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  1. Could be interleaving has kicked in on your line if your on adsl/vdsl
  2. From my observation this seems to be a server issue using pingplotter to monitor my connection while gaming my jitter is minimal. yet monitoring my ping on the duma graph sometimes the game icons will appear only if I see the graph spike to say 40-80 Happens more often on certain servers than others
  3. bert is totally right in what he is saying peer matches with 60/20 tick rate are player hosted Any thing else is mislocated
  4. Morning kinel If you click on the auto refresh button it will freeze the info on the page allowing you to copy and paste the text
  5. hi mate on openwrt if you click on (status-realtime-connections) it will list the ports being used by all devices in there as well
  6. hi kinel I think you have to take into account your base ping! e.g base ping is say 10ms if you type into netem 15ms you will see 25ms on the duma ping graph or there abouts to your nearest server
  7. I imagine this would take effect while the line is under load as I've tried it before but saw no diffrence in latency But netem will give you consistent latency increase The main problem is MW I so inconsistent any of these change may work for one match but it comes back to bite you in the end
  8. Try opkg update into putty then opkg install kmod-netem
  9. press enter once you have filled in the ip address login as: root Then paste this into putty tc qdisc add dev eth0 root netem delay 200ms tc qdisc change dev eth0 root netem delay 200ms use the bottom script to change the latency to something other than 200ms e.g 50ms
  10. Hi mate go to system -software-update list Type in the filter box (netem) Then install putty on a windows pc https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html https://netbeez.net/blog/how-to-use-the-linux-traffic-control/
  11. A friend of mine is currently using his with talk talk so could ask him for the config if you like? You can buy them pre flashed then update to 19.07
  12. Kinel I hope you get it fix mate Maybe try ebay and search for homehub 5 lede That's what I use combined with vpn policy routing to split both of my connections adsl and 4g for heavy downloads e.t.c The homehub 5 has a built in vdsl modem which works great on openwrt Most importantly is maintaining low jitter to keep MW playing nice I find
  13. Bert I think your totally right on this as when I've played on p2p 60 20 tickrate you can see the players on geo and they are very close to me You can still force p2p by blocking all servers before you start the game (home in the ocean strick on ping assist 0) Then expand geo before you search But I can take up to 5mins to find games Since the update its harded to
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