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Found 27 results

  1. These 2 screen shots where taken during a 3v3 destiny crucible match. I can understand allowing null island to connect but the one from Brazil with >100ms ping and the 3 "blocked" connections from the US... GeoFiltering does not work as advertised. I have already done the recommended power cycle on the PlayStation, modem, and router. Deleted the PlayStation as a device while it was powered off, and recreated the device profile once online again. The only thing i can think of left to try at this point is to do a factory reset and hope that changes something.
  2. Was wondering if this was in the works or could be even be done? I've always used the geo filter for Xbox MCC to keep me from connecting to the East US 2 servers but on PC there is currently no way of filtering connections. Any info on this would be appreciated.
  3. hey all, recetntly, my geo filter didnt work. It didnt show any servers or players on my map. After i rebooted it, it was fixed. It worked regularly. However now, when I play with friends, i get extreme lag spikes all of the sudden (my friends live inside of the geofilter radius) here how my gaming experience looks like: Alone I have no issues: but with my friends its unplayable... how can I fix that? also question on the map: why do i get connected to a server in ireland when that is clearly not inside the radius...? When I click on the tab down right it takes forever to load 😕 and when I try to flush the cloud it says "this action takes longer than usual". But my ISP says there is nothing from with my connection, and theyre right, on my phone etc. there are no issues Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey all, I have severe connection issues with modern warfare (and ps4) and I hope you can help me. First Problem: PS4 Party Chat It is really difficult creating a party where I can talk to my friends. The geofilter blocks them for some reason. Even when I whitelist them, it takes at least 8 times rejoining until i can talk to them (they also live inside the radius). Is there a fix to this? Second Problem: Extreme Lag (Despite using Ping Assist) At first only 1 out of 10 games were extremely laggy, but now almost every game is very very laggy, it looks like this: I have set a Geofilter radius around me. And even set a Ping assist, but lobbies like this happen way too often. Sometimes, the game starts regularly, and after 1 min it goes downhill. Especially when I connect to the server in Italy I always get a laggy game. I think this might be a mislocated server (wish I could give you the ID of it, but when I click on it the tab down right loads for ever) Also: Why do server sometimes show up as a server icon and sometimes as a Peer Icon? Third Problem: Mislocated Servers / Another Geofilter Problem? Sometimes I get connected to a server outside my radius as seen here: Once I got connected to a Server in Paris, and once in the South of England. (The one in Paris i got connected with a ping assist of 40. the one in england my ping assist was at 0). Mislocated servers as well? I never whitelisted them. Fourth Problem: Mini Lags / Package loss In games where I dont lag all over the place (rare at the moment...) I have always package loss or mini lags as seen here: Package loss indicator on the left. Right now I cant really tell if the lobby I am in i am getting the best connection possible. Either Mini lags or complete disconnect. I play on a wired connection. Alright this was a little much input sorry. But I just want it to work again like in the beginning where I got my XR500 (October 30). Everything worked perfectly then. I got a perfect lobby every time, never had lag or connection loss, my shots connected and no PS4 Party connection issues. I just don't know what happened that it doesnt work like that anymore. As always, thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hi all, I seem to have issues with the geofilter on my XR500. I live in Germany. When I bought the XR500 I set my radius on around 450 KM around me to connect to the 2 closest Modern Warfare servers (taken from the dumaOS Modern Warfare Servers). At the beginning, it worked perfectly. It took a little bit longer to find a game, but when I did the connection was amazing! Now, since some days, I find games extremely quick and play against people from spain for example, who clearly had a connection advantage (so I guess the server was closer to them, outside of my radius) So I did a test: I shrunk the circle to the minimum (100KM), in this radius there are only villages around my city, and non of the servers are in the radius. According to the radius, I shouldn't find any games. But then I searched for a game and found one immediately, playing against spanish and french people (I live in east germany). Does anyone know why it suddenly stopped to filter? Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
  6. So since Destiny 2 moved from Battle-net to Steam, I've reconfigured a lot of my settings. The list below is my current config along with the order I preformed each change (ascending). Changed my "PC" device from XBOX to Computer in the device manager menu. Flushed the Cloud. Reset my computer Set distance to 600 miles Set Strict mode = on Set Auto Ping Host = on Set Ping Assist = 30 (ms) Set Fast Search = off So far with the above settings I've noticed longer queue times although some what of a better connection overall; yet I still see people not blocked outside of my desired mile range. And the Auto Ping Host only shows details while match making, and then goes null once the match making ends/match starts; previously prior to the move to Steam the Auto Ping Host would show details through the match, not just during match making. Also I would like to note that I stay in spectating mode until I reach orbit in game (Destiny 2), then I will toggle Filtering mode on & then select whatever PvP/PvE mode to start match making. I never toggle filtering on prior or while Destiny 2 is loading characters.
