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  1. It's played better for me today because I've followed this. Hit detection has been sweet, still some bs but that's CoD for you.
  2. No but it's not a major problem, it's more of a fyi thing and to back up what the other guy was saying. It's happened a few times now and I reboot and it's back to normal. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. Like I mentioned earlier, I have the same issue, have rebooted three times now, it goes then comes back. Unable to adjust download with slider but upload is normal.
  4. I have the exact same problem, I reboot the router and it goes away. It is odd how it only affects download. Rebooted three times now. I use Sky and it's pppoa I believe.
  5. Thanks, sorry again for the confusion. I am a happy user of the Netduma, I have the XR500 too but just wanted to test the r1 on a dedicated adsl line to see if it will work better on bops4. I now have, r1, xr500 and openwrt at my disposal with both Virgin and Sky broadband and I can confirm, scientifically, that bops4 is shit. I move to CoD WW2 and everything is fine.
  6. I'm really sorry for complicating this, maybe it's my age. I have the r1 dumaOS firmware first version, prior to ping assist being added. I have bought a used r1 on the old firmware "h" version, because I used to have an r1 and had saved the downloads from you to my harddrive I have updated it from h to j then from j to dumaOS but did not save the final download from dumaOS to Milestone 1.3 that has the ping assist etc on it, so just need a link to the latest r1, Milestone 1.3. Will confirm version tomorrow. To answer the guy previously, ping assist is important as some of the dedicated servers are still misplaced.
  7. I am on dumaOS but not with the ping assist et al....that's what I'm after. I bought a second hand r1 on ebay which was still on version "h" of the old firmware, so I have updated it one step at a time with the updates I kept from my previous r1 but the only update I didn't keep was updating dumaOS to ping assist version. Sorry for any confusion.
  8. Hi, I'm trying to get the latest firmware for my r1, could you please send me the link. I have tried emailing you as advised but to no avail.... thanks.
  9. Thanks for replying Jack, I'm in the UK with Virgin as my ISP and my base ping is traditionally around 17ms ping. If I force the Spanish server it's less than 50ms so would find it difficult to believe there aren't any games available. Will try again in the morning....fingers crossed 🤞
  10. I tried in vain to get a game this morning, what have Treyarch done now?.......Xbox set to filtering, XR500 set up then game started....grrrr
  11. I've just sussed it out, it's taken me all day....a while back on the forum someone suggested, for bops 4, that he got a good connection if he changed XR500 ip address to that of his ISP router, which I did too, anything to make a difference right?......so when I did a factory reset I previously backed up settings, which I promptly reinstalled . I just remembered it ,reset it back to standard , the XR500 rebooted and now the geo filter is working again, I can force servers in other parts of Europe again. Perhaps we should be more careful what we back up!......I normally keep the settings to the basics ,as you guys know your gear, the one time I didn't and I lost a whole day........sorry to have bothered you, Happy New Year.........Neil
  12. Ping assist off, geo filter in the ocean so I shouldn't get a game surely?
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