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  1. Hi, When i try to open geo filter i get an error that says "uncaught unmatched device". I click ok. When i click add device, nothing happens. Why is this? I am on a XR500, V. What is going on and how can i fix this?
  2. There is no detection of any server... Have formatted the router to default, nothing... it doesn't show anything .. Have you guys changed something?
  3. Recently my geo-filter stopped working when I’m trying to use it on Rainbow Six Siege (PS4) I never used to have any problems, but I’ve tried hard restarting my console, removing my console/device from the filtering section and flushing the cloud. I proceeded to add the device back and starting the game up, but my data center remains North/West Europe (as I am on EU servers) I was wondering if the PlayStation’s DNS settings could play a part in this, or will it be the game itself? I also resorted to factory resetting my XR500, but had no luck there either. I am currently on V2.3.2.130 for my XR500. Any help would be appreciated and I’m happy to share my current DNS settings or whatever may be required to potentially resolve the problem, thank you.
  4. Hello, I would like to enable geofilter on MTG Arena App on iPad Pro 2021 but I don't know how to set up it. Has someone tried to get it work? Thanks anticipated
  5. So the issue is, lets say that i want to force a server based in NY City o will circle the area around the city of NY, now the problem is that doing this NetDuma blocks EVERYTHING outide that circle including players so, for example, a guy from lets say Miami in queued in my NY City server NetDuma will refuse that server and put me in the queue again. So, is there a way to only force servers instead of players? For example Right now im in Peru and im trying to force the Warzone server in Kansas City wich I ping 80 of course in that server we have people from all around US so if e restrict the circle to kansas city it wont finda any game because in every single lobby there is at least on guy from outside the circle.. How do i fix that?
  6. Guten Morgen alle zusammen, Ich hätte zum XR500 ein paar fragen... , besitze dieses Gerät schon länger und hat damals mit der ps4 einwanfrei funktioniert . Dann kam natürlich eine längere pause und wollte das ganze wieder mal zur Verwendung bringen. Gestern Abend hab ich die neue Firmware geladen und habe schwierigkeiten mit dem Geofilter. Ich versuche es so gut wie möglich zu erklären : Geofilter gesetzt , Radius auf 1000km , sobald ich dann auf einen Spieler klicken möchte , werden mir die "daten" vom spieler nicht angezeigt bzw. ladet es bis in alle ewigkeit. Wenn der Auto Ping an ist wird mir das daten fenster vom spieler angezeigt , aber immer nur für 1-2 sekunden und verschwindet wieder. Der Spieler den ich pingen möchte , wird mir in meinem radius angezeigt , doch das fenster wo man dann "zulassen" / "verweigern" bestimmt , kommt und geht - sprich das daten fenster bleibt nicht konstant ... Habt ihr da vielleicht ideen woran es liegen könnte ? Kann ich meine einstellungen verbessern ? Habe seit damals bei meiner inbetriebnahme den router nicht geändert , abgesehen davon das ich die neue Firmware geladen habe. Damals zur ps4 zeit hat alles geklappt und jetzt nicht mehr Würde mich über eine unterstützung freuen...danke .
  7. Hello, I haven't used Netduma in a long time because I could never get in warzone matches. I came back to use geo filter again and to my surprise nothing has changed. I live in Miami and the game never makes me play there... but when I use No Lag Vpn it actually finds me matches with 27 ping most of the time. Now I don't want to use the VPN anymore. In the pictures below I chose Seattle, Irvine California and Miami as the servers because those are the easiest servers and Miami gives me 23-27 ping. I cant connect to none of them. The game always want to make me play on Missouri, Texas, New York, and Georgia. This happens everytime, no matter the hour or day. Yes I also tried removing the device, flush cloud, add it back, wait 2 minutes with Bnet closed. I tried resetting by default, you guys haven't update Duma0s on XR500 since I left more than a year ago. I still have the latest version V2.3.2.120, I have Nat open, Open DNS. I tried opening the game on spectating mode then filter and nothing helps... sad stuff. Netduma and warzone used to work very well, maybe this stuff got patched within the game. Because everyone in this forum has had clearly the same issues over and over again. I would suggest that you guys make a software that influence matchmaking like NLVPN, ExitLag so people can find matches faster
  8. Hi , I hope you guys can help me with this "issue" , well , I'm just checking the ping heatmap and getting this pings , due to I'm living in latin america I've got no low pings, either ways when I going to search my match on fornite is connecting me to others servers that are outside my polygon and I can't find matches, I can´t play , I need to disabled this to be able to play. Do you know What can I do in here? thanks In advance
  9. Hi , Im based in europe. when i try to play on other servers EG. USA/RUSSIA/SOUTH AFRICA it will either not find a game or have a very high and unplayable ping. i set my geo location around the servers located in the country i try to play in and i use express VPN to connect to said country. im wondering can anyone help with getting matches in foreign countrie and any tips and tricks they use to find 'playabe matches' as the VPN changes my location in game but the ping is still quite high. any help would be greatly appreciated. Phil
  10. Hello folks! I recently played warzone (duos) (fill up) with someone (jagra) and found bot lobbies with a netduma router. He used the geofilter, VPN and a live lobby KD tracker app. Unfortunately, I only spoke to him for a short time and it is still possible. He told me he uses a live lobby track app, but I can't find any more that tracks the lobbies live. (kd) Does any of you happen to know how it works? I played 2 rounds with him and it really works. If who knows how it works and someone knows an app where you can still live track, please get in touch! Or Jagra if you see the message, contact me!
