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Found 55 results

  1. Salve! Come ormai ben noto a tutti i possessori di un prodotto netduma e che lo utilizzano per geolocalizzarsi su Destiny 2, da un paio di settimane a questa parte, non riusciamo più a far funzionare bene il tutto, quindi apro questo topic tutto italiano per parlare ed eventualmente trovare insieme una soluzione, anche con il supporto degli amministratori/tecnici dello staff
  2. Hi, as title suggest my R2 just can't get the cloud updated and my servers are mislocated all over the place, I tired factory reset disabling QoS deleting device. It always times out, and when I ban servers it still seems to connect to them, also when I'm gaming it always shows random peer connections all over the world.
  3. Habe heute meinen NetdumaR2 im Betrieb genommen doch leider funktioniert der GeoFilter nicht wie gewünscht. I wollte in Indien zocken wo der Ping bei +150ms liegt habe aber trotzdem jede Runde nur nen Ping von 40-60. Spiele Warzone auf ner Ps5. Habe die Ip zugewiesen und auch sonst soweit eigentlich die Einstellungen so vorgenommen wie sie hier im Forum vorgegeben waren. Habe auch anschließen die Konsole Neugestartet und den Router gebootet.
  4. So since Destiny 2 moved from Battle-net to Steam, I've reconfigured a lot of my settings. The list below is my current config along with the order I preformed each change (ascending). Changed my "PC" device from XBOX to Computer in the device manager menu. Flushed the Cloud. Reset my computer Set distance to 600 miles Set Strict mode = on Set Auto Ping Host = on Set Ping Assist = 30 (ms) Set Fast Search = off So far with the above settings I've noticed longer queue times although some what of a better connection overall; yet I still see people not blocked outside of my desired mile range. And the Auto Ping Host only shows details while match making, and then goes null once the match making ends/match starts; previously prior to the move to Steam the Auto Ping Host would show details through the match, not just during match making. Also I would like to note that I stay in spectating mode until I reach orbit in game (Destiny 2), then I will toggle Filtering mode on & then select whatever PvP/PvE mode to start match making. I never toggle filtering on prior or while Destiny 2 is loading characters.
  5. So I’m using the ping assist set up where I put the circle in the middle of the ocean and put my ping assist to whatever, I’m just wondering when I’m playing my game do I have to enable geo filter still with that set up so like then on filtering mode or with my set up I’m good to just boot up and go
  6. Hello Netduma support, I'm a call of duty player (warzone/cold war) on PS4 . I have just bought the xr500 and I have an issue with the geofiltering. When my friends join the lobby I'm able to see on the geolfiltering the related icon with the connection details. However, during the matchmaking the icons of other players connected to the lobby did not appears on the geofiltering. In attachment the details of the current geofilter setting. Could you help me? In addition, how can I get the Dumaos 3.0? Thanks in advance for your support and availability. Thanks
  7. I have the circle around the server I’m wanting to connect too, ping assist is 0 I have allowed the server, Resynced the cloud restarted my console and even restarted the R2 and it’s still not even showing up on geo filter when I start my game, is there a way I can fix that? A lot of servers aren’t showing up for Cold War when I start the game only like 5-6 show
  8. Hello everyone, 1st time on the forum so apologies in advance if I did not find the relatable topic and helpful solution to my problem. Ok so this is odd to explain. Ever since I got my R2 I have had a fun time figuring out how it all works. The most recent issue I have had is with my GeoFilter and Apex Legends. Ever since I set up everything I kept getting these odd errors (code:leaf) that would kick me out of the game before the character select screen. Even when I did manage to get into a game, I would be booted back to the data center select screen after every game. When I further investigated the code, I found out that it is to be a code error on the Respawn side of things (e.g. the Server is basically not connecting to my internet) and there seems to be minimal answers on how to solve the issue. I saw a few Reddit posts with some suggestions on things I could do (router reset, port forwarding, etc) but it all circled back to that it was a Respawn issue and there seemed to be nothing I can do. In a last ditch effort I went and did some port forwarding to see if that would clean things up. I got into a few matches in a row with no problem, but then I started to get the same code:leaf error again...and again...and again. As a final final "let's see if this works" effort, I unplugged my gaming PC from my R2 and directly into my ISP Router. WELP, played for 4hrs last night with 0 issues. So there is some lack of comms between my R2, my ISP, and the Respawn Servers. I would love some feedback on this! My Geo settings: Location - Eastern US, Radius - 500 miles (covers about 4 data centers between Virginia, New York & South Carolina), Geo Options - Strict with Auto Ping: OFF I have also Resynced Cloud, turned on fast search, expanded radius, tuned on Auto Ping etc etc etc (feels like I tried everything - I hope not) SOOO is it a geo filter setting or is it a setting I should have turned on or off in my router? LOL I don't know pls help. Currently feeling like the router was a waste and I do not want to feel that way. P.S. I have also struggled with issues in Warzone as well. It has been a journey but I think I have fixed those (fingers crossed)
