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  1. Assists don't lower your k/d. And besides mine were clean, no partials. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyone willing to give this game a go with all it's quirks can find a discount today on battlenet if you don't get it at walmart.
  2. Stay away from Daus Has lobbies. It only records your deaths and not your kills. My overall k/d dropped after playing just one match. Even though I had nearly a 2.0 k/d. It's very hard to test your dumaos settings on that map when your k/d is going down even after having a stellar match!!!
  3. If you are experiencing disconnects earlier this evening this appears to be the reason why. It's not your netduma causing the issue.
  4. I actually disagree with you. Going from a volume of 0 to about 20 does not make footsteps audible. On most maps with explosions and other audio cues you cannot hear the footsteps from enemies approaching. Let alone from teammates. And I do not believe you are not telling the truth when you claim you sound whoring. Sledgehammer does not like audio footsteps. I know this because they did the same thing in World at War. Back then you could hear footsteps through walls and they considered it "breaking the immersion" and turned the setting (back then it was called sound occlusion or something like that) OFF! So, turning off footsteps again is their trademark. Except for the backlash so they actually turned it on this time. But not by much.
  5. If there is anyone willing to put the dumaos to the test vanguard is already discounted at your local walmart. There is no real fix for the packet burst issue at this time though. It's a problem on their end not our end. And, to date has not been completed fixed yet. It does appear to be dependent on what server you are matched to. We will have to wait until their anticheat is fully turned on to see if the packet burst issue goes away. As they are currently in the "gathering cheat data" phase.
  6. Wow, they lied to us. We didn't get 2x weapon XP. It was about 11% according to reports on reddit and yt sour and yt blame truth. Unbelievable!!!! I knew something was off because it was taking me a long time to level up a weapon. It seem to work back on friday but by yesterday the grind took a long time. So just in case anyone thought it was something they setup in netduma it wasn't.
  7. Someone finally recorded EOMM running a mock. And the score was tilted in the lossing teams favor in an attempt to "even things out". This person was on the winning side of eomm. As I stated in my prior post we were winning but all of sudden the score flipped in favor of the losing team.
  8. They definitely reneged on fixing the visibility problem this game has. And they are picking and choosing who has better matches because that has not been my experience. I still back out of cheater lobbies. You can clearly see players on the kill cam tracking your through walls waiting for you to come out in the open. And, that's just one example. The other is revenge kills. Where they navigate the map like a rat in a maze looking for cheese. Forward, left, right, left, back, forward, right, forward, left then 2 shot you as you pass through a window. Obvious cheating. It's amazing how fast they are in doing this too because they find you within the allotted time of the kill cam. 🤔
  9. Just had an experience on a server were the recoil on the assault rifle was much higher then it should be. I can literately see that the shots weren't going where I was aiming in tuscan map. As the crosshair would jump to a different spot other then were I was aiming. I had to back out and in and the gun fired normally. They have all kinds of control that can override the normal behavior of these weapons don't they. 😂
  10. No surprise as word got out pretty fast about how bad this game is. Unlike CW, Vanguard has a very strong gambling mechanic to it. From reports those in the free weekend maybe on separate servers away from the general public. Can't confirm that though. Whats bad though is that you cannot party up with anyone with the free copy though. It will tell you to buy the full version to do that, LOL. It still appears that ADS Bloom can get worst depending on the match you are in. Unfortunate that some might think it's hit rego and try to fix it with netduma. When it's a game mechanic. I again encourage anyone who reads this to back out those games when you have higher then normal time to kill. ADS Bloom only seems to improve it's base value. Not what it can expand to.
  11. Update to bloom. Looks like they "fixed" it.
  12. I've noticed some oddities in patrol. But you can be so engrossed in the game you don't pay much attention until you know you are curb stomping the other team by 100 point lead and they all of sudden catch up!!! And no, it not because they held the patrol more then we did. But now I know what's going on. Sometimes, for whatever reason, whenever you are dominating patrol the other team is award an unfair amount more of points for their time holding the patrol through number skip. It's the best way I can describe it. As points tally up for being in control of the patrol the losing team is awarded more points over time then the winning team. Although it's negligible it adds up over time. What I know to be bias is that once the other team caps the patrol they are given an inordinate amount of more points for the capture. Making the winning team have to work twice as hard to win. This game is completely rigged. I've only seen the patrol stay on the opposing teams spawn point only once so I can't comment on the direction of it as being bias. In other words it was already in the enemy teams spawn. It was moving towards the middle of the map when it turned around back towards the enemy spawn in Oasis. Allowing them to win the game. Everyone on my team was confused and surprised it did that.
  13. Wow, this game is the most rigged out of all the cods I've played in a while. Map Das Haus does not recorded your k/d if you go positive. Only when you go negative. Certain matches causes crappy hit rego even after the player drop (players who stopped playing the game) It takes a lot longer to rank up weapons. Partly do to the lack of weapon xp weekends. Vanguard hasn't been included in Double XP weekends like on MW2019 and CW There is no transfer of your double XP from MW2019 and CW into Vanguard. My XP from MW2019 instantly transferred to CW. If you choose only Blitz the game will put in you tactical matches???? You do have to buy the battle pass to get certain weapon unlocks. Like the STG44 with Vitol. That's a huge pay to win mechanic. This game is still in pre battle pass. Most of the items in the current battle pass are for cw or warzone. Very little for Vanguard Shipment in Vanguard is horrible comparied to MW2019. Right now SledgeHammer is offering a free trial offer of the game. Apparently, it didn't do to well in sales. 13 or so days after release. Out of all the COD games I've played this game has the strongest impression of a gambling mechanic with it's use of ADS Bloom. As I mentioned in my prior post you have to back out a few games before you can get normal hit rego again. It, IMO, has nothing to do with hit rego. I am currently testing hallow point just to see if that compensates for ADS Bloom. As most of those shots would hit the limbs anyway. Odd, that hallow point is one of the last weapon unlocks. Perhaps for a good reason??
  14. As far as I know yes. I have found that when it takes more then normal shots you have to back out of the match and start up a new one. However, it takes 2-3 matches before you get normal hit rego. But it does work. And no, it's not just you. I've experienced that myself. When in a prior match I had perfect hit rego. But it is worth it to limit your Geo-Filter to just that server though. Someone posted a video back a page if you want the closest to you.
  15. At a guess he had a very high kill score. But this is another example of how kills are related to this nebulous dev code. I lol'd though. Because it's the fastest kick I've seen so far. "Triple....kicked..." And I am pretty sure he had more then a triple kill as the announcer can be inaccurate on those multi kills. And, I am not the only one that notices this when you are doing really well. I am not the only one who's experienced this. Although some seem to relate it to kill streaks the core trigger appears to be a certain number of kills within a certain time frame. Sometimes it happens right away other times it happens with a slight delay. I am very familiar with what that dev code is suppose to mean. I recall back in the day Punkbuster. Whenever it stopped communicating with the server would kick you out the game. Which is just one example. However, this dev code should not be triggered based on the number of kills within certain time frame unless the term Snapshot was being used as just a place holder term. In which whatever gatekeeping they have coded is actually kicking players doing well that match. No, it's not designed to hamper "good players" but "any player" who is actually having a good round. Which is bogus IMO. At a cursory guess had the error code term said instead "Breaking EOM" or "Your killing Opponents Too Often" after being kicked was used instead would create a cluster of a controversy. But this is my anecdotal speculation based on the evidence provided and my experience. But from my point of view this is the smoking gun.
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