  11. Currently located in the Northeast of the US, I am having trouble getting into any servers in the filters I create. I have tried deleting the device. Flush the cloud. Restart my PS4. Restart the router. Set the PS4 in the geofilter and turn it back on. When I try to load a game it defaults back to my local servers.
  12. I have previously reported mislocated servers in the past on the stickied thread but it seems that Geo-Filter still doesn't recognise/register when I set my home location to Singapore. The only workaround is to set my home location in the middle of the ocean with Ping Assist set to 20ms with the radius at a minimum 111KM. There are definitely servers in Singapore as my ingame latency is always 7ms. All other games show up fine on Ping Heatmap except for Call of Duty - CW, MW & Warzone. I am aware that the servers change often but is there going to be a fix to finally have Geo-Filter work as intended for CoD for the servers in Singapore?
  13. Hi, I just bought the XR1000 and want to use it for playing fifa 21. I'm located in Australia Perth, and the nearest Fifa 21 servers are in Sydney at the AWS datacenters. I've currently using the Netgear Nighthawk D7800 Modem/Router for my NBN connection and using the XR1000 as my router. My PS4 Pro is wire connected to the XR1000 via a Cat8 cable. The issue I have is when I use geo-fencing via the Polygon Method or without and just geo fencing, when trying to play Fifa 21 FUT Friendlies it searches for games in europe/Brazil/US and not in Australia/Sydney. The Ping goes through the roof. However when playing Div Rivals it seems to work and only restricts the connections to Australia/Sydney/Perth Below is my setup My QoS Any help on this would be great. I bought the router specifically for this reason.
  14. I tried to change my region to Brazil (Im located in NA) to test the dumaos geofiltering feature in apex (it tells you ur automatic server when you log in). With a wired connection, my desktop ignored the geofilter location, with a wireless connection, it did infact the brazil server, is there anyway for this to work via ethernet? My ethernet is connected to the modem directly, not the router, could that be a reason as to why?
  15. Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a way for me to become a host of a Warzone lobby. The only reason I ask is because I hosted once before. I have no idea how I did it and I cannot replicate it, but I had 15 ping the entire time!! Thanks in advance for your response.
  16. Hi, I received a new XR1000 router and have completed the basic configuration. I'm having issues with the Geofilter in Polygon mode. Gaming PC added with service 'Call of Duty'. Polygon drawn around desired country. Filtering mode enabled. Ping assist set to zero (disabled). My PIA VPN won't connect to any servers. It defaults to 8080 and then tries alternate ports. It eventually 'connects', but isn't actually connected - my external IP address remains the same. Does the Call of Duty geofilter service restrict connections on port 8080? Thanks, ** Edit ** If I add the VPN country to the geofilter, then it will connect the VPN. This suggests, that the 'CoD filter service' is impacting non CoD traffic. Shouldn't it just be applied to traffic between my gaming device and the CoD servers?
  17. Hi there, I have just setup an XR300 router and I am struggling with the geofilter on it - it doesn’t appear to be doing anything to me. I will start this by saying I am using an Xbox Series X over Wi-fi (5GHz) and am currently testing while playing Warzone, but will be playing other games too. When I set the geofilter to my location and reduced the distance/proximity, server/user icons appear intermittently, but those that sit outside the circle do not differ from those inside, so it’s not clear to me whether those that sit outside are being blocked or not. There are definitely no yellow highlighted items as the app suggests there would be on a blocked connection. I have tried to set up my connection to only connect to servers within the UK or Northern France but was getting higher in game ping than usual, so I decided to see if, when I moved the geofilter location to Australia to see if it affected my matchmaking - I was expecting this to not find a game at all due to how high you would expect ping to be on this, but it found me a game straight away and it appeared I was just connected to the same region as before. I did quit the game/restart my Xbox after setting the location to Australia. I set up my device as Xbox/console, have it set to filtering mode and strict mode and auto ping host are both selected. Ping assist is set to 0. Am I doing something wrong or does this feature just not work with series X? Thanks in advance for any help.