  7. Hello. New to the forum but I've been using the Netduma R1 router for about 8 months now. I tried searching for an answer but came up empty. I need Geofiltering for 6 devices, so I bought a 2nd Netduma R1. uPnP doesn't work on the 2nd one I bought, I checked, both are the same firmware versions, I have unchecked uPnP and save, reset, rechecked uPnP On and save, reset, still doesn't work, but when I put the DMZ into my modem everything on the new router comes up open but now makes the first router I've been using for 8 months moderate/ strict. (Before this the DMZ was not set so I didn't swap DMZ's, nats on all devices were always open) I never use Strict Mode enabled, and I have the xbox server near me on an allowed connection, but I have the circle set to basically just New England area when its filtered. but even when there's no filters it's hard to get open nat when I'm using both routers. I just need a way to have 6+ devices to be able to be geofiltered, and all have open nat. is there a new update or a higher end router (xr500 or xr700) I can get that does more than 4 devices at once or is there a way I can use the 2 I have to make it work? I read that the higher end ones Have a DMZ setting that the R1's don't have so maybe I would just need to get one and have an R1 piggyback off of that and put the R1's WAN into that routers DMZ, then put the new XR500/XR700 WAN into the Modems DMZ? Thanks for any future help on this.
  8. I just upgraded from the R1 to the XR300. For the last 4 months or so I've had no problems changing the geofilter settings on my R1 between games of BO4 on XBox (no restart of BO4 necessary). It was working like a charm. The XR300 doesn't seem to be as robust. Sometimes even when I don't change settings after starting BO4, I get servers/peer hosts outside my radius. I'm running firmware on the XR300. with Filtering on, strict mode, ping assist = 0, no Fast search (same settings I used on the R1 with DumaOS). Do the geofilters operate differently between the R1 and XR300? Any known reason why the geofilter on the XR300 isn't changeable post start or why it isn't as effective as the R1? Thanks
  9. I have an XR450 (basically an XR500 with slightly worse wifi?). When I set ping assist it does not seem to actually be checking the pings after a while. Sometimes rebooting the router fixes it for a short time. My assist is set to 45ms, strict enabled. I have tried with fast search on and off. To no avail, it lets people in with massive pings for some reason. Radius works fine as far as I can tell, but that does not stop some people with bad pings as I don't want to block out the entire US. But to get most of the USA into my radius I have to allow a lot of Canada and mexico. I can play with some people in cali and have a ping of 50-70 area and often this is fine for many games. I would be pretty surprised for someone to really tell me this person pinged under 45ms to start with and then rose to over 100ms. So either the filter does not work or there is something else I am not doing. I have downgraded my FW to initial release and back to the latest twice now with no avail. General settings I have done in my XR450: Prioritized all packets both UDP and TCP (individually not together) for my PC Filter mode, strict mode, PC enabled in geofilter as a "console". Fast search off (tried on too) QOS tested and optimized for low buffer bloat (DSL report's gives me an A rating) with max bandwidth allocation (100 distribution) to my PC, not sure if this has an affect on other devices. I know some of the same admins on the netgear website also post here. I'm looking for others with similar issues, and it seems like this forum is a bit more active. I have attached a picture of my geofilter and autoping showing the issue I am having here. You can see his ping started around 60ms, which is well above 45 still, and thus the feature is bugged for sure.
