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  1. Did you keep it pressed in for 10 seconds?
  2. Hi and welcome. currently there is no scheduling ability on the router at the moment.
  3. The XR1000 has better hardware but you wont notice a night n day difference in performance.
  4. You can buy a stand alone modem and connect any router to that no problem, that would be another solution and is 1 I and many others use. It all depends on your connection though. If you are on virgin you need their hub as a modem as it runs on docsis but that can be put into modem only mode which turns it into a stand alone modem.
  5. HI, in short to your question the answer is no. Your isp router will probably be a modem/router combo and therefore you will need that in place to get a connection to the internet as the R2 does not have a built in modem.
  6. Check this link out. Its the user manual. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000117382-netduma-r2-user-manual-guide- There is no need to manually input dhcp settings as displayed in your picture. Factory reset the R2 and follow the quick start guide.
  7. in the network settings you can change the wifi credentials to what you wish and then you should be ok. ake sure that the R2 connects as dhcp and not something like pppoe.
  8. When the hub 4 is in modem only mode only 1 of the lan ports works for connecting a router. I would check if the R2 is connected to the right port on the hub4. Then reboot the hub4 in modem only mode and wait til theres a connection light and then plug the power back into the r2.
  9. Don't buy the openreach as there are 2 types. 1 for conventional vdsl and the other for g.fast. The g.fast model is available to buy online but at inflated prices as it is a relatively new product. This version will work on vdsl too also but the other version of the modem will not run on g.fast. I am on talktalk g.fast 150.
  10. has there been a firmware update on the hub 4? I suggest checking its interface and double checking. You can put the hub 4 into modem only mode and everything will then run through the R2 which is the preferred method.
  11. Hi. As i mentioned things won't really get back to normal until Monday in the UK, as being a UK resident yourself you will know what it is like during the Christmas period and also the COVID-19 pandemic has compounded this. I cannot explain why this is not updated on their website but can only guess that they may think it would be common sense to expect a delay at this current time. Glad you have got an e-mail from DHL as they are the couriers used by Netduma. Hopefully your router will be with you within the next few days (I do not know if DHL deliver sunday's) but you can track your order delivery process on DHL's website. Thank you for your apology but I can also understand the frustration. Have a happy new year also and stay safe and well. I will close this topic as there is no further reason at this time to keep it open. EDIT: I cannot explain why there was no reply to your 3 emails as I am not privvy to that side of things. I moderte this forum to observe fair usage and respect between everyone on the forum.
  12. Hi and welcome to the forum. This sounds like a misconfigured network setup. What is your network config? EXAMPLE: Modem or ISP supplied modem/router combo>>>>XR700. Is your pc connected directly into the R2 and not another router on your network.
  13. Glad your issue was successfully resolved. I shall close this thread. Happy new year
  14. @Netduma Fraser has explained that it is Christmas holidays until Monday 4th so it is expected that there will be delay's outside of normal working conditions. I have closed this thread as it is just repetitive, toxic and abusive. If you have a delivery or product enquiry then please email Netduma and send a message to the appropriate member of staff. This forum is not a place to abuse members of staff or other forum members.
  15. That feature is currently not available, Netduma have stated previously that they plan to implement this feature in a future firmware release. Hopefully it is added sooner rather than later as it is a common feature on most other routers.
  16. I am impressed, better than my proxy solution ( on top of a lamp shade). 😁👍
  17. I dont think it was a mini outage as the router rebooted rather than just a connection drop. There was also no power fluctuations either at that time. as I was in bed at the time and noticed alexa would not turn off the lights and had the red ring). I wasn't going back down and waited til I had to get up and then saw that it had rebooted at the same time as I got into bed.
  18. Still suffering from the same old issue of random reboot. Went for a full week without issues. Just got into bed and the wifi had gone off. Got up in the middle of the night and it was back on so popped down and logged into the router to see it had rebooted itself . Here is the log file and screenshot of up time. Was hoping this ancient issue would have been resolved after all this time but it is still prevalent. There are also a large cluster of daemon errors at the bottom. log-1605149086752.txt
  19. this .179 update is for the R2. ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)
  20. Ok, got up this morning and dashboard fails to load. I have not cleared any chache or rebooted yet as wanted to capture console reports which are attached to this post. There are no kernel errors in the log file either. R-Apps failing to load, same old issue keeps reoccurring.
  21. I am finding this the most stable FW so far. Had no issues to speak of and I usually speak of them quite soon after an install. I will be keeping this as the main router for now unless I get my usual unwanted reboots, but so far it is purring like a kitten.
  22. Those errors are in relation to a device Is this a main rrouter connected to the R2? There is no actual error regarding the R2 as I can see but I am not a dev but it does not look like an R2 error per se. You are using safari also. @Netduma Fraser or @Netduma Jack B is Safari browser supported?
  23. Did you do what @Netduma Fraser said to do and factory reset the R2 after upgrading to .179?
  24. Installed and running well (so far). Noticeable improvement on wifi.
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