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  1. I was really hoping to get some feedback about this. On PC, I've upgraded to higher tighter ram. And for the last few weeks I've been able to run and gun ever since. Sure, I win some, lose some. But hit rego, fluidity and my ability to aim is much more consistent now. Be it I'm in a match that 15ms ping or one that is 50ms ping. I do feel like I'm now on time with the server. And can use none meta weapons like the P90, the nerfed MP5/M13, etc as if they are meta weapons now. When I used those weapons before I always got the impression that at higher fire rates 1 out of every 3 bullets were registering. And run/gun with smgs were frustrating as my ttk was always higher then it should be. Let alone always feeling like I was a few ms behind other players. But that all has changed now. And can really benefit from the advice from the links in the OP. So, my only correlation to console is the fact that consoles go into some sort of hybird sleep/standby mode when you turn them "off". Disabling that on Playstation is an option. Unfortunately, I don't know a way to disable this on Xbox so the only options are either hold down the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the console. Or turn it "off" like you normally do then unplug it and waiting a few seconds before plugging it back up. Then using the tweaks from the links in the OP and see if your game play experience improved.
  2. Yes, it would be insightful to see what other's have noticed in this regard. Here is a quick article explaining that xbox standby mode for those who weren't aware of it. https://www.gamesradar.com/xbox-series-x-standby-mode-explained/ https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/xbox/forum/all/xbox-series-x-issue-with-instant-on-standby-mode/8dda3290-9431-401b-83f0-847deb42d609 As noted above the inherent issues of standby mode AKA: Fastboot. PC users in the know turn this off in the bios do to the problems standby/fastboot mode creates. But I wouldn't do just a hard reset. I would turn off the console by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Then unplug the cord from the brick for at least 30 seconds then push the power button to make sure that the capacitors are discharged. And since some are complaining of heat while "off" aka standby. I would let it rest with no power for 15 minutes or so to cool down. If you fall in that category. As it should never be hot let alone warm. That can cause the cpu/gpu to throttle causing latencies of it's own. If all you do is play warzone/MW then standby/fastboot isn't much of a problem. But if you play other games and use other apps that's when it becomes an issue. After digging around the PS5 also uses a standby mode called PS5 Rest Mode. But not sure if it's forced or an option. https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-standby-mode/ https://screenrant.com/ps5-rest-mode-turn-off-settings-playstation-5-problems/ So apparently both consoles use a "FastBoot" option which keeps data in RAM which is known for causing latency issues as that data kept in memory is never fully released. Causing it to "fill up" with data from other games and apps you don't need when you are trying to play COD. Which can hinder the tweaks used in this forum to reduce lag, improve hit registration and improve overall movement fidelity from your Net Duma Router. All because your console is never turned off. But kept in a standby state.
  3. There has been a lot of useful information posted in this forum to get BO4/MW/CW/WZ working so you can: -shot 1st and kill 1st -run and gun without feeling like you are behind -bullets do the full effect that it suppose to -Not die to seemingly 1-2 bullets from a weapon that should take more to damage you Now there has been a lot of information provided from Caddy, portforwarding, prioritization rules and/or tweaks for your Net Duma. In combination all of which have helped improve the game play experience. Below are just a few threads: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30418-caddy-12/ https://forum.netduma.com/topic/32923-traffic-prortization-please-read/ https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30065-traffic-prioritization-settings-modern-warefare-bo4/#comments Threads which offering assistance. However, for the last month I stumbled upon something that open my eyes with COD. It's very sensitive to memory. On the PC, having dual ranked memory or single rank memory with tighter timing can increase fps in warzone by a substantial amount. For example 3200-3600Mhz at 14CL can net you a performance boost to other ram kits offering you 3200-3600Mhz CL16, for example. On top of the using Net Duma settings, prioritization tweaks, caddy, etc. Having done this myself I noticed a substantial improvement in latency while playing MW/BO4/CW. In which I no longer need to use Intelligent Standby List Cleaner any more (PC). So what is that saying? I can now run and gun more consistently expecting my gun to work as it should. I am now "on time" with the server and no longer feel like I'm behind. Something I left in the OP of my other thread a while back linked above. My last comment in the OP was: "I've found nothing else that would allow me to be ahead of everyone else in movement, etc so far. If anything else comes up I would update." Well, this thread is the update. The answer is tighter, higher frequency memory. Regular ole DDR4 3000Mhz, for example, just doesn't cut it and it really shows its "age" in warzone/groundwar. Causing lower FPS and just being cannon fodder. I am surprised as to how well the game plays now. And it's not just a FPS boost I'm seeing. When I encounter an enemy who actually see me 1st I'm no longer on the receiving end of being shot before I can get my crosshair on him. I can actually shoot 1st consistently. Without having to heavily rely on "getting the drop" on them. One of the biggest