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  1. Thanks @Netduma Fraser. vyprVPN configuration will work in Netduma router? Regards Badri M
  2. Yes, I understand I bought Express VPN with the thought that it would help when gaming as well. Any other VPN I should consider?
  3. what are the gaming vpn available to use with Netduma router?
  4. I add device by using add device button. If I add and remove my console from the list when I was logged in the game it will kick me out and says disconnected. I always restart my console when i do this. Thanks Badri M
  5. Hi @Netduma Fraser I updated to the shared firmware version. I noticed a different issue now. I configured vpn and my ps4. Later I removed the ps4 from vpn list. In ps4 in-game it shows NAT as strict. I have to restart the router to have open connection. Could you please check that? Thanks Badri M
  6. Hi Every now and then R2 console page getting crashed and not loading. Error message says R-app not able to load. What happens even though internet is there no router functionality is working like QoS, geo filter etc. I have to restart the router to fix it. Its clear that not only the UI but R-apps also got crashed. Could you please check that? Thanks Badri M
  7. Hi Zoom when mouse scroll is quite annoying. I use high DPI and its difficult to scroll the right side tab. If add a switch it would be helpful Thanks Badri M
  8. Hi I am using R2 for last couple of weeks. I enabled Ad blocker but sometimes Youtube and other streaming channels got interrupted in LG OLED c8. In the middle of streaming screen goes black and causes network interruption or not able to access the netflix, disney or youtube servers. When checking the network connection in settings says connected. If I disable ad blocker all works fine. I have connected my tv via wifi. My R2 is connected to Modem. From R2 TPLink Archer and UBNT switch connected. My TV connected to TPLink Archer router via wifi. Wifi in R2 is disabled. In R2 under Ad-Blocker section I tried to disable the router but disable button does nothing. Could you please check the issue? Thanks Badri M
  9. Hi I observed when using R2 that Ad-Blocker causes intermittent network issue in youtube and other streaming channels in LG C8 oled. Though in settings it says connected to internet. After disabling Ad-Blocker it works fine. Thanks Badri M
  10. I managed to a unbt switch. Do you know what edge port is? I have added edgeswitch 5xp. Thanks Badri M
  11. I dont have good knowledge on network switches. Do you suggest any unmanaged switch? Thanks badri M
  12. I like to extend the ethernet. What switch is good to use for gaming? Thanks Badri M
  13. Thanks @Netduma Fraser. I connected to my edge router. its working again. To get better connectivity instead of another Can I add switch like R2 to Switch and to PS4? What way is better to connect? I want to have wired connection. Thanks Badri M
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