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  1. It's quite difficult to force Amsterdam as I've tried before. Also as the player base is low on blackops4 at the moment that wont help either I'm in uk and find currently playing on french dedi is best for me.
  2. Sorry forgot about that lol PA 0 Strict mode on
  3. Try this 1. Place geo location on top of server of choice smallest radius(69) 2. Boot game with filtering mode on 3.once you see all servers being blocked and your at the main multiplayer menu expanded the radius between 600-1000 miles 4. Search for a game Let me know if you have any luck
  4. Now search for wan ip which is shown on r1 system information page Then goto dmz on hubone and add that ip address
  5. tp link td-w9970 Is a great modem/router which 100% works in modem only mode If you are going down that route I would look at one of these first Also has a Broadcom chipset which are solid
  6. There really is no reason why that wouldn't work Do another factory reset on the r1 now Make sure to have ethernet from yellow port 1-4 plugged into r1 wan while you do a reset Let me know as soon as you have done this
  7. Ok one last thing to check Make sure you are not plugged into the (redwan port) on hub one by mistake? Ethernet cable should come from (yellow Lan port )on hub one. Into wan port on r1
  8. Sorry alex I was thinking maybe integrate maybe a dropbox link? on the router or somthing similar.
  9. Hi Alex I would like wifi ssid Bandwidth allocation Geo location Cheers Prog! Also restore from cloud would be a nice touch
  10. If you set upload to 0.29 you should be somewhere very close I've just tried this and got these results
  11. Hi guys I use a bt homehub 5 with openwrt installed Here is the easiest way to do dmz
  12. I have nothing but great things to say about idnet. Great support and very friendly Currently with plusnet which have also been great but I'm just about to change back to idnet as they offer monthly contract on adsl and fttc Should be getting www.gigaclear.net in the next 6 month or so which will be awesome Current base ping with plusnet 12ms My original base ping with idnet was about 18 from memory
  13. YouTube uses tcp/udp protocol As far as I'm aware port 443 udp is include in traffic prioritisation covering ports 1-65535 Could it be that with classified games tick this is causing the issue If so it should be removed from the port range
  14. Hi alix If you have classified games ticked on dumaOS under qos it will give you false readings as it designed to prioritize game traffic. Try running a few tests with it ticked then unticked
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