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  1. I believe that version is just bug fixes. We'll be announcing what's on the way very soon so you guys know what to expect next on DumaOS
  2. Hi Luke - would you mind making another post about your issues? They could well be unrelated to this thread, and your issue likely won't be seen by anyone if it's on this thread. We'll give you some suggestions on your new thread, but when you make it, please let us know what you've tried. Is your NAT open? In what way is Ping Assist not working?
  3. This is a peculiar issue indeed... Could you factory reset the router, then leave your Geo-Filter and other settings exactly the way they are (without zooming in either), add your console to the Geo-Filter and boot up the game? Do you see anything then? This step will rule out all router settings and most user errors, so it's vital that you don't change any settings after the factory reset. Could you screenshot the result?
  4. Hey, welcome to the forum! I think you'd struggle to find one that's identical, but not to worry! Email [email protected], we'll sort this out for you. All I ask in return is a photo of your dog looking extremely guilty
  5. They'll use the same servers, since it's the best server infrastructure on the planet. They're using Amazon Web Services - I doubt they'll switch
  6. Hey - I'm going to play devils advocate for a moment, it could help to completely re-evaluate what's happening. Could you record what you're seeing when you load a website? Maybe record how it looks on the XR500, then record what it looks like on your Modem. Make sure in both cases you load the same website, with nothing else downloading at the time. This should help us to get a better idea of what we're dealing with.
  7. Hi, welcome to the forum! Yeh that's normal behaviour, simply because there's so much more background traffic that goes into it that you might not realise. It's functioning perfectly fine I hope you're enjoying your gaming!
  8. I just took a look at the bug you've reported - it seems like a nasty one. We've alerted Netgear so hopefully we can investigate and get to the bottom of the issue for you. I'd recommend holding onto your router; if you need to take it out of your setup temporarily then by all means. Soon enough you'll get new upgrades which could resolve the problem you're having, but will also give you a bunch of new features to play with. We're not going to stop supporting you guys. We'll try to let you know if this bug is resolved
  9. I'd recommend it, but it's possible that I'm a biased source... Seriously though, we're soon to be making an announcement on the future for DumaOS since it's been a while. I'd recommend staying tuned for that if you're curious about the routers.
  10. Looks like an Xbox speed test - usually console speed-tests are completely unreliable. What WiFi speeds do you get using Speedtest.net on, say, a phone or tablet? What speeds do you get on a wired PC? It's very rare for wireless to out-perform wired. I'm not even sure if it's possible unless you're using a faulty cable.
  11. Interesting... Thank you for letting me know. I hope it goes better with PureVPN - I'm glad at least that you were able to get NordVPN working with a config file, even if it's not quite what you were looking for. Please keep us updated and we'll help you with PureVPN as best we can
  12. It might be a better approach to hear what you're trying to do, there may be a way to do it. If you think Bandwidth Allocation sucks then I imagine it's set up incorrectly for your purpose. What precisely are you trying to do?
  13. What I meant was this seems like a bug - it shouldn't be happening if your router is working correctly. I wasn't questioning whether it's happening xD sorry for the confusion. I've seen this issue once before, and my colleague Joseph (who tested this issue in the past) believes that the issue was fixed in the latest firmware. I'm not sure which firmware is the latest on the 450, but definitely make sure you're on it. Equally, as you say, this could be related to the game. Do you have any other games you can test this on? SFV is quite a weird game server-wise, so it could just be working incorrectly with that one game.
  14. I know a few people have asked for this, it's an interesting suggestion and is already on our list of suggestions. We're revising a bunch of things including QoS for future updates. I hope it'll be soon too but it should be worth the wait
  15. Hm, okay. If you remove your PC from the Geo-Filter do you get an open NAT? Could be that the Geo-Filter is blocking something related to the game launcher that is causing a moderate NAT. You might also be getting a false result - your NAT might actually be open, but the Geo-Filter is blocking something non-essential (which is causing the game to believe you have a moderate NAT). If this is the case, the game will be acting normally - search times for games / latency will all feel the same as if you have an open NAT. Is that the case?
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