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  1. Hi, I know you're all busy working on getting the new OS released, but Is there any chance you can add a config backup option to the current release? I've not used my Duma for over 6 months because it keeps resetting, could be a day, or even a week between resets, but it got to the point were I'd had enough. I've got 35 to 40 devices connected on average and about 8 of them go through a vpn. I've tried moving it away from other devices and turning it upside down etc... No joy! I wouldn't mind the occasional reset if I had a Back-up I good simply flash back in... Takes ages to setup each time it goes down, which I really don't have time to do. I love it when it's working, but it's seems a waste of precious money, having it sat in a cupboard doing nothing. Hope you can help! :-) Mark
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