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    progprogprog reacted to Netduma Jack B in ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)   
    Hi everyone,
    We know what you’re thinking, and we get it.
    We said R2 updates would be frequent (and they will be), but this update ended up enveloping a lot more than we initially expected. That’s frustrating for you and for us too.
    However, we hope you’ll find the wait was worth it – this is a huge update with fixes and changes across the board. Feedback on the R2 has been great, helping us to improve everyone’s experience while fixing specific problems too. The changelog below shows just much work has gone into this update.
    This is the latest in DumaOS and it sets the stage for new features we’ll reveal in the near future. From all of us at Netduma, thanks for your patience, and for caring enough about DumaOS to stay vocal. We hope you enjoy the latest firmware!
    Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1krvgqi4peslusv/DumaOS-R2-3.0.179.sig?dl=0
    General Improvements
             System-wide GUI improvements.          Memory usage improvements.          Added new Copy to Clipboard button for information generated by Rapp Performance and Device Manager > Wi-Fi Scan (also a new addition).          Fixed initial tour throwing errors if ‘Next’ clicked too early.          Fixed various issues with upgrade process.          Fixed various vulnerabilities. Wi-Fi Improvements
             Improved Wi-Fi band steering.          Improved Wi-Fi range coverage.          Fixed Wi-Fi settings not preserving on firmware upgrades.          Fixed Wi-Fi station details displaying incorrectly if the device is disconnected.          Fixed 5GHz channel not starting correctly when splitting the channels.          Added auto Wi-Fi channel detection, picking the least noisy Wi-Fi channel to achieve better results.          Added Wi-Fi channel width setting for greater control.          Added Wi-Fi region setup to the setup wizard.          Added Wi-Fi radar detection DFS channels.          Added Wi-Fi Performance feature to devices.          Added Wi-Fi Scan feature.          Added more Wi-Fi stations information for better debugging. Ping Heatmap
             Fixed Ping Heatmap displaying multiple graphs when spam-clicking. QoS
             Congestion Control Auto-Setup is now less aggressive - users should see improved results.          Improved QoS Stability.          QoS now loads quicker on start-up.          Fixed QoS not always loading correctly.          Fixed QoS crashes and stability issues.          Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup layout issues when zoomed in.          Fixed "Applying Settings" popup appearing when Auto-Setup loads.          Fixed Congestion Control Auto-Setup button.          Fixed Auto-Setup not always setting the slider.          Fixed incorrect padding around auto-setup bars.          Fixed Auto-Setup throttling below 1%. Connection Benchmark
             Fixed issues with Speed Test when WAN is disconnected.          Fixed Ping Under Load test not working correctly. Device Manager
             Device status will update between online and offline much faster.          Fixed Device Manager crashes.          Fixed Device Manager spam messages about device status.          Fixed issue where devices sometimes have no name.          Fixed issue when adding a new device causing Rapps to fail. Traffic Controller
    Fixed Traffic Controller causing DumaOS to fail loading Network Settings
             Fixed MAC cloning to update the device interface correctly.          Removed MAC address cloning toggle, added reset button.          Added more special characters for Wi-Fi password entry. Misc.
             Updated to use new multi-threaded webserver for faster GUI loading.  
    Installation instructions:
    Download the file above Open DumaOS at or /dumaos/ Click the three dots in the top right of the interface Click Update Click 'Select Upgrade File' and choose the file you just downloaded Click 'Upgrade' and wait about 5 minutes for the update to apply Do not unplug your unit during this time!
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    progprogprog reacted to Netduma Liam in Firmware Roadmap Teasing   
    Thanks for the suggestion @KindaBusted!
    I like the idea for sure, we do like to occasionally give teasers for things that we think our users will be excited about. The trouble is a lot of time we are working on backend things or internal tools that aren't really visible to the user. That being said, we do have a couple of tools that we're really proud of and are thinking about showing off to you guys probably through a YouTube video. We're also considering doing some more behind the scenes stuff on the YouTube channel so keep an eye out there!
    The team here is growing rapidly and there's some really big things in the works, we just don't want to tease anything we can't deliver on yet as we've been stung in the past for that.
    I'll speak with the team about this idea, I really like the idea of keeping you guys up-to-date with what's happening at Duma HQ and what you might be able to expect for the future.
    P.S. Themes are happening, I don't have a screenshot to share unfortunately but from what I've seen you're going to like it 👀
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    progprogprog reacted to Netduma Fraser in Firmware Roadmap Teasing   
    We do! 
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    progprogprog reacted to Netduma Fraser in Free R2   
    If you no longer want the R2, please give it away elsewhere as this is a support site and not for trading.
    We're more than happy to try and help you resolve the issues, just let us know.
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    progprogprog got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in R2 has not improved my connection at all   
    Here is a link to a fix incase it's a vram issue 
    Works for nvidia and amd cards
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    progprogprog got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in R2 has not improved my connection at all   
    It may not be your connection causing this problem.
    I am on pc and get the same issues due to vram being close to max out
    Try checking vram usage using GPU-Z
    as warzone ingame cram usage is way off.
