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Found 12 results

  1. no matter what country i try i get the same error ? its been working fine the last few months ? no settings were changed ? any help ?
  2. Is there a fix for this? I recently purchased my first Nighthawk/ XR series / NetDuma router a couple weeks ago. Spent mad time setting it up to get it right. I updated the firmware, manually to XR1000, since the router never detected an available update. Afterward I kept receiving an error (picture), that says: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'i.generateKey') I was advised (see link to Netgear post) by netduma guys on that forum to reset to factory defaults to clear the issue, and not to use a configuration file because it would reload whatever the problem is. The issue is persisting after the reset. I don't know what else to do but it's a real pain in the ass. Netgear Post: Re: Firmware Update Failed (RX1000)
  3. Hi, I am trying to play on a server which is in this area for CoD: Warzone, and I got that error. Did I miss something ?
  4. Hola, ayer por la tarde decidi cambiar el software de mi Netduma R1 colocandole el firmware de Dumaos. Una vez que logre actualizar mi router, quiero ingresar a la interfaz de Dumaos y no puedo de ninguna manera, ya restaure el router de fabrica colocando un perno delgado y apretando el boton reset del netduma r1 y ni aun asi puedo ingresar a la interfaz de Dumaos, lo intente en otros navegadores de internet y tampoco puedo, borre el cache y las cookies y sigo sin poder acceder a dumaos interfaz. Necesito una solucion urgente por favor, gracias!. Saludos desde Argentina 🙂
  5. My ESB cut out this morning and when I logged back on my Geo Filter section was all messed up. I can't set my home location, I can't delete the profile. It says my console & my PC has been added but I can't set anything. The router won't reboot, I've tried factory reset also. I've reset the router a number of times but it doesn't make a difference. I tried plugging it out , nothing seems to be working. Can someone help ?
  6. Hola buenas ayer estaba actulizando mi netduma r1 a otra version y sin querer cerre el navegador lo que provoco que la actulizacion se bloqueara, ahora soy incapaz de hacer que el router funcione, nose que puede pasar la verdad pero no consigo entrar, cuando busco en "resolver el problema" de windows me dice que no hay direccion ip asignada, es como si el router no funcionara. Intento reinciarlo desde el boton trasero pero no hace nada, necesito ayuda con esto por favor.
  7. Hello, and happy new year to all. I am getting this error every time I start the router page, any idea why it appears and what it affects? Thanx
  8. Great update guys. I didnt have bugs with the past firmware until I downloaded that "no feature, Just bug fixes" firmware !!
  9. Hey everyone, So to first start off, I have been here since early adoption. Had my Duma for quite some time. But, I have not played in MONTHS... (Had a little one and have lost time playing sadly.) Also, had a different profile on here, and can not figure out my PW so i have to create a new account. GREAT START... Anyway, today I have off and wanted to get to playing again. And now when trying to set up my geofilter the entire host filtering tab does not load at all. Just sits there and has the 5 line loading bar the whole time. Nothing happens. I have rebooted, factory reset and tried everything to get my filter to function again.. Also, not an ISP issue, just ran test and it shows that I am still pulling 850d/950u. Has anyone ran into this issue and what is the fix? Thank you in advance, -Bleach
  10. I successfully able to setup the VPN but it is not connecting with the new locations, any fix?
  11. hola os comento me compre el netduma lo instale con el poe sin el poe tambien e echo test de descarga y subida tanto en ps4 como en pc , y se me pierde toda la subida y toda la bajada de 14gb de bajada que tengo con el ruter se me queda en menos de uno de subiada igual que puedo hacer ? estoy preocupado ayudenme porfavor
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