  10. As my Asus QoS is far more superior than Netduma's it has better algorithms and better consistency in Black Ops 4, I would like to use Qos function provided by Asus RT-AC88u. But I also want to keep such unique Geo-Filter feature from Netduma with Anti-Bufferbloat turned off. Is there anyway to do this ? does dmz method help? Thank you
  11. Weird behavior of the Geo-Filter in South America. Hi, I’m from Buenos Aires Argentina, had been playing Apex since Launch. The game has improved very little too, and the game's connection is very irregular. I will try to explain here with screenshots in these easy 5 steps what is happening in every game I had. 1. In the title screen… the Geo-Filter show this. I can see all the servers’ location, including my nearest server in Sao Paulo. 2. Then, when I connect and enter the lobby if I have the Geo-Filter in Spectating mode, the Sao Paulo server is gone and I´m connected to a server in the US or Europe, always. And even, if I turn the Geo-Filter and select Strict mode, it will connect me to those regions. 3. Now with the Apex Legends Lag Fix Guide, I turn the Geo-filter and try to DENY some servers in the US and Europe, so in this situation, I can´t connect to the Lobby at all. 4. So, to play I need to turn off the Geo-Filter. So in the lobby, the Geo-Filter show me that I´m connected to the US, in this case, Texas with 165 ms Ping, 5. but when I enter the map or the Legends selection, the connection change to a 37 ms Ping and I´m connected to a Brasilian Host, which is not a Server but a Peer… That´s all. And for me, it´s weird. I hope this information can help me and others in the same situation. Regardless of this inconvenient I still have fun and very nice games, but if I can improve my hit detection and the lag it will be the best. FYI, I have set up my QoS, and my buffer bloat is +A, so it´s not a problem. Thanks all for reading… I hope this help. See ya!! Alvaro
  12. Playing PS3 BO2, the device manager shows the PlayStation as OFFLINE. It's hardwired with an Ethernet CAT-6 cable to the XR500. Also in addition, the geo-filter shows absolutely NOTHING besides my home location when I go to search for a game. I've got the PlayStation added as a device but as far as I know it's not working. I paid $300, for the software and it's not working. I had the R1 and it worked fine, but crapped out so I went out and got the XR500. I've heard downgrading an update could help? If so, how do you do that? Can anyone help???? Much appreciated.
  13. Geofilter active, PA active, getting server outside criteria can this be a misidentified location? Thank you
  14. Hello When i have the geofilter set to filtering mode whilst playing fifa 19 i only ever connected to the german server (i live in the UK), however when i set the geofilter to spectator mode i start getting connected to the closer french server, any idea of the reason? Thanks
  15. Salut les gars, Es ce que quelqu'un arrive à regler son GEOFILTRE correctement sur CALL OF DUTY BO4? Moi de mon coté j'ai beau bannir des hotes, elles reviennent sans cesse. Bref ça commence à me saouler serieusement! Merci par avance.
  16. Hi. I just setup my XR500. I am located in the a southeastern US state, but my geofilter is centered on California. Is that expected behavior, and if not can it be fixed?
  17. As right now i can see games like: Uncharted 4 Destiny Destiny 2 Last of us Halo: master chief collection Halo 5 Titanfall 2 These games dont work well with the Geo-filter, they either kick you out of the match or wont even connect to a game, Uncharted 4 has major issues it creates lag.
  18. Hello, I just installed the Nighthawk XR500 router in my home. I have an ISP modem (sky sr102) and nothing except the xr500 is connected to it. All devices in house connect to xr500. My Xbox one X is connected via cable to xr500 and NAT is open as I set my xr500 as a DMZ server in my ISP router and XBOX has static IP. My group filter is not working and the screen shows no hosts on the map when I'm playing games like Destiny or GTA. XBOX device is listed as XBOX in devices. Geo filtering is set to spectate, profile is set to Destiny and yet I don't see any remote hosts or ping detials. The screen just remain blank. I am using Chrome browser also on a Mac so no issues with browser. I have the latest firmware as the router installed it automatically yesterday. Please can you help with the configuration of geo filtering and let me know why it isn't working?
  19. I have used the R1 for years and finally picked up the XR500 I have setup my ps4pro under device manager to playstation Added ps4 to geo filter as a console - Filtering mode (also tried spectating mode) profile was set to destiny I can't see any servers or triangles or anything on the geo filter map Meanwhile... I setup my pc and it works - I can see servers and triangles on the geo filter PC is set to console (saw this in another thread) geo filter is set to spectating EDIT** Just setup my Xbox1X and everything populates xbox in device manager set as console under geo filter in filtering mode Can see servers and triangles
  20. I am trying to change my home location and geofilter distance to get a better chance of getting in a seasons game of FIFA on Xbox One. Whenever I navigate away from and come back to the geofilter page, the home location and distance and ping settings go back to what they were before. I think this may be affecting my ability to find a game. Any way to fix this?
  21. Hi, I’m looking for a new router, and I’ve read about the Netgear XR500 and its GeoFilter feature. I’m just a bit confused, I’m not sure if I understand it perfectly. Does GeoFilter filter the available servers and hosts or does it filter the players? I mean I play TC’s R6S, and there’s no player hosting, just the server, and just one: WEU (Western Europe). It’s perfect for me, I don’t want to change it, but it’s unfair playing against players, who are also connected to this WEU server from far away, therefore with high pings, I mean really high. So GeoFilter can filter these players, and let me play against only players who are in a selected area, or GeoFilter can filter only the servers? The first would be great, but the second is unnecessary for me (right now). Thanks for your help!
