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Krack WiFi Vulnerability Upgrade (1.03.6i)

Netduma Fraser

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V2 theme doesn't work after the update.

Works just fine here.


Try swapping to Default, click Apply, then refresh, or Shift + refresh the browser to force a cache clear.

Then swap back to V2 and do the same.


I didn't need to do that myself (but tested to ensure it works), however it should clear and reload the V2 theme.

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My interface is acting funny.  I was not able to reboot the router from the interface (says it's rebooting, but does not reboot), and when I asked for a factory reset...it didn't actually reset the settings...but I can no longer access my Host Filter, Congestion Control, basically any part of the menu that's accessing anything on the router.  It's very strange.  I was not able to upload the update, obviously.  I received exit code 1 and that's when I selected the reboot...which is where my issue became evident.  I'm on 1.03.6g.

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