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  1. I wanted to let you know so you don't go pulling your hair out thinking "well my setup worked fine the other day why can't I get good?" What I am seeing now is that it's taking a real long time to get into lobbies now. And, lobbies aren't full like they use to be. With everyone staying at home the opposite should be true and should be getting into lobbies a lot faster and seeing lobbies completely full. Also, xclusiveAce just put up a video confirming SBMM on War Zone now.
  2. Could you keep all updated version(s) on the original post? That way it's easy to find?
  3. Update I've been improving my hit rego consistently now for a long time (even before creating this thread) and at 1st things appear normal. I win some lose some. Even came across good players. Although I wasn't always in 1st place I got pretty close and I knew I made a difference. The game during this time has been fun to play and all seem well. I could back out of games I knew were dodgy. However, as I seem to have plateau with an k/d increase of 0.35 overall from where I was before I began to notice some strange things. -I've seen dodgy hit rego with certain players. I'm not talking about with guns but with streaks. It takes more then normal amount of time to take them out! Vtol, Chopper Gunner, etc. It's very noticeable using cruise missiles though. With CM's I've hit someone at point blank range, out in the open and they walk away from it 😲. Yet I get killed by them while inside a building. I kid you not I'm fully inside a building and still get taken out by CM's. This really had my head shaking and these issues seem to arise the higher my k/d got. -Vtol rockets kill me through any open doors or windows now. -I've seen delayed explosions from clays/proximity mines causing it be pointless -It's taking a very long time to get into a lobby now. That wasn't a problem before. Although other excuses can be applied I find the timing of it a bit odd. -While searching I've been put into a lobby only to be auto removed from it. This is something that happens frequently now. Nothing wrong with the lobby I was in as far as I know. I'm just removed from it to be placed back in search. All I can say is SBMM in action. -Once I'm in the lobby NO ONE ON MY TEAM HAS MICs. And behave like bots. IE: In Dom they don't cap flags they go to predesignated spots and hover around there. I'm the only one capping flags. 🤣 -I'm put into lobbies full of more sweats now. Most I can deal with but the camping really get comically irritating. Because they crouch behind dark corners. 🤣 I'm seeing more matches go to the complete time limit, not fun! But if I have about 2-3 bad games I find myself making up for it in the next match. It's like this: 1 big win, another big win, normal win, cheaters (back out), cheaters (back out), hard match but no cheating, big win. -So, I decided to use another IP and with the 1st match this is what I get: I have a few good matches. So I went back to my original setup and still have a few good matches. None as good as those (you can see it my previous post). And all is well until I hit the k/d I'm at now. It is my opinion that even though you find that magic hit rego that lets you go ham a few matches this game is going to penalize you with the SBMM and other tactics that simply come off as a counter measure. Again, I'm no top player. I'm, now, playing at a level I find acceptable (when there is no dodgy behavior). However after reading, watching the complaints about this game it is of my opinion they are true. And I wouldn't pull hair out trying to fix what is "as intended".
  4. Oh wow, it's been a while since I lasted posted here. I haven't found anything else that worked consistently other then the original post. I've been having a blast playing the game though. On PC I have to quite when I see cheaters playing but other then that I've found sweats not that bad now. Here is a summary of a few matches both on MW and BO4. This is now a major improvement for me. I still haven't found anything else that would improve hit rego and movement though. I'm by no means "top player" but going from negative k/d matches to positive k/d matches consistently I'm pretty happy.
  5. I will defer to those who use R1 in this thread. However, trial and error is the best advise I can give. There is no one way fix for all. However, it does seem that creating a port range for traffic prioritization for those ports not listed does help. I would suggest you start by creating the 4 rules mentioned and play a few matches of both MW and BO4 to see if you notice any difference or not. I hope that helps.
  6. Question for everyone: When you are playing MW are you playing at 1080p or are you using a higher resolution?
  7. @Daniele Ah I see, some consoles actually use 3074 as it's identifying port, wow. Personally I would change that if I could. Anyway, are you connected via cable or are you using wifi? It's best that you use cable. Before you try the steps below (and were using wifi) try connecting via Ethernet cable 1st. If you aren't seeing anything in your Upnp other then 3074 I suggest you disable Upnp and setup rules for Port Forwarding. PS4: https://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/settings/nw_test.html TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480 UDP: 3478, 3479 I would also port forward any other port you found in Upnp. Xbox One: https://beta.support.xbox.com/help/Hardware-Network/connect-network/network-ports-used-xbox-live TCP and UDP: 3074, 53 TCP: 80 UDP: 88, 500, 3544, 4500 I would port forward any other port you found in Upnp. If you notice Modern Warfare port forwarding is very similar to the above: https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Ports-Used-for-Call-of-Duty-Games PS4: TCP: 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480 UDP: 3074, 3478-3479 Xbox One: TCP: 53, 80, 3074 UDP: 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3075, 3544, 4500 Next use Port Forwarding to open port range from 30000-450000 UDP then reboot the router. Use traffic Prioritization and make sure that port range is also used as mentioned earlier. Remember, this is a manual approach. So this is a little more time consuming. Also, we are testing here to see what might work for your case. Is this your experience?