  22. Hi all. So I just picked up the XR500 a few days ago and so far pretty happy. One thing I can't figure out is why the geofiltering affects my LAN speeds. I have 2 Xbox One consoles. I put both of them into the geofiltering. I went to transfer a game over the LAN from one console to another and noticed I couldn't really get past around 35Mb/s between them. I knew before with my old router I got around 90Mb/s between the two. I turned off the geofiltering and it instantly went back to "normal" getting around 100Mb/s for the transfer. Needless to say, I did not turn geofiltering back on. Why did turning geofiltering on affect this transfer between my two Xbox's and how do I fix it? Should it really affect internal transfers between two devices that are in geofiltering on my LAN? Help appreciated.
  23. I was playing call of duty and I noticed with World War 2 it wasn't showing any of the hosts or players connected. I haven't had this happen with any of the other call of duty. Is this happening to anyone else and how could i fix it?
  24. Hello! Had my eye on the DumaR1 and it's awesome looking Firmware for a while though just can't quite justify the $200 price. Though I have some questions to further spark interest, maybe you folks can help with some of these general questions. NOTE: Primary games Destiny 1 & 2 , then COD, then HALO5 || Consoles: PS4/XB1 How far can you zoom into map, possible to see the city that the host is in? can the geo filter see who is in my private match lobby in games like destiny? can you save any ping information to a server(say a bo3 server you had a great ping to) How accurate is geo filter Does the Duma and geo filter enabled add any additional latency to rtt? Because I have 2 routers. One adds no latency from the modems connection (open-wrt based router) and the netgear nighthawk 7000 adds 2-3ms of additional latency to the modems connection. can the geo filter always run in background and will it degrade performance if so? Does it work with games like uncharted 4? Can I save blacklist and whitelist profiles?say if I happen to reset to factory defaults or upgrade to a new os And how would I set it up with an existing router? I know to turn off dhcp on Duma and firewall, but what else could I do to ensure proficient use with it being behind another router I know the geo filter can usually find who is host in the game, but does it ever let you know when YOU yourself are host of a match? When you have teammates with you and want to search for a game in public matches, does ping assist work ? And how can I utilize geo filtering when my buddies are in my lobby
  25. Hello, I just recently purchased my Netduma R1 and received it on 5/16/17. I bought it mainly with Destiny in mind (wish I had known about the "destiny lag" discount but anyway.. I've got a few questions. 1.) When in the Geofilter tab, my circle shows my location being Charlotte, NC while i'm actually located just outside Myrtle Beach, SC. I've tested the location of two friends and their location is very accurate (zoomed in all the way, their circles are directly over their general area which is about 50-60 miles north of me). While I don't see this as a huge issue, it does slightly annoy my OCD tendencies when it comes to all things gaming. Is there maybe something I may have set wrong? 2.) Loaded "Destiny" profile and Trials went SOOOO much better Monday since It was not matching us with teams from Central/South America/Europe. It felt good to only lose to teams that were higher skilled or just simply outplayed us. But after the recent maintenance, I am getting pretty consistent "Beaver" errors even in regular Clash and Elimination. I increased the radius in Geofilter by a sizable margin (circle included ~75% of the US, a large portion of central america, and a good bit of Canada) and would still get beaver'd about every 3rd game while also dealing with +250 ping god players. 3.) My connection is only 30/5 with an average ping to local server of 10ms and the Netduma's internet diagnostics tool showed everything being either good or excellent. Monday before the destiny maintenance, I was getting host almost every match (at least my circle was the largest) and everyone in a 6v6 or 3v3 lobby had full green bars with a few exceptions of players in parties. After maintenance and having to increase the geo tolerance, my circle is usually the minimal size with lobbies full of yellow/red bars with mine even dropping to red occasionally. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances of being host? Other details that may help; My ISP offers a pretty rock solid internet service even though it's cable. X1 is hardwired to router. X1 network details shows 30/5 with a 67ms ping to their servers (was in the 90s before Netduma) Tested on COD BO3 and was chosen as host 9/10 with connections I thought previously impossible in COD. One last question and i'll quit.. Will this work for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS for PC? I selected my PC as a service device and chose "xbox live" on the next step but haven't tried it out. I've quit playing it in the last 2 weeks due to the large amount of high ping EU and Asia players recently connecting to the NA servers making the previously minor lag/desync/rubberbanding a major problem for me. I just wasn't sure if you guys have looked into it yet. Thanks for all the help
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