    Hope this helps
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    progprogprog reacted to Luke ‘Absolute’ Holmes in Any tips on getting easier lobbies in warzone?   
    You don’t need a netduma for that, just join with me and you’ll get your easier lobbies 😂
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    progprogprog reacted to Kirneill in Hey I'm Kirneill! I Optimize Pro Players/Streamers. Ask Me Anything!   
    Lets break this down. I'll explain to you most misconceptions as this is very common. This is how a pro player/coach would analyze what you said as well.
    "nearly every encounter is me taking damage the moment the enemy appears on my screen without having any time to ADS or with me shooting first but they end up killing me,"
    - You should be already ADS. you aren't suppose to win gunfights if your enemy has peak advantage or if they are ready before you. Bad Fundamentals
    "Killcam shows them barely getting damaged/shooting me first? " - Kill cams are not an accurate representation of what happened.
    "More importantly, do you know how I can be one of those players that can out run bullets or shoots first and kills first? "- You need to learn how to camera correctly and how to analyze good angles. But you shouldn't rely on it. 
    Ex: I optimized shotzzy and he doesn't rely on cameras. He is just technically gifted and his reaction time is low. This is why he "Jokes" People. The router isn't going to do it for you.
    " I don't think optimising your connection to be the best it can be is the way to go. it feels like it has the opposite effect tbh." - False. All Top Players want the lowest latency possible. Don't try to rely on inconsistency. Rely on fundamentals. This is what happens when you listen to "I feel that its better" post instead of statistical analysis.
    "I have fibre direct to my premises (100Mbps), dumaos shows I ping the servers 6-7ms and in-game it's anywhere from 18-30ms yet it feels like how a 100ms+ match would feel it previous titles."- This is due to bad fundamentals. You are 100 ms behind because you are sprinting into gunfights not centering. The router can't fix things like this. You have to learn and play to improve.
    "DumaOS and OpenWRT" - It's similar if you have an R2. Based off the same platform. Duma is WAY more user friendly.
    "My console is hardwired, play on a 1ms monitor, have the necessary ports forwarded and have an open NAT. Even when I'm the only one using my network I still get a poor gaming experience but other users shouldn't matter as I have my console traffic prioritised above all else." - You only tried to optimize up to the router. There is the modem/gateway -> Node -> Aggregator -> ISP -> Backbone -> How your traffic routes (Least expensive route or lowest cost?). There is way more to it.
    For the netduma, listen to everything Frazer says and the Netduma Staff.
    Trust me
    DON'T GO BASED OFF "It Feels Better Post"
    This will lead to more inconsistency and you will be even more frustrated.
    Remember, Pro Players never blame their tech. They take personal responsibility. Learn to do this and improve. 
    We all think we are the best at what we do and let ego get in the way. Professionals know they aren't the best and put in hard work to compensate for it. This is what makes them great.
    Practice, Improve, Follow the Guides, have fun.
    Netduma didn't make the router to cheat the system. It's to provide you consistency. You aren't suppose to be sprinting and win gunfights. That only works for low skilled opponents. At the highest level, your fundamentals will cost you a tremendous amount of gunfights.
    Hope this helps!
    I hope I don't come off harsh or anything. This is not to criticize you but actually tell you the truth and help you improve.
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    progprogprog got a reaction from Netduma Liam in cod cold war lag   
    Frasers right
    I have force myself onto the poland server.
    giving me 80 ping
    Everything feels way more normal now
    (Not placebo by the way)
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    progprogprog reacted to simjc in Cold War Crashing and a Poor Quality Game   
    New video where I give my views on the whole quality issue surround black ops cold war.
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    progprogprog reacted to Netduma Fraser in smooth cold war   
    Most likely the case of playing 10 games and picking the best one, they're not going to upload anything that doesn't show them wrecking.
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    progprogprog reacted to Zippy in Auto-Setup winding down to 1% / 1%   
    SendNukes when Auto Setup is running through the tests does it slowly start to bring your ping down as its performing your tests? Like example when mine is testing each test it does it brings it down little by little.. Mine usually runs 7 tests until finished.. And that is considered one complete test.. Auto Setup is still evolving so they will continue to make it better at testing ones connection..  In your case one cant use 1% of course but manually set a happy middle and see if you can get better control on your ping..  For the heck of it start at 50% and use connection benchmark also to see if your ping is more stable after making the adjustments.. From there either go up or down to see if anything will effect your connection in a positive way..
    There is no magic number per say because everyones connection is different and the results will vary from each other.. So what works for me very likely wont work for you..
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    progprogprog reacted to ChrisCohen in NETDUMA R2 UPDATES AND NEW FEATURES   
    The above posts are an embarrassment Fraser. I know you have to remain diplomatic but the amount of reserve you have to show here is incredible. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks so much for responding to users so quickly when they have faults or queries, it doesn't go unnoticed. 
