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  1. IPv6 just overcomplicates things, but it's also riddled with false advertising. When it was released it was pushed as some kind of benefit for gamers - the reality is it doesn't affect gaming in the slightest, and only serves to ramp up the price of certain ISP packages. The complications and the difficulty in actually securing an IPv6 address just aren't worth it, when all you're getting in return is a new, longer IP address.
  2. ^ Cracking advice from Zennon above - ultimately pressure from more than one home can often spur them into action. If they catch wind that your neighbours are having issues as well it could help your case.
  3. I think you're thinking about this the wrong way. Ultimately both those features are unconnected - the Geo-Filter shows in real-time the data transfer from and to the device you've added to it. If you can't see anything showing up on the map, it's likely that it's set up wrong. If it's a PC you've added, go into the Device Manager and change its Device Type to a console (Xbox or PlayStation). Then delete and re-add it to the Geo-Filter. You'll then see servers show up when you're playing. It's also possible you're zoomed in really far, which will mean you can't see any other servers. Zoom out all the way while you're testing it.
  4. Personally, I don't reckon that's anything to do with your ports. I've never seen an issue like this caused by a router; at least not in the three years I've used this forum. This to me sounds like you have some kind of license conflict - things like that could happen if you set another PS4 to be your primary or vice versa. I'd say it's very likely to be a PSN problem.
  5. I'm glad you reset it and managed to get back in. Don't ever disable DHCP for the reason you just found out To set it up like an extender you'd basically just disable everything... If you're using DumaOS you can just disable QoS and the Geo-Filter. Maybe someone else will pitch in if they've tried to do this; I've never personally wanted to use an R1 in this way since it renders it useless. How come you don't want to just get another proper extender and use the features of the R1?
  6. Yep seems to me like you're playing on a 20hz server. Black Ops 4 is riddled with them depending on where you live - they never truly upgraded them. The best thing you can do is block them if you see them, but if you start not being able to connect then you might have blocked too many. There's only so many servers! I hope you appreciate being able to see your tick rate using DumaOS, we certainly find it useful when we're scouting for good servers.
  7. Excellent I hope it goes well. Out of curiosity, why did you want to downgrade? We're working on improving DumaOS in its beta form all the time, it'd be handy to know what feature from the older software you missed!
  8. Pollutionblues is spot on above; most routers don't have firewall settings since really it should be left to function without being tinkered with. We're thinking of ways to give folks more control over their router security though, so maybe it'll make it to DumaOS one day
  9. You can absolutely use the same download file / same email you got originally
  10. Hmm, this is a strange one. Your issue is obviously massive packet loss at random intervals - your actual ping graph (which is kinda' pushed to the bottom of the page by the packet loss) doesn't look too bad. It seems you're getting a massive drop-out / spike every now and again, and since your second test is for 60 minutes I guess they're lasting for a few minutes at a time. That being said, maybe it's the Google server playing up. Try a test to Twitter.com on a wired PC, and try switching your Ethernet cable. That'll rule out a few things. As you said though, this certainly isn't an issue with the XR500 - it might even be worth keeping it disconnected for these tests.
  11. I can only speak from my preference and knowledge - personally, I'd use the Netduma with PPPoE and accept the speed drop. I'd expect to see a drop like that using PPPoE anyway, especially on older hardware like the R1 - they're still exceptionally close to the speeds you pay for, and they're more than sufficient for gaming. That solution seems best to me since you aren't risking NAT issues, and you get to make use of DumaOS entirely. I can't see the original firmware giving you full speeds, but even if it did give you that extra 10mbps I'd happily take DumaOS instead of it. I might be biased in that regard though!
  12. As Big Dog said above, I don't think you can go that low with DumaOS. Just out of curiosity, what on earth would you want to do it for? xD
  13. If we had a colony on the moon, I'm certain that Activision would install a dedi on there and force everyone in the US to play on that, lol.
  14. Hi, welcome to the forum Big Dog's suggestion above is great - could well be a cache issue or browser related. Could even be the device itself, so it'd be worth switching device to see if it persists. That way you can narrow down whether a plugin or other software could be causing the issue. Also if you reboot the router does this issue persist?
  15. This sounds like voodoo to me. You might need to get a priest out to bless your router! Nah in all honesty, I've never seen that happen before. The proper procedure is to click on the home icon, then click on the map where you want to set it. That should save without issue, so it could well be a cookies issue or a conflict with a browser plugin preventing it from properly saving. As for the NAT thing, I don't believe that will be you you're allowing - it could be an authentication / NAT server for the console to connect to online services. Could you let us know the ID of that server? Thanks!
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