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  1. Could you make another post about this issue? We'll be able to get to the bottom of it with you more effectively that way. In Mikes case it was just the age of his router - he'd had it since 2014! In your case, while you're getting the same log messages, it could very likely be something else causing your lower speeds issue. Thank you, we'll be with you shortly in your new thread!
  2. Which console are you playing on? If this is on PC, change your device type in the Device Manager to a console, and re-add it to the Geo-Filter. That'll get it working. If you're on a console, make sure it's properly added and check your NAT type
  3. There's a few factors based on what you've mentioned so far that could be to blame - One is PPPoE, one is the TP Link bandwidth control. Is it possible to disable bandwidth control on your TP Link? That could be messing the DumaOS QoS up. Also just to make sure, you have all devices connected to the Netduma right? QoS won't work properly if there are devices connected elsewhere. PPPoE could also be to blame - you say you don't have a PPPoE connection, but you also said you "went into setting so could set up the PPPoE". If you have PPPoE enabled that can be a drain on the CPU of the router and is known to cause lower speeds as a result.
  4. There's no reason why this should be happening - it could well be a hardware malfunction. If DHCP lease time is ruled out it's worth contacting Netgear to see what they can do for you. If you're covered by warranty there's a possibility that's the option they'd take. Aside from contacting Netgear to see what they can do, you could try setting static IP's instead of relying on DHCP - if you still get drop-outs after that then at least you've ruled it out.
  5. It's probably that the game doesn't want to connect you to the Florida server - what are your Geo-Filter settings like? Try including a few more than just one server; if the Florida server gets full then the game won't be able to connect if there's no other server available.
  6. Not necessarily - having two QoS solutions running at once can result in too much throttling, and gives some pretty strange results in some cases. We'll see what happens in this case!
  7. If you send us a screenshot we could take a look Anti-Bufferbloat is designed to solve bufferbloat - if you have that set to 70/70 and you're still getting poor DSLreports results, try using Pingplotter for a more accurate reading of what's happening. Great to have you here Mike, I hope your replacement router is good! Any issues with it just let us know
  8. Hi Max - the only thing for it is a factory reset. Something has gone wrong with the UI here, and it's far better to have a working router than to lose your settings! Could you let us know what happens after a factory reset? Thank you
  9. Since you made another post on the issue, you've effectively split what information is available about your issue. In the future don't make multiple posts about the same problem. Can you see any of the UI (i.e the header bar) or is it just this error message? How does this look on a desktop / laptop browser, could you screenshot it? Also you say when it happened, you'd gone to turn QoS off. Did this error happen when you pressed that button, or do you mean you couldn't access the UI to manage to disable QoS?
  10. Hi, welcome to the forum! Lets have a crack at this problem. So first off, the R1 hardware isn't great these days but it should still be able to handle ~400mbps. We've reached over 700mbps in lab conditions here at Netduma HQ, so it seems weird that you're getting such low speeds. Could you answer the following: (I realise you may have tried these steps, but we have to be thorough!) - After a factory reset, with QoS disabled, on your PC wired with your CAT-6 or CAT-5e cable, what speeds do you receive on Speedtest.net? (Make absolutely sure that nothing else is using the bandwidth while you run the test). - Is there anything different about your home connections type? Are you on PPPoE? Which ISP are you with? - Do you have any other router in the house you could connect to your Modem to test whether it also receives lower speeds? - How long have you had your Netduma R1, and have you ever received higher speeds through it? Thanks for being so detailed, I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of this
  11. Hm, that's odd. It could well be that their IP's have changed (they could be dynamic) which would mean you'd need to allow them again. Lets get all the details out there - which console are you on, and which game are you trying to play? Do you have an open NAT with the Geo-Filter enabled? Do your friends have open NAT types?
  12. Spectator Mode disables all filtering - so anything denied will still get through I believe. (weirdly I've never thought about that, so I could be wrong!) I'm pretty sure if you wanted to connect to every server other than ones you've denied, you should keep Filtering Mode on and expand your radius to the maximum value. That'll do it
  13. They might not be mislocated per-se; it's likely they are mis-classified though. They could well be dedicated servers. Just to let you in on this - there's no easy way to classify dedicated servers. As far as I know, our developers have manually labelled thousands of servers as dedicated - but there's still plenty that aren't classified and show up as peers. I reckon that's what's happening here. Do the 'peers' show up in the same place every time?
  14. Hi, welcome to the forum! The XR500 can easily handle high speeds, but Anti-Bufferbloat would throttle it as it's meant to. It's worth saying that with such high speeds, you won't really require Anti-Bufferbloat - it's built to eliminate congestion / saturation on your network, but with so much bandwidth to spare it's unlikely you'll ever encounter those problems. If you find QoS is limiting your speeds just let us know. Ultimately both the 500 and 700 can handle Gigabit speeds, and you shouldn't need to do anything special to get that working
  15. Aye it looks like one of his screenshots covered that at the end - it's not reliable though, the game tends to ignore which data centre you've selected less than two games in.
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