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  1. if you want to stop people from connecting to a pblic match on a games server then yo cannot stop them from joining as you cannot control who connects to a games server yo are on. Only in a private lobby can you do that, otherwise that would be cheating. Depending on the game, you can choose the location of a games server you want to play on.
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    A VPN can help secure your connection by encrypting incoming and outgoing data your mobile device receives. It cannot protect yo from malware but can protect yo from snooping data theives nearby on the same public wifi. Having said that, I advise NEVER to access your emails, bank acconts or any other financial service you have when connected to a pblic wifi network. Infact I wold advise never to connect to a public wifi (that is the best form of protection).
  3. untick fast search. Fast search bypasses your geo filtering settings to find you a game.
  4. go into your fritzbox config page and disable it's upnp and then add the ip address that fritzbox gives your R1 in DHCP into the DMZ section of your fritzbox. Also make sure you assign that ip address as static also so it does not change. Your fritzbox should be the unit that handles pppoe and not the R1. The R1 will gain a WAN ip address from your fritzbox and connect through that.
  5. Here is a link on how to use a vpn that is not supported other than HMA or purevpn which is. You will need the cert file and also the config file. Hope this is helpful
  6. Hi. It is not as simple as adding the openvpn config file. I shall see if there is a file in the archive and post if if I find it. There are some users in here that do have P.I.A so hopefully they can post the details you need.
  7. you are having double nat? Are you connecting your XR500 to another router such as provided by your isp (with a built-in modem)? As you are pppoe I will assume you are connecting via adsl/vdsl? Sorry for such a delayed reply since I was tagged in your post, been a hectic weekend.
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum. To add skype on a particular device on your network to have priority go to QOS and scroll down until you see the traffic prioritization section. Click add device button and add the device then the service you want from the options that pop-up, skype is 1 of those options. If you are getting the r-app message then clear your browser cache and close browser and retry.
  9. Hi, sorry I don't know the answer to that. If there was an issue I would assume the app would open but not be able to obtain an online connection. If the app is failing to open I would suggest an uninstall and re installation. I am glad your issue you reported has been satisfactorily resolved.
  10. go into command prompt and type ipconfig/release then ipconfig/renew Or, reboot your computer to gain a new ip (this is your computers lan ip)
  11. Seeing as you had this issue before the XR500 then it rules out the XR500. If you have had 2 modems also and the issue is still happening then it is possibly an isp issue or line issue. Trying my suggestion will give you a new ip address but it is not guaranteed to fix your problem, it is a case of troubleshooting. Keep an eye on your public ip address and see if it resets after the modem has been off for 60 minutes. If not, you can contact your isp and get then to force an ip address change (which they can do if they want to). I notice you have an ipv6 address, I take it your isp fully supports ipv6?
  12. Did your internet behave the same before the XR500? To force a new public ip the modem should be unplugged for about 30 - 60 minutes to force a new public ip address. A lot of occasions a dos attack in the logs is a false posative, I get them but I know I am not under attack.
  13. If you are having issues then we will try to resolve them for you. Looking at your recent posts I cannot see any issues. Please familiarise yourself fully with your router before making negative comments. Example..............................you mentioned about a lot of packets in one of your latest posts regarding the amount............hundreds of thousands of packets can be sent every second. Telling someone to disable QOS will only effect your network and not an outside environment as it's function is to prioritise packets sent and received on your network.
  14. EA have their own servers so geo filtering should not be used for EA games.
  15. The Dos Attack in the logs is a false positive and nothing to worry about at all. Your public ip address that is viable to the outside world is set by your isp either as a static ip address (usually premium ISP's provide those as standard) or a dynamic ip address that will change periodically. If you are experienceing other problems then let us know what they are but I assure you the dos attack in the logs is nothing to be alarmed about.
  16. Hello and welcome to the forum. Please click on this link to access information and user guides on how to manage your netduma router. http://support.netduma.com/support/home
  17. connect a laptop or a pc to the R1 with an ethernet cable and access the router by typing into your web browser (preferably Chrome) and hit enter. That should launch you into the R1 GUI and allow you to manually alter the wifi SSID and password.
  18. Sounds like a possible bug. I will tag netduma tech support and hopefully they can have an asnwer for you or raise it with the devs to look into it. @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser
  19. the password is the same as the ssid which is netdumar1 Please let us know if you need any further assistance. I have moved this post to another section of the forum as this does not warrant a 1v1 support.
  20. I take it you are using the XR700? Have you correctly formatted the drive for the router to recoginse? NTFS should be fine as I don't thin it supports exfat. There is no need to invest in a larger capacity drive, I had the plex server running on a 1TB drive but invested in a synology NAS as I did not want streaming and video rendering interfering with gaming or impacting my gaming in any way.
  21. see how it goes, hopefully changing it to "internet" may fix the issue and just use the QOS on the netduma. Keep us posted on how you get on.
  22. Power-line adapters are notorious for issues. I have a set, but they do not have an interface with their own QOS either. YOu could try turning off the QOS on the powerline adapter as the router should be handling it all. This is probably your issue.
  23. It depends on the quality of your line, the amount of devices you have on your network and most importantly what netflix package you have, for example do you have UHD (4K) package? That requires a big chunk of your bandwidth, minimum requirements for that is 25Mbps. What are you using to get your ABB settings right? DSLreports, PingPlotter or something else? You only need a few Mbps for gaming as gaming packets are very tiny, but as long as your gaming device has priority you will be ok.
  24. I can't stand the tree view of devices, I much prefer to have the device table list view instead. Hopefully your suggestion will be implemented at some point. I also have suggested it in the past.
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