  9. Hi, Geofencing is not working...I don't see any servers playing Modern Warfare on PS5 (I've tried several radius configurations but still don't see anything) . Also it's not possible to flush the cloud as an error messages pop's up. This is my firmware on the XR300 The profile used for the device is Call of Duty and the device is set to "console profile" Any idea on how to fix the problem Thanks
  10. Device: R2 Version: 3.0.205 Title says it all. I live in Kansas and there are plenty of servers around me with decent enough ping (20-40), but over the course of about 20 warzone games or so I still have yet to have a game below 50 ping (best I've gotten was jumping between 50-70) and I am still getting small hitches/stutters every 5 seconds during gameplay. I put the ping assist at 0, and I have my range set to 800. Strict mode is on. Auto-Ping host is on. The only thing connected to the R2 is my PC so It is not congested, and I also have the bandwidth allocation set to gaming at 85. The Geofilter is cool, but the NA servers don't even pop up on it for me (sometimes the one in Europe will show up) and I am always having to use a peer connection. The only difference I've noticed since using the R2 is that it now takes longer to be put into a lobby, and instead of getting a decent ping every 2-3 games I now can't even get a game below 50 (20+ games and counting). Screenshot of connection benchmark is attached. I got a D on speed because its using a 1.0 gbps scale. I pay for 500 gbps so 358 is okay. If I am doing something wrong please let me know. I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks 🙂 Edit: My setup is Wall > ISP modem/router combo > R2
  11. So i try to use hybridvpn with the help of express vpn but the problem is i cant find any match, but when i use geofilter alone without any vpn i can find matches and change my location aswell, can comebody help me or give me any advice thanks in advance brothers
  12. Let me preface by saying I have a 3.75 KD so I'm literally in the hardest lobbies all day every day and it's very aggravating to never be able to get a semi easy lobby. I know the netduma doesnt have magical powers that will completely bypass sbmm, but if it can help me get a gold or a silver lobby here and there then it's completely worth it to me. Are there certain servers that are easier than others, are there optimal times to try geo filtering? Any tips are greatly appreciated. I just got my netduma today. Thanks.
  13. So last night I reboot because once again the ping assist would not respond. After the router rebooted started to reload in the browser I all of the sudden got a cgi error. I tried rebooting and it still did not work. I ending up doing a reset. I then loaded the back up after but it would still not work. So then I did and erase to factory settings. It finally responded. I manually reconfigured everything. Problem is I could not geofilter to show servers anymore anywhere. Auto ping will not show anything when I enter a lobby or match. Double checked many settings. Nat is open. Still not working. So this morning I tried loading my old config file. I did load. But looks as the the config file does not save geofilter settings as It had my phone as the device. Also ping assist save list were the new list I made after I rest as I named them differently. I looked on the forums & follow instructions of other geofilter connection issues, removed device, flushed the cloud readied etc. Have also cleared browser cache. As of right now, I still have the same issue. No servers showing up & auto ping not showing up when in a match. COD, I tried both Cold War & Modern Warfare.
  14. I've already done what e seen posted in here. Flushing the cloud, removing and re-adding the pc, changing the pc to PlayStation, the ip addresses are the same. Sometimes I will get it to work and ill get into 20 ping lobbies then next game it just doesn't work. Im in Seattle not sure why its placed me in the middle of America. I also dont understand how the server in Seattle/Vancouver is a 70ping but the server in Wyoming is 15 ping. Also don't get why Seattle will have a server one month then it'll disappear the next. I usally draw boxes around the states near me with the lowest ping if I add Washington into the mix I only get over 70 ping.
  15. Hi all, I seem to have issues with the geofilter on my XR500. I live in Germany. When I bought the XR500 I set my radius on around 450 KM around me to connect to the 2 closest Modern Warfare servers (taken from the dumaOS Modern Warfare Servers). At the beginning, it worked perfectly. It took a little bit longer to find a game, but when I did the connection was amazing! Now, since some days, I find games extremely quick and play against people from spain for example, who clearly had a connection advantage (so I guess the server was closer to them, outside of my radius) So I did a test: I shrunk the circle to the minimum (100KM), in this radius there are only villages around my city, and non of the servers are in the radius. According to the radius, I shouldn't find any games. But then I searched for a game and found one immediately, playing against spanish and french people (I live in east germany). Does anyone know why it suddenly stopped to filter? Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
  16. DumaOS geofiltering not working correctly; it is not detecting me, any friends, random other players in game, or servers. so filtering ( the main reason that i purchased this router) is not functioning properly. have set it up with the in app guides and watched an hour long tutorial on it; still to no avail.