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    progprogprog reacted to UK Sentinel in R2 / DumaOS 3 Emulator   
    I have had a look, but cannot find an emulator for the new and shiny DumaOS 3, are you guys thinking about producing an emulator so we can try before we buy for the new R2 model  😉
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    progprogprog got a reaction from titofuenla in Hit Detection / Aim assist   
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    progprogprog reacted to Netduma Fraser in Hit Detection / Aim assist   
    I'd recommend you go through our optimal settings guides so you can get a good idea of how the features work and will provide some recommendations as well:
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    progprogprog reacted to Flipmode in ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here   
    @Netduma Alex.... it's R-App Store not Rapp store..... just sayin.... 
    respect the vote 😎 hehehehehehehehehehe
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    progprogprog reacted to Crazy Cat in COD MW Packet Burst   
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    progprogprog got a reaction from Tripper in Congestion Control   
    You can kind of do this already by setting traffic  prioritization manually to to the console you want full speed on under advanced 
    e.g xbox TCP-source port 1-65535-destination port (443,80)
    It's not ideal as it will bypass congestion control set to always but may be what your looking for?
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    progprogprog got a reaction from Rsxbig0 in how to get better hit detection   
    hi mate
    on openwrt if you click on (status-realtime-connections) it will list the ports being used by all devices in there as well
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    progprogprog got a reaction from FlexJ in Sky and Open WRT   
    Hi guys
    I use a bt homehub 5 with openwrt installed
    Here is the easiest way to do dmz
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    progprogprog reacted to Bert in trying to fix lagcomp expiriment   
    IMHO if you add asymmetric latency on up and download. Adding 50ms of ping in both directions doesn't alter much.
    I have been testing and looking at others.
    On YT, clips have a 30FPS format. so we can assume there is 33ms between frames.
    My own connection, no artificial delay, 60ms in game latency gives a hitmarker after 2 frames, ie 66ms (+/- 33ms). This is what you would expect. Add another 60ms artificial latency so we show 120ms in game, and measure the same, I get a hitmarker after 4 frames, ie 133ms (+/-33ms) also pretty much what you would expect. I played back a game from when I was in Europe a few weeks ago where I show roughly 25ms in game, 8ms on Duma OS and my shots land on the next frame, ie below <33ms.
    That is what you would expect it to be. 120ms is perfectly playable by the way you really only notice this when you start measuring or if you are a pro from a hitdetection point of view.
    I just need to find a game with high latency users now and see if it changes, ie are connections equalized or not. Because this is all measured in games where my connection was good.
    You can replicate this by connecting to a far away server that gives you higher ping but the issue is that there is more hops in between that can mess with your traffic so getting a server close and adding artificial latecy gives a far more accurate result. Like from the past I know that the Japanese server often has huge unexplainable delays. Ping in game in both MW and BO4 are measured directly off the in game UDP packets so is by far the most accurate. The server itself doesn't actually answer ICMP requests so I am guessing that DumaOS goes off the last hop it can get a ICMP response from.
    These measurements are very rough, ideally you need a capture card. PS4 and YT footage is recorded at 30FPS but 60FPS would produce a more accurate result.
    I have looked at others as well. On YT, if you pause a video you can play them frame by frame by pressing , and . on the keyboard. Korean Savage has 3-4 frames delay and on Apathy BZ I can see a 3-4 frame delay as well. These are guys I expect to play on a really good connection. What actually surprises me is how good first shot accuracy on Korean Savage is. He almost never misses the first shot. But it indicates a latency of 100-133ms for them, either they are beeing compensated against or their connections isn't as good as you think.
    My best game yesterday was on regular 40ms yesterday though (60ms in game) so really I don't think it helps much. I think it might just cause the game to be visually more fair when you are at a slightly higher latency, closer to the lobby average. Ie the guy coming around the corner laserbeaming you in a nanosecond would likely still have had you if your ping was higher. Just the killcam would have looked more decent.
    Conenction balancing would make the game fair but it does obviously affect the quality of the game for low ping users.
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    progprogprog got a reaction from N3CR0 in In game External IP Address   
    Hi ghost
    The external ip in game is the ip address assigned to you from your isp
    Go to google and type
    what's my ip
    Does it match with in game?
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    progprogprog got a reaction from GHOST-1-EC in In game External IP Address   
    I see
    One thing I did do was to do a trace route to my isp ip address then placed geo home to where it shows on the map(net analyzer)
    Had 3 good games in a row
    Maybe try that?
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    progprogprog reacted to Bat 'n' Ball in Ambiguous Dedicated & Peer hosts (MW)   
    Hello peeps,
    I’m not sure if this info is of any use to Admin/Support/Devs, but listed below are some south of England hosts with the ‘choopa.net’ domain name. These were noted while I was playing MW. 
    I think the ‘choopa.net’ domain name suggests the hosts are dedicated servers, however, the Host Type says Peer and they also have peer icons - not the square dedicated server icons.
    Another thing to note is that when I am playing on a Dedicated server (square icon) and I click the DENY button, the game freezes and I eventually get kicked out of the game, as you might expect. But, when I click the DENY button on the below hosts (dedicated but with a peer icon), the game continues as though the host has not actually been blocked at all.
    To sum up, I assume the peer hosts with dedicated domain names are actually dedicated hosts because they all appear on the south coast of England, in the place where I know there are dedicated servers. But I'm not sure if they are properly blocked when they are put into the Allow and Deny list, as clicking the DENY button during a game has no effect.
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