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  1. There are some VPN providers that offer for a premium a dedicated static ip address. I know purevpn have a netflix button on their desktop app that says netflix on it so when you connect it bypasses their geo filtering and vpn detection.
  2. Leave it alone unless you are having issues with voip.
  3. Let us know how it goes and if you need any further elp
  4. You can try a different vpn server such as a city based 1. Your problem is that netflix records the ip addresses of the vpn providers as they are all usually static block ip addresses, meaning that multiple vpn members share the same publicly visible p address.
  5. Go to Nord's website and you can find their DNS server addresses they use. Put them into the DNS section of your router and you are good to go.
  6. it affects, traffic priority (especially gaming packets) device bandwidth allocation. Why would you not need QOS?
  7. so long as you are not using them both at the same time, yes!
  8. Read @Zennon s comment above and let it sink in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. With idnet and AAISP you get 100% uk tech support. I am with idnet and have no issues. Avoid virgin at all costs there are a few out there with them that swear by them but they are rarer than hens teeth. Ghost is a subsidiary of AAISP also.
  10. I have found that sbmm screws you over on cod, especially in bo4. You win a game or 2 in a row, maybe 3 and then boooom you cant hit sh!t and everyone seems to be ahead of you (out of sync). I am not the onl;y one in this forum who subscribes to this theory as it happens so regularly.
  11. Hi and welcome to the forum. Having a low ping is not the only thing that matters in online gaming, there is also jitter which is what you are having and why BT are coming out to you. You also need to make sure you have the latest faceplate on your master socket and that your modem is not plugged into an extension socket either. Having an up to date master socket will eliminate the need for a filter if you are using 1 as it has it's own socket for connecting to the internet and a seperate one for the phone line.
  12. https://kitz.co.uk/adsl/fttc-cabinets.htm
  13. vigor 130 as a modem only option.
  14. you are having nat issues as you are using 2 routers on the same network and if you are not IT savvy then you will have issues that you are having.
  15. I have moved this post to the correct section of this forum. Please do not post in 1v1 support request unless asked to do so by a member of Netduma staff, thank you.
  16. agh, ok, I was wondering whether or not it was something specific to the firmware but it looks like it is not. I would try to recreate it myself but I don't play destiny,
  17. Out of curiosity have you got the original R1 firmware installed or are you running dumaOS on it also. Can i take a guess and say you have the original firmware installed on it!
  18. agh, ok, i don't play destiny. I think destiny is peer to peer.
  19. Strict mode works for both geo location and ping assist. Strict means just that, it strictly adheres to your setting. If strict mode is not ticked if it cannot find a game within your perameters it will find 1 outside which is why you are finding matches easily with a ping assist of 1ms.
  20. Hmmmmmm..........I have only just noticed that he has strict mode unticked!!!!!!! @Netduma Alex Turn on strict mode!
  21. the ping will be you to the server or host. The only true way to know your ping is through running a ping test through cmd prompt, pingplotter or speedtest.net they will all give you your actual base ping.
  22. that is fine, no need to worry. I cannot remember exactly why but Netduma did comment on this in another thread some while ago. All I know is it nothing for you to worry about.
  23. Glad you issue is resolved and you are welcome. I shall now close this thread!
  24. you could also try a full factory reset just to refresh the router.
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