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    I am a forum moderator and also offer tech support within my capabilities
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    Cancel Order

    Hello and welcome to the forum. If you require support you should post in this forum rather than an email to Netduma who mainly do not work weekends. As to your order cancellation Netduma will respond asap.
  3. if you have another router you can replace the Netduma router with and see if your ping has dropped, you can try that 1st. If the problem still persists then try swapping cables.
  4. go to cmd and type ipconfig /release and hit enter and then ipconfig renew and hit enter it will give you a fresh ip address. If that fails you can manually assign an ip address for your computer and see if you can gain access that way.
  5. There are many things that could be causing this, unfortunately it is going to be a process of elimination i'm afraid. I would try replacing the cables from the modem to the socket and the ethernet cable from the modem to the router and the router to the computer in order to rule out a faulty cable issue. Then it would be a case of connecting the pc directly to the modem if possible and then testing the connection to rule out a modem fault. Then add the router and only have the pc connected and see if that is ok also. If after everything looks the same after all that then it is more than likely a faulty line issue or isp issue in which case a call out may be needed by them.
  6. If there is a server there it may have been undergoing tests or something. There is nothing that Netduma or anyone can do if they have disabled access to that server again.
  7. Oh I know mate,I hear they scrapped the Homebuyers/sellers pack which a seller had to complete, that was a headache when we were selling and buying a house 10 years ago.
  8. Wait til you have to produce the FENSA certificates if the house has double glazing, certs for gas safety inspections, wall cavity insulation certs, damp course certs. It's a nightmare.
  9. XR300 https://smile.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-Nighthawk-Ethernet-Wireless-Optimized/dp/B01N9E1JVR/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=xr300&qid=1570034516&s=gateway&sr=8-1 XR500 https://smile.amazon.co.uk/NETGEAR-XR500-Nighthawk-Gaming-Router/dp/B078X68G19/ref=sxin_0_sxwds-bia-wc1_0?keywords=xr500&pd_rd_i=B078X68G19&pd_rd_r=457d4c69-9ac3-4812-9a33-f758a540f677&pd_rd_w=GULSU&pd_rd_wg=AHuQf&pf_rd_p=2159348c-d23b-4602-b79a-23a554c807e1&pf_rd_r=SJHWJJTQ2K29G8H1ERP3&psc=1&qid=1570034559&s=gateway
  10. This could be down to a few things, I would check your dhcp table and give every device a static ip address and make sure they are all different to avoid conflicts such as the 1 you have at the moment.
  11. there is also a mid range model called the XR300 which although not a powerful as the XR500 is more powerful than the R1. I like the R1 so don't get me wrong, it just has ti's limitations I am trying to be as unbiased as possible.
  12. Both are excellent routers, but the XR500 has more power and also has 5ghz wifi where as the R1 does not and is much less powerful. It all depends on your needs, budget and expectations.
  13. You would be better served getting the XR500, especially if you are considering upgrading your broadband. The R1 is an excellent little router, but it is hardware limiting as it is a few years old and lacks 5Ghz wifi for example where as the XR500 has that. The XR500 is fantastic and will last you for a good few years atleast.
  14. delete devices from geo filter, shrink location to minimum and place over the ocean. Set ping assist to your desired max ping you wish (40ms is a good one) and then add your devices. Let us know if this helps!
  15. Are you on dumaOS or the original firmware? as there's 2 settings on the R1 which are pre-emptive and reactive you can select to gain more speed depending on your connection type. I do know however that the R1 cannot handle gigabit speeds as it's hardware is not up-to-date. If you are on dumaOS it has DPP running as default with no way to disable it which slows down connections.
  16. How are you performing your speed test, are you wired or wifi? Also what site/software are you using? The best method to test jitter is to run pingplotter. A screenshot would also help diagnosis.
  17. Netduma are constantly working on updates, bug fixes and new features for all the routers that they are involved in. Your statement about XR500 and XR700 getting updates regularly is false and misinformed. The XR500 for example has had 1 update (.56) in the last 12 months. Also the XR series of routers are by Netgear and the release of firmwares or updates are controlled by them and not Netduma. I am sure Netduma will respond to this post in due course, and I am sorry that you feel frustrated by any lack of firmware updates, but I am sure things are being worked on.
  18. I can only go off whatI have seen in this picture. Maybe someone from Netduma can answer that.
  19. Hi. The physical LAN ports still work and so does the wireless capabilities such as guest and your main wifi.
  20. try clearing the browser cache and doing an ip release/renew in cmd prompt.
  21. You shouldn't have to reset every time you visit. Hopefully Netduma will respond soon to you.
  22. Not heard of this happening, I have the XR500 running .56 and it runs fine. Hopefully as Fraser say's it will be resolved when the next firmware is released.
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