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  1. No, DumaOS Classified games not working. How do I add rules manually? Under traffic prioritization?
  2. Hi I have added both playstation and xbox series in R2 to have open Nat. I have open Nat but when I add CoD port for xbx in traffic prioritization but it looks like its not working. I see no traffic going in. I have reassigned port in xbx sx to have open Nat for both the consoles and the port is 50034. You know what ports to add in traffic prioritization for xbx? Thanks badri M
  3. Just a question, earlier full source port range that is 1-65535 is assigned to specific destination port number. but here we reversed it. Is it right?
  4. This is working and in-game response also good. Thanks. But download packet is lower than upload why?
  5. If i add it as game console it works but upload is higher than download
  6. It is connected via ethernet. I have removed everything, removed port forwarding, configured XBOX IP in DMZ but still no changes. Only couple of packets prioritized when playing games. See in the image, for prioritised upload and download its very less and background upload and download its a lot after I restarted router and modem. Thanks Badri M
  7. Yes I have prioritized 3075 as well. Thanks Badri M
  8. Hi Yes, I have enabled UpNp. I have done similar traffic prioritization for PS4 and when playing games the count will be thousands in the Traffic prioritization page. Here for XBOX Series X, the packet count never increased. The count you see in the picture is happened when I run Test speed and stats. When I run stats test I can see 500 packet for both upload and download. When playing games I dont see any increase in download but occasionally 1 packet for upload. So I doubt the port I prioritized may not be right. In game I see 20 to 50 ms latency but bullet registration is not so great. I have done port forwarding as well. Thanks Badri M
  9. Hi I have prioritized ports as mentioned in the below link. But in traffic prioritization page I dont see any traffic captured while gaming. Are the ports mentioned are right for XBOX series X? https://portforward.com/call-of-duty-black-ops-cold-war/ Thanks Badri M
  10. Hi Fraser I have a question on Auto-Setup under QoS. When I do it for Ping Prioritize it gives me 6% like that. Immediately I do connection benchmark and it gives me worst result. How Auto-Setup is working? Can we use that or its still a work in progress? Thanks Badri M
  11. I too had similar problems. I tried different routers. The best worked for me trying different value for congestion control. At present I am using 35% for both. For bandwidth allocation I configured 50% for my game console and distributed the remaining. Check dslreport for bufferbloat. Thanks Badri M
  12. Hi Is it possible to set Ping Assist range in Geo Filter or can we get an option like that? Thanks Badri M
  13. Thanks. Hope you add support for R2 as well. Wanted to mention this. I tried couple of options. 1) clear Allow/Deny - Its workign 2) Reset QoS - Its working both in R2. Badri M
  14. Hi I tried to use this app and configured 3074 port. But when I start the game application crashes. it got closed automatically. I play in PS4. I am using R2. Thanks Badri M
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