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  1. Hi I own both R2 and XR1000. Both are good and when it comes to 1GB speed XR1000 does well. But I have question like if I connect only one device to my internet connection do I still need QoS? Thanks Badri M
  2. I will try that in the weekend. Thanks Badri M
  3. 1. Yes, my ISP supports IPV6. I was able to get IPV6 using Openwrt router and even with XR1000. 2. My game consoles are connected via wired and both PS5 and XBOX X not getting IPV6. From router to game console inbetween I am using another unmanaged switch Zyxel GS-108B V3 8-poorts Desktop Gigabit Switch ( I added this newly ) I have disconnected, restarted, reset my router many times. But I will try the last step again and update you later. Thanks badri M
  4. Hi I have my connection like below. ONT - Managed Switch (VLAN) - R2 (PPPoE) I have above setup because QoS is not working when using both VLAN and PPPoE. Now I am facing another issue. I am able to see only IPV4 and IPV6 information is not coming. I verified this in my XBOX X. I have enabled IPV6 in both LAN and WAN section. Could you please help on this? Thanks Badri M
  5. Hi To make QoS working I have connected like below. ONT - Managed Switch (VLAN) - R2 (PPPoE) But with the above setup only IPV4 is working. In my XBOX I am not getting IPV6 information. I know this is not R2 router section and if needed I can start a separate thread in R2 router section. Just wanted to know is there any mistake or configuration I missing? Thanks Badri M
  6. Hi I have configured my PS5 and XBX in R2 router. For PS5 I have added to DMZ and in XBX I have selected alternate port in console and did portforwarding in router. I have enabled the UpNp. It works fine for me. Give a try. Thanks Badri M
  7. The IP is auto assigned by ISP router and is visible in List of Connected device option. I didnt manually entered the XR1000 router.
  8. XR1000 router IP I entered. Only XR1000 connected to ISP router. Even I switched wifi in ISP router and all connected through XR1000.
  9. Ping. Even in dslreport I get 2 ms when only using XR1000 but with combo it varies from 16 to 45. For upload its inconsistent. I get open NAT in-game in both combination.
  10. Yes, I tried that placing XR1000 in DMZ. It works but there is lot of difference in-game when I have only XR1000 and ISP-Router/XR1000 combo.
  11. For me, I cannt use QoS if I connect through PPPoE and VLAN. i tried configuring VLAN in a switch and PPPoE in XR1000 but it didnt work. So my 299 euro spent on XR1000 is sitting idle at the moment :). XR1000 QoS not working Thanks Badri M
  12. Thats sad. XR1000 is a good router but I am not able to use it because of this issue
  13. Hi This update fixes VLAN and PPPoE issues? Thanks Badri M
  14. Then my understanding also wrong. I have one question. If I prioritize a device then I will get full network speed but not the speed I configure in Anti Bufferbloat slider?
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