  18. Hi, How come i cannot find any servers to accept for destiny?
  19. My friend is in New Mexico and he doesn’t show up on the map when he joined Xbox party to allow him. Why is this? It doesn’t show many people. I want to allow all friends.
  20. Hello everyone, 1st time on the forum so apologies in advance if I did not find the relatable topic and helpful solution to my problem. Ok so this is odd to explain. Ever since I got my R2 I have had a fun time figuring out how it all works. The most recent issue I have had is with my GeoFilter and Apex Legends. Ever since I set up everything I kept getting these odd errors (code:leaf) that would kick me out of the game before the character select screen. Even when I did manage to get into a game, I would be booted back to the data center select screen after every game. When I further investigated the code, I found out that it is to be a code error on the Respawn side of things (e.g. the Server is basically not connecting to my internet) and there seems to be minimal answers on how to solve the issue. I saw a few Reddit posts with some suggestions on things I could do (router reset, port forwarding, etc) but it all circled back to that it was a Respawn issue and there seemed to be nothing I can do. In a last ditch effort I went and did some port forwarding to see if that would clean things up. I got into a few matches in a row with no problem, but then I started to get the same code:leaf error again...and again...and again. As a final final "let's see if this works" effort, I unplugged my gaming PC from my R2 and directly into my ISP Router. WELP, played for 4hrs last night with 0 issues. So there is some lack of comms between my R2, my ISP, and the Respawn Servers. I would love some feedback on this! My Geo settings: Location - Eastern US, Radius - 500 miles (covers about 4 data centers between Virginia, New York & South Carolina), Geo Options - Strict with Auto Ping: OFF I have also Resynced Cloud, turned on fast search, expanded radius, tuned on Auto Ping etc etc etc (feels like I tried everything - I hope not) SOOO is it a geo filter setting or is it a setting I should have turned on or off in my router? LOL I don't know pls help. Currently feeling like the router was a waste and I do not want to feel that way. P.S. I have also struggled with issues in Warzone as well. It has been a journey but I think I have fixed those (fingers crossed)
  21. I bought my Xr500 couple of months ago for its GeoFilter properties to avoid high pings and also to play with my own friends at lobbies. We used this last weekend but this weekend it seems it does not work. I used to getto Tower (destiny 2 social space) by myself when filter was on but now i am always in crowded lobbies. Also another test i used to do was to get into strikes and if i go in alone without anyone matchmake to my team i knew it is working. I tried both but it does not work!!! what could have happened between two weekends! Please help me!
  22. So way before I used to geo filter a lot for destiny. Now you guys did a fix. Can you walk me through with how to flush the cloud, and get the bungie servers to filter appropriately so I have decent matches again. You mentioned something about accepting a server. Please give me step by step with how to do this. @Netduma Fraser
  23. So since Destiny 2 moved from Battle-net to Steam, I've reconfigured a lot of my settings. The list below is my current config along with the order I preformed each change (ascending). Changed my "PC" device from XBOX to Computer in the device manager menu. Flushed the Cloud. Reset my computer Set distance to 600 miles Set Strict mode = on Set Auto Ping Host = on Set Ping Assist = 30 (ms) Set Fast Search = off So far with the above settings I've noticed longer queue times although some what of a better connection overall; yet I still see people not blocked outside of my desired mile range. And the Auto Ping Host only shows details while match making, and then goes null once the match making ends/match starts; previously prior to the move to Steam the Auto Ping Host would show details through the match, not just during match making. Also I would like to note that I stay in spectating mode until I reach orbit in game (Destiny 2), then I will toggle Filtering mode on & then select whatever PvP/PvE mode to start match making. I never toggle filtering on prior or while Destiny 2 is loading characters.
  24. The ping won't show up when I have set the ping assist https://imgur.com/a/HNEq8GR
  25. Dear Reader, I am using te Netduma R2 router for a while now. But since today i have a problem with the geofilter wich is giving me some error codes. Can anyone help me with this error? RPC error 'ERROR_UNKNOWN': Unterminated JSON encoded object found at position in [] -> stack traceback: ?: in function <?:73> [C]: in function 'assert' ?: in function 'decode' ?: in function <?:119> ?: in function <?:382> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:346> [C]: in function 'run' ?: in function <?:405> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:263> (tail call): ? ?: in function <?:30> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in main chunk [C]: ?
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