  8. @Daniele I'm going to be transparent and say I didn't read all the post so forgive me if I don't get the gist. However, it appears that you are trying to use the Traffic Prioritization? If so, delete everything you have. Lets start over. Don't use 1-65535 as it can cause overlapping port issues when you want to add ports later on. 1. Turn your console off. Then turn off your router for at least a minute 2. Turn on your router 1st. Once it's up and running turn on your console. 3. Start MW and enter a match. Exit out of the match. Then out of the game itself. 4. Go to Netduma OS in your XR700. Navigate to UpNp (Settings> Advance Settings> Upnp) . Take note of the ports it found. At a guess on my part you should have 2 ports. One is 5 digits and the other is 4 digits. Is this correct? The 4 digit UDP port is 3074 (PC/PS4) and 3075 (Xbox). The 5 digit UDP is personal port that ID's your console. Below is how it looks on Xbox. I don't know how to find it on PS4. That Port number found on Xbox should be the same 5 digit number found in Upnp of your xr700 (for example). Now, lets go back to Traffic Prioritization. Lets start with something easy. With all other ports/rules already deleted Lets uncheck DumaOS Classified Games. Then lets create 2 rules. -Click on Add Device - Select Your Console then click on Next -Select Advance -Source Port, Start: XXXX (the 4 Digit Port your found in Upnp) -Source Port, End: XXXX It will duplicate what the Start digits are. This is fine. -Destination, Port: Start: 30000 -Destination, Port: End: 45000 -Protocol select UDP -Select Done. The above is the 1st rule. You want to repeat the process again except that for: -Source Port, Start: 30000 -Source Port, End: 45000 -Destination Port, Start XXXX (the 4 Digit Port your found in Upnp) -Destination Port, End: XXXX (the 4 Digit Port your found in Upnp) The above is the 2nd rule. It's debatable if the range extends beyond 45000 port range. However, you can experiment and use a 2 more sets of rules using 45001-65000 (instead of 30000-45000 as you already used this range). As for the port that Identifies your console it's suggested to tie in with the 4 digit port that Upnp found. However, results so far are inconclusive. Therefore, it's experimental only right now: -Source Port, Start: XXXXX (the 5 Digit Port your found in Upnp) -Source Port, End: XXXXX It will duplicate what the Start digits are. This is fine. -Destination, Port: Start: XXXX (the 4 Digit Port your found in Upnp) -Destination, Port: End: XXXX (the 4 Digit Port your found in Upnp) And vise versa as mentioned earlier between Rule 1 and Rule 2. Once completed reboot your router. Hope this helps.
  9. Yeah, I guess I'm use to it on PC. But I've seen nothing like that on MW. Just walling. That's how I figured out that those who do cheat are able to run and gun so effectively with lmgs, assualt rifles...you know those weapons with a very slow aim down sight and sprint to aim time.
  10. WH are the thing in this game for some reason. In BO4 they would call streaks on command at the start of the match. At least you knew where you stood and just backed out. "Team Death Match (music playing)...You have your onboard soldiers (or something like that). 20 seconds later "Enemy Gunship incoming"...Me: what, wut? I'm out! But that didn't happen to often and I didn't stick around to find out either. In MW when you notice something dodgy I can watch the kill cam and see them take a quick look at me (sometimes staring a bit) through the wall (the kill cam always shows your position behind walls). They will track your movement and head for you navigating the labyrinth that divides you and them all within the time limit of the kill cam. I've seen this quite a few times when I know there is no uav, etc in play.
  11. I was wondering about that. If you setup the isp modem's port forwarding, etc if you would get similar experience or not. Good to know.
  12. I've been playing solo and have been getting dedicated servers. However, tick rate is 63 most of the time. I've seen higher but not often. Most of the time, depending on weapon, it's been spot on. That new assualt rifle is actually pretty good hit rego wise. There have been that occasional one offs were I've shot someone and it did nothing. It doesn't happen too often. More like once every 7-9 matches or so. But has caught my attention because once it does happen it's the same person. But other then that everything has been looking promising for MW. BO4 is simply 100% fixed at this point. Which makes me wonder what else could we be possibly be missing, if anything?
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