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  1. So wait a second in order to get 120Hz tickrate you have to be wireless? Is a 5Ghz connection the game the secret to this 120hz tickrate? Did you try to repeat what you did yet? IE: "I randomly took my hardwired connection away and connected to the 5g wireless band while the game was booted up".That is very similar to DCM_81 video that I watched.
  2. Yes. But that depends on what server you are placed in and what match you play. I can go a few days only seeing PC players. However, are they true PC or Console players? Or are you dealing with a PC player using a controller or a Console player on k/b is the real question. In game once you use a controller k/b functionality is disabled and vise versa.
  3. Unfortunately I missed Ghost-1-EC thread about this video thus creating a duplicate thread by mistake. If closed I can forward the pics to that thread.
  4. Back in the day, we use to have websites that provided you all the TCP/UDP per server you needed in order to make sure that specific port was opened. Back then you would select the actual server you wanted to play on and would just concede to the map rotation for that server. Examples: https://www.gametracker.com/search/codbo3/ http://bftracks.net/appl/bft/List/host As long as those ports were "also" open/forwarded you had the most optimal hit rego. However, times have changed for whatever reason and that info isn't provided from such website for current games we play (at least none I've found...anyone have any links pls post them here). So we have to resort to apps like wireshark, etc to get those "additional" ports that may/may not be included in the list provided by the developer. More often then not there are server that use ports that aren't listed. So you have no idea they need to be open. Until you have that one off were your hit rego was crap. What we've been doing now is relaying on the developer to give us accurate info. https://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Ports-Used-for-Call-of-Duty-Games But from my personal experience with other online games the list provided is not an exhaustive one. Currently, I'm still looking to see if that's the case with MW. But I have no doubt there are other ports not listed. Which is what Ghost-1-EC is looking into. If you look at the ports provided by Activation and what Ghost-1-EC found. 30550 is not a listed port, for example. This has been going on since BF2 and I have no idea why that information is so hard to make available. But you may ask, well I use UpNp so those ports should open as well? Well, yeah they should but I've not seen that happen no matter what router/modem you use. I don't have the technical know how to explain why except to say I've not seen it. I had to manually add it and I'm going all the way back to BF2. Any additional insight on this I would personally appreciate.
  5. No it's my 1st time. But what happens is that I have WS in the background and start MW. MW then starts up then simply disappears. MW will start as long as I don't start WS. I tried starting MW 1st. Then start WS but that too caused MW to disappear.
  6. @GHOST-1-EC Hmm, I tried using wireshark and it only causes MW to shutdown. I can't get MW to work with it. How did you do it?
  7. @GHOST-1-EC Excellent work. I've seen this before but I wonder if it changes each time you start the game? Can you confirm if those ports are found in the lower right corner of the main menu screen? I too thought that numeric value there was a port but not sure. Does it matchup with what you see with wireshark? @Netduma Fraser Are there any issues/conflicts using UpNp + Manual DumaOS Classified Games port or Portforward + Manual DumaOS Classified Games? I ask because we are adding the same ports twice (sort of speaking).
  8. Ok here is some insight to MW. I know some of you don't like BN but at least it confirms what we've been saying about tick rate. So now that we know the server tick rate is around 64 how is it that some are getting more then that? Is it: -Specific bases on that server -Numerical error -Something DumaOs is capable of? -Something else? I take nothing away from the exeriences of those who say that when the tickrate is higher they get better game play. I'm sure that's the case. However, what's causing it and why isn't it repeatable for everyone else with a dumaOS router?
  9. Should we be enabling IPv6 on our XR router for MW?
  10. Very true. And you are right about how negative your k/d gets to. It doesn't go slightly but hardcore. I usually just leave the match if I go above 4-5 deaths. I have a prevailing theory about that. if they aren't bots set to Ultra difficulty then they are cheaters that are being lumped into certain servers. Kill cam shows them watching you through walls a whole lot in those negative k/d matches. Where they put up their aim onto you just as you round a corner or as you get close to an open window. But always just before you are visible. I initially thought I was lagging but the kill cam says otherwise. As soon as part of my character body is exposed around a corner they are shooting at it (that's how fast their cross hairs are on you). Therefore, it's not just me thinking I'm lagging they are either bots or people using cheats to gain advantages. If you notice some dodgy deaths take a look at the kill cam and see for yourself. Tips: If you see several 155 level players in a match, just leave. If you go 1 minute scoreless leave the match. If you notice a lot of dodgy deaths leave the match. If it takes a long time to search for a match, cancel the search, exit back to the main menu and try again. Theory is that you are being SBMM. The point is to cut your losses. Edit: Ok here is the video: -SBMM seems to depend on your ranking -SBMM seems to depend on your past few games -There is the belief there is a hidden MRR stats that determines how people are matched together. https://youtu.be/qUcb58WDtVA
  11. I have experienced times where there was no LC and the other players had reaction times like bots set to medium. But that is far and few in between. The particularity of this is that both hit rego, and my reaction time (shot 1st and take down opponents 1st without taking damage) both happened at the same time. Ping was the same. I had times where opponents weren't even aware of me and seem to take a long time to react to my presence. This all after having a few bad rounds. I have to wonder if IW is allowing players to play against bots on a specific server to bring up KD and then put them back into servers with other players. I make no puns or jokes that the other players acted like bots. IE: One was crouching all the time. Another was always running around the map. One standing in a corner. Just odd stuff you don't see all the time. I remember it because I was doing 30-2 or something like that. Far from what I normally get. Sure take it with a grain of salt but I have to wonder sometimes.
  12. This reads to me that LC is a thing. His experience at 16ms was much worst then at 25ms. It's not definitive proof just incidental proof.
  13. You can most certainly try it. Nothing stopping you there. I however, never noticed any benefit to getting better hit rego.
  14. They know something that hasn't been shared to the community as a whole. At times the other players look like bots as their reaction times are so out of sync. You can clearly see that the lobby is both easy and yet they still have that crisp, on time hit rego to boot. Are they using special Proxies? VM? Static IP? Etc? It's not clear but you can clearly see that their gaming experience is nothing like yours.
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