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  1. Thanks for the replys. but the problem is the for the second time the antibufferbloat just did not work in till i reset the router. with any setting that i tried. now is working ok.
  2. and why after the reset with the same settings is working?
  3. i meant that when i was having the issue of not working the qos , and i saw D rating at dslreports , with the pingploter when i was opening another device on the network (example netflix from another device) the pings spiked . wich i think mean that i was getting bufferbloat . when i reset the router without changing anything else in my setup i am getting a+ on bufferbloat and on ping ploter the pings dont spike when i open netflix on another device . i have verified the behavior both on pingploter and dlsreports. my setup in qos is on the photo. i have wifi disabled and dont geofilter at all. i only work the qos feature.
  4. no i must make a factory reset. reboot restart or unplugging it does not make a difference. this is the second time it happened.
  5. Hello again. i just noticed the latest days that my qos was not working. i was getting d on bufferbloat and see the same results on pingploter. without changing anything in my network. any change that i made on the router was zero effect. i had the same problem some months ago. i just reset my router and all is ok again. i have done this also the last time. i dont know why this is happening. any idea from the support? i will probably change the router with some other because i cannot reset it every time and configure it again. i only use my router for qos. no geofiltering or nothing else. now i get again a+ on bufferbloat. i just mention that for anyone haves the same problem.
  6. tyfeonas


  7. i have it always on. in the first version no. i have downgrade it worked ok .. and re upgrade it on the second version and now is works fine. everything is ok now.
  8. Same here. I Just Downgrade to original r1 and started to see again a+ on dslreports.
  9. i will downgrade also. bufferbloat dont work as before. actually dont work at all.
  10. yes i know. -------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated ID a4ad7c474a43c2c7 Domain Name it show in russia on geofilter but it is on usa. IP: Decimal: 2915517255 Hostname: ASN: 20473 ISP: Choopa, LLC Organization: Choopa, LLC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Host Type Dedicated ID 0a68b07b05a9e9ee Domain Name 104-238-169-123.choopa.net uk ok ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Host Type Dedicated ID c26cb6810961383d Domain Name spain ok. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ is it any helpfull to post servers we lock on?
  11. this is no greek servers. check the ips. there are on holland etc.
  12. i am at athens greece, this server looks like it is in germany but it is on netherlands. Host TypePeer ID8c2501ccc22beff4 Domain Name
  13. question. can he replace the duma router with the cost of the hardware only? because he have pay for the "licence" . can he pay only for the hardware (because it is much cheaper) ? i think this is a option for you company to check.
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