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  1. Just a thought Maybe it's because when your not streaming your ping is more stable? The moment you start streaming the jitter increases so then it maybe trying to put you on different servers
  2. https://youtu.be/Drxra96b51o Here is a link to a fix incase it's a vram issue Works for nvidia and amd cards
  3. It may not be your connection causing this problem. I am on pc and get the same issues due to vram being close to max out Try checking vram usage using GPU-Z as warzone ingame cram usage is way off. Hope this helps
  4. Frasers right I have force myself onto the poland server. giving me 80 ping Everything feels way more normal now (Not placebo by the way)
  5. Hi Jake Try doing a speedtest.net now while connection not being used. Have you enter in the correct speeds under congestion control?
  6. Just as a trial Try a different connection such as a hotspot of your phone just to rule it out I'm in the uk EE has this problem but Three is fine
  7. It could be that WZ is more sensitive to jitter? I have both a 4g connection with ee and adsl. Adsl connection is perfect on both games where as the 4g is fine on coldwar but not WZ. As you said the character skips forward when packet burst happens
  8. Try accessing the interface using incognito mode in google chrome.
  9. As Fraser said above A lot will be misclassified so the only way to tell for sure is to block all servers when you launch the game. 1. Put home in the ocean 2.make sure strict mode is ticked 3.ping assist on 0 4.launch the game 5.look for a game and it will fail saying cant connect to data centre 6.if you find a game it will most likely be on a peer
  10. Sorry I didn't mean the same identical server. I just mean where the ping stays the same e.g on pc it shows the ping reading at the top of the screen so I can see that if I'm in uk my ping will say 35 where as if it is france it will be 39 My jitter on adsl is very low so it stays on 35 through out the game.
  11. Also if your getting this amount of variation in ping reading it sounds like it not always on the same server? Find your lowest ping using ping heat map.(warzone) Set ping assist to say e.g 15 Boot game with geo enabled Hope it helps
  12. I know the super bullet feeling very well as I was experiencing it last night also! Try forcing Germany servers as I found it was more balanced.
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