  17. Hi! My Geo Filter is acting a bit wierd and it makes me a bit worried. When i play with my homie he shows up on the geo filter in his correct location / correct country. BUT.. my location shows up i Belgium. Everytime. I live in Norway and never has the geo filter shown me a peer (me) in Norway. Always in Belgium. My question is why? Im on the verge of getting a little paranoid Also; can you please tell us where you are in the process of releasing DumaOS 3.0 for the XR300? I bought it believing it would have Ping Heatmap and so on because its advertised with DumaOS 3.0 :S
  18. Hi, im from germay and want only play in kuwait etc. My player ist pinging there but i cant find lobbys. please help
  19. Hi Some of my friends are using Netgear Nighthawk to connect Rainbow Six Siege servers in west US. Cuz in Asia Rainbow Six XBOX match matching is dead. So I bought Netduma R2 trying to do the same using Geofilter. However, it only connects to my closest server which is one in Japan. West US server ping is about 130~150ms (from Korea). Can you check if I did right? I put radius only in West US region and tried ping assist from 0 to 200 and still doesn't work. what am I missing here?
  20. I just bought a Nighthawk XR500 (running latest official firmware) but I desperately need help configuring the geofilter/QoS settings. 810mbps down/630mbps up is my total bandwidth. I have my PS4 at 25%, both 4k TV’s at 15% and all other devices have remaining bandwidth allocated equally. I have share excess enabled and both sliders at 70% (when high traffic detected). Is slider setting optimal based on my available bandwidth/devices? I feel like the slider is too low based on my total bandwidth. Regarding geofilter, I have no idea have to create a optimal profile. I wasted 2 hours on apex getting disconnected 75% of the time. Can somebody give my optimal profiles for the games I play? I mainly play CoD, Destiny 2, Apex and I live in Portland, OR. I’d greatly appreciate some help because I feel completely lost and the geofilter was the main reason I bought this router along with QoS settings that actually works. Thanks.
  21. Playing COD Warzone. When I load into a game, my host server never shows in my selected region. See the screenshot. I'm in a game right then. My region is set to Texas area. The host at the bottom right is populated, but no server in my location appears. Filtering Mode - On Strict Mode - On Auto Ping - On Ping Assist - 0 I've played several games and keep changing the region of the circle, but no server ever appears in the actual circle, but dotted line servers outside the circle. What is going on? Help please!!!
  22. Hi, I just bought the XR1000 and want to use it for playing fifa 21. I'm located in Australia Perth, and the nearest Fifa 21 servers are in Sydney at the AWS datacenters. I've currently using the Netgear Nighthawk D7800 Modem/Router for my NBN connection and using the XR1000 as my router. My PS4 Pro is wire connected to the XR1000 via a Cat8 cable. The issue I have is when I use geo-fencing via the Polygon Method or without and just geo fencing, when trying to play Fifa 21 FUT Friendlies it searches for games in europe/Brazil/US and not in Australia/Sydney. The Ping goes through the roof. However when playing Div Rivals it seems to work and only restricts the connections to Australia/Sydney/Perth Below is my setup My QoS Any help on this would be great. I bought the router specifically for this reason.
  23. If I have filtering mode enabled, if somebody hosts, and it finds them a game outside my radius. Will i be kicked or will the geo filter still find games within my radius despite me not being party host? Something I've always wondered about.
  24. Morning All. I'm having an issue with my new Netduma R2, Discord and Steam. Whenever Discord launches it checks for Updates. If i have my geofilter turned on to a ~800mi distance it will not allow discord to pass the update screen. Whats also strange is that I cannot access Discord's website with the geofilter on either. The same applies to loading Steam's store page or Steam's friends servers. If the geofilter is on I can't get it to load. The only fix I've found is to either max out the distance on the geofilter or turn it off completely. I'm sure that I'm doing something wrong and would like some guidence. Thanks!
  25. Yo @Netduma Alex So in Modern Warfare the Sydney dedicated server is located way too far left of where Sydney actually is, also it ALWAYS appears as a Peer instead of dedi. Secondly there is a very mislocated server in Australia which I've circled in blue, judging by the ping it's in Europe somewhere. Cheers!
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