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  1. Hello and welcome to the forum. Gaming over wifi is not advisable as it can cause a poor gaming experience such as lag. It is always best to game over ethernet whenever possible.If you are using 2 consoles I suggest you go into your xbox network settings and change the port from 3074 to 3075 or alternatively put 1 of the consoles into DMZ.
  2. Nothing better than a good binge of S-G 1.......................... apart from BSG which is the best sci-fi series ever created.
  3. hmmmm. All i can suggest is you either go to netgears support pages, wait and see if netduma reply or downgrade the firmware to previous version and see if the plex server updates. The last option is the 1 I personally would try just to omit any bug that maybe in the latest version.
  4. Are you using the beta version of dumaOS for the XR700? That is if they have released one yet. If there is one out and you are running it then that will be the answer. If you are not then I don't know but hopefully netduma can answer this or go to netgears support pages as it is them who release the plex updates.
  5. yeah, as we all know updates from netgear are sparse to say the least, but plex pushes updates on a regular basis to the XR700 and all compatible devices running plex.
  6. @nighthawk-xr700 Just double check the router time is correct as if it is out of sync then no updates will install, much the same as a windows pc.
  7. no, the plex updates are independent of firmware updates, I have the XR700. @nighthawk-xr700 have you looked on plex's support pages to see if you can get it directly from there or update from inside the plex server itself?
  8. eye candy. They make em to resemble stealth fighters to give the impression of speed and responsiveness. It's all about marketing and capturing a certain age group and target audience.
  9. Asus have 1 that looks looks similar. Bloody ugly looking things. Under the hood the XR1000 is a tempting purchase.
  10. you need to either use wireshark to identify your username and password for sky or use sky router, disable wifi, delete every device from it except your pc and XR500. Then you need to give your XR500 a static ip address in your sky router and then input that address into your sky DMZ.
  11. I have had no issues at the latter end of beta testing. During the initial testing there were the issues (flaws as you say) but these have been finally been ironed out and now performs very well.
  12. I will consider this thread closed and resolved.
  13. The beta roll-out is done by Netgear and not Netduma on the XR500 as it is their router.
  14. the above suggestion will disable the firewall feature of the router and is not advised. I suggest instead that you turn off geo filter, add your friends or join their party and then once you or they are all in the party turn on geo filtering.
  15. NAT TYPE 1 on PS4 can only be achieved by plugging directly into a modem and not a router. If you are pppoe then you add the pppoe credentials to the ps4 and have it conected directly to a modem.
  16. QOS is congestion control. As for 86/86 or 70/70 it all boils down to what is best for your connection. It is not a 1 size fits all i'm afraid.
  17. Hi and welcome to the forum. Set your congestion control sliders to 70up and 70down and add your console to the geo filter. Also look at the setup guides available in knowledge base by clicking HERE
  18. BIG__DOG


    It is always best to turn that off anyway. I always have it disabled.
  19. Hi. I have relocated this post to the correct section of the forum as a 1v1 support is only when Netduma ask you to post there. You could try downgrading to .10 firmware version or see if there is a beta version available. Netduma will respond as soon as they can but as it is the weekend and also the current disruption it maybe monday before a response.
  20. also, your modem mode does not turn your internet off, you just have your setup configured wrong. The lan cable from the R1 wan port needs to go into lan 1 on the SH2 i think but not sure as its a long time since I was on virgin. After that you need to reboot the sh2 first and then plug the power back into the R1 and that should be it. EDIT: I just found a YT video to show you how.
  21. Nobody here had you download anything, it is something you do at your own risk and installing third party software on a device is something you do at your own risk. If you hadn't installed it in the first place you would not be in the situation you now find yourself in. I once bricked a router I had a week doing the exact same thing as I did not know the router had partitioning, but it was my fault, I did not go complaining to linksys about it as it was my own stupidity.
  22. Someone with more network knowledge could answer that as you have a different connection type to me. Having said that, your SNR ((signal to noise ratio) is quite high which would imply there is interference in your connection. I am on vdsl and my SNR is 12. Your ISP may deny that will cause issues as it is in the acceptable range but I wouldnt be happy with it.
  23. yes, you absolutely must be hard wired (if you are referring to installing firmware or using TFTP).
  24. those look pretty stable. You will always get the odd spike in the graphs on ping plotter but those are fine on yours as they arent in the high level. What games are you playing?
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