reasons why people camp is because they simply cannot get their character, who is in motion (running), to react to an opponent who always seems to be able to shoot them 1st. Regardless if you enable every weapon perk for faster aim down sight times combo with better hip fire and/or bullets that do more damage...it never allows them to react on screen just as fast as they react to their input device (keyboard/mouse, controller). Although the tweaks mentioned above do help it just means you are a better camper with some light movement around certain parts of the map. Now with better ram you can frolic around the map at will without a care in the world and still cap flags, capture the hardpoint and defend it against several opponents, dominate in domination...etc all while moving from one part of the map to the other without getting frustrated. Now how does this help console players then? Well, as I found out xbox doesn't power off like normal. When you hit the power button it' goes into a standby mode. Which causes the very standby bug we've dealt with on PC using win10 for a long time (causing latency and stutter problems, etc). The only solution is to unplug the cord from the brick and wait 30 seconds or so. Or, hold down the power button for 10 seconds (so I've been told). This will "flush" any reserved/standby data on the memory as the console is now "off". Thus should remove any latencies causes by having it in memory while trying to play. Boot up and loading a game may take longer though. I'm not sure about PlayStation though. As I don't believe they go into standby mode when you turn that off. Someone can better advise. Summary: 1. Use the tweaks mentioned before: Net Duma, Prioritization, and/or Port Forwarding. 2. Use Caddy which will resolve manually using prioritization...as it does it for you. 3. But you may need to invest in better RAM (depending on motherboard/cpu) or flush the memory on xbox console by turning the console off or unplugging it before playing. By doing this you should be able to achieve better timing, better hit rego and take damage normally (for the most part). Which will allow you to run and gun even if you are using assault rifles. Because your playing a match that is objective based, free for all, cranked, etc. Which requires you to run and gun. However, lets not forget that SBMM is still playing a factor. But after completed the above steps SBMM doesn't bother me as much now. I might lose a match because my teammates are bots but my stats are much higher then before.
  4. Ah yes, I recall. However, I thought he was using some sort of special Logitech profile for the mouse to get consistent target acquisition. I'm very familiar with and have excellent muscle memory. However, there are times when the mouse fails to do what I expect. Sometimes overshooting and undershooting my intended target. However, muscle memory is the same when all was well the match before. When I play some other match everything is fine and head glitchers don't have a chance with me, for example. So I know I have good muscle memory. So, it's a question of some settings in the logitech software? Perhaps a tweak in win10? Is one mouse sensor better then another? PMW3366 vs hero? Something else?
  5. Yes, I was looking at those and couldn't find how he has his PC setup. In particular the mouse. I have the same mouse/pad and cannot get consistent tracking like he does. Where it "snaps to target". It does it intermittently for me and wanted to know what he did to fix it on his end. Another thought is there isn't any difference between the wired and wireless 502 Lightspeed vs the Wired (Hero) that I know of that would make a difference.
  6. As yourself something...how is he keeping up using the most difficult gun in the game?
  7. And what's with the consistent updates? I get a new update everyday now.
  8. And here I thought it was a game bug!!! I wondered why sometimes I don't hear footsteps from some players. And you are right, they don't have dead silence. Yet they can run around, climb, jump and be unheard. And it's the same thing in Drift0r's video at 2:05:47.
  9. This video is not safe for work but it's Drift0r saying the exact same thing. And check out the router he is using people!!! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/680911853?t=2h5m54s
  10. Yup, I read the reddit post on that and it's in the game. But very few believe it though. Here's a video Wut!!!?? What!!!?? How?? Yup, it's a game design. And some people here think the router is bad and that's not the case at all.
  11. Of course! you have 2 devices with nat routing options. You negate it by placing the router in dmz. So all the security, port forwarding, UpNp, etc are demilitarized to your router. When you do a check to see if you have double nat it will always show double nat but without the negative side effects associated with it. So now you can setup rules from your router instead of your modem. IE: Modem >>>>Router>>>>PC/Console. At this point your PC/Console shouldn't be seen by your modem, only your router. So now you can control the flow of traffic to your PC/Console directly from your router with no restrictions, issues. Just make sure your router is setup properly to recognize the modem so you get the proper ip address, IPV4, IPV6, etc.
  12. then use the one the modem recognize. Just make sure it's for the R1.
  13. Ok you should have two windows open. To the left is the GUI for your Modem. To the right is the GUI of your router. Navigate the GUI for your modem to DMZ. Then navigate the GUI for your router to where you can find the IP address of your router. Type the ip address of your router into the DMZ of the modem. Do not copy and paste. If that doesn't work check to make sure that your modem recognized your router's IP address in it's list of all devices connected to the modem. Make sure that the ip address matches.
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