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  1. You can kind of do this already just by. doing a speedtest. then instead of typing in your bandwidth value as say e.g 100mbps down 10mbps up. Reduce the outcome by 15% (85-8.5) This will give you better buffer bloat overall for every day usage Then set a custom setting for traffic prioritization to say ports 3074-3076 udp/tcp for e.g cod Hope it helps
  2. Are you on 15 down 1 up?
  3. We shouldn't have to do this to make the game play better as it's wrong but here's How the geo is currently on spectating mode in pic Just change it to filtering mode before you boot the game
  4. If your playing blackops4 and in uk Try forcing the New York server Due to lag comp I find it plays better most of the time! Set geo to around 400miles PA 0 Place geo over newyork server then boot the game
  5. Are you on Xbox? Add me if it helps progprogprog
  6. I tend to test on console as that's what's most important Also due to low bandwidth I would put flower to 100% on upload and download Try 50/80 on sliders
  7. Try unticking traffic prioritization. Then do a retest making sure no one is using the internet. Post back results.
  8. Fraser's right in what he's saying But you could try simplifying the set up with speeds your getting and just try running everthing though the duma wireless just as a test to eliminate any issues with the net adapters? Depending on the size of the house
  9. If that's the case I really wouldn't worry Give console 100% upload and download on the flower also as that helped me and I am on 2meg down 0.5 up Hope it helps
  10. Are these tests done over wifi?
  11. As far as I'am concerned blackops 4s in game ping graph is very accurate at reporting packetloss and jitter as I had a problem myself. Try running pingplotter at the same time while your in a match and check the game graph Any packetloss should show up
  12. I've had the same issue even on original r1 firmware. You have to Whitelist it ever time you stream which is a real pain,also mixer uses random ports between the 800-8000 range udp. Only thing we can really do is pass on the server id's to the team to whitelist Or use twitch which works perfect
  13. Even have a slider similar to congestion control where we could increase or decrease your own ping (within limits)such as netem https://netbeez.net/blog/how-to-use-the-linux-traffic-control/ to balance out the lobby
  14. Great idea zen I've been using ping assist more resently So to have min and max would be awsome
  15. It's defiantly the geo causing moderate nat for me so maybe look into why this is happening guys As soon as I remove Xbox from the Geo page and reboot the r1 I get open nat and stays that way until the geo is enabled again?
  16. Add me on Xbox if you like I'am in the UK progprogprog
  17. Like I said before the geo does cause mod nat But if I reboot with the console deleted it goes open again
  18. How many devices are on the geo page? Maybe it's filtering the wrong console?
  19. Hi bursley Just double checking. Do you have ping assist set to anything other than zero?
  20. I would love this I think it's a great idea
  21. Tmemory is the best I've seen for consistency
  22. Hi Joe How often are you getting the spikes? The reason I ask is that my line is very flat when doing a ping plotter test.but you may fined the same as me is that the spikes happen just after you die in game on bo4? Try to keep an eye out for this as I'am sure it's just info being sent to the server,but should not effect game play to badly
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