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  1. I can't stand the tree view of devices, I much prefer to have the device table list view instead. Hopefully your suggestion will be implemented at some point. I also have suggested it in the past.
  2. type into your browser, that is the default ip address.
  3. That game is no longer supported by activision game servers and is strictly peer to peer only so you are reliant on the host's connection.
  4. Have you tried the very obvious and most often overlooked test..........go into your browser and clear ALL your history then retry to access the R1?
  5. Hi. Most of the ISP's in your country allow you to use your own modem and stop using theirs, this would stop these restrictions as the ports are being blocked by their issued modem. I am not sure if COX allows this, but I am almost certain they do. I suggest you go to amazon and buy a good quality modem that is compatible with your isp and swap them over. If this fails you can returm your modem to amazon for a full refund. If this works then you can return your coz modem and cancel any extra charge they put on your bill for hiring their equipment.
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum. I have moved this post to the correct section of this forum as the 1 on 1 support help is by invite only by Netduma. Your problem sounds like it maybe a misconfigured router or a possible ip address clash. I would suggest setting your console a static ip address which does not conflict with any other devices on your network. It is also possibly a line fault where your modem is losing connection, a fault lan cable. All these could point to the issue you are having and its a tough cookie to crack as it is a very slow process of elimination.
  7. have you tried http://r1 ? this is the alternative login for the R1. Hopefully this fixes your issue but if not a member of netduma will respond to this thread as it is late sunday evening here.
  8. You need to contact your isp and find out what protocol they use. There are several types, tunneling, 6to4 etc etc. You can try and auto detect and see if it detects your ipv6 type.
  9. your base ping is found by using speedtest.net for example.
  10. Salut. Oui c'est normal. Cela dépend de votre fournisseur d'accès sur le nombre de sauts nécessaires pour atteindre la destination finale. Ça semble bien.
  11. click the wifi tab in your picture where it says "wifi".
  12. Hi From what I know of routers as a repeater once you set it to a repeater mode you can only access it by a reset. Try accessing it via the ip address it gets from the XR700 but I am almost certain you can't. An AP mode would be the best option if possible.
  13. DMZ opens every single port for a specific device, this is 1 way of guaranteeing an open nat but at the same time can leave your device vulnerable. UPnP opens ports that are needed and closes them when they are not. Portforwarding opens specified ports for a device and they are always open, you also need to know which ports to port forward as you are opening them manually where as UPnP opens them for you. https://portforward.com/ is a site that will tell you what ports are needed to be opened if you wish to portforward.
  14. Cod reads 4mbps which is normal and nothing to worry about. Even with another router it will display that in the game. Either use UPnP or Port forwarding but not using any of them is a bad idea as the correct ports are not being opened when needed. If you do decide to use them then only use 1 or the other, never use them both at the same time or you will also get errors. Your PPPoE settings are unique to you and are obtainable from your isp if you do not already know them. Enable antibufferbloat and set the sliders to 70/70 and make sure you tick "always" when you game and disable it when you have finished. Make sure to add your console to the geo filter and set your desired location. Hope this helps and sorry they aren't asnwered in the order that you asked, but it is what it is! Let us know how you get on.
  15. Yes, you will get open nat. providing your network is configured properly. Here is a list of the ports required for call of duty. The ports are the same for all of them so even though it displays black ops 4 the ports are the same. Remember to either just use upnp or port forward these ports but never use both at the same time. https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-iiii/
  16. why are you using port forwarding and upnp, that will give you issues. 9308 is a port used by playstation. Either add 9308 and 9307 to port forwarding rules or disable upnp.
  17. @Netduma Alex Do you know if the new milestone will be able to be installed on the R1 running original firmware and not dumaOS? Good job I have a spare can of compressed air to blow out all that damn dust thats probably built up inside it since it has been disgarded in my garage.
  18. BIG__DOG

    Cancel Order

    I am a forum moderator and also offer tech support within my capabilities
  19. BIG__DOG

    Cancel Order

    Hello and welcome to the forum. If you require support you should post in this forum rather than an email to Netduma who mainly do not work weekends. As to your order cancellation Netduma will respond asap.
  20. if you have another router you can replace the Netduma router with and see if your ping has dropped, you can try that 1st. If the problem still persists then try swapping cables.
  21. go to cmd and type ipconfig /release and hit enter and then ipconfig renew and hit enter it will give you a fresh ip address. If that fails you can manually assign an ip address for your computer and see if you can gain access that way.
  22. There are many things that could be causing this, unfortunately it is going to be a process of elimination i'm afraid. I would try replacing the cables from the modem to the socket and the ethernet cable from the modem to the router and the router to the computer in order to rule out a faulty cable issue. Then it would be a case of connecting the pc directly to the modem if possible and then testing the connection to rule out a modem fault. Then add the router and only have the pc connected and see if that is ok also. If after everything looks the same after all that then it is more than likely a faulty line issue or isp issue in which case a call out may be needed by them.
  23. If there is a server there it may have been undergoing tests or something. There is nothing that Netduma or anyone can do if they have disabled access to that server again.
  24. Oh I know mate,I hear they scrapped the Homebuyers/sellers pack which a seller had to complete, that was a headache when we were selling and buying a house 10 years ago.
  25. Wait til you have to produce the FENSA certificates if the house has double glazing, certs for gas safety inspections, wall cavity insulation certs, damp course certs. It's a nightmare.
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