I have gigabit fiber. Thank You for your help Alex, is the software more or less the same on the netgear router? the something 500.
  13. So its been a while since I used my R1. Anyway I plugged it in and tried a few games of broken warfare and the geo filter doesn't show servers. Is that normal? Also the ping thing below that is blank as well. maybe this is normal? any help would work thanks. Oh I checked I am on the latest firmware.
  14. Awesome! I am moving to an area that has Fios and was going to upgrade my R1 with the nighthawk/netduma router. Any more tips would greatly